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Pepsi case study


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How Pepsi Nigeria reached 150'000 fans in Eskimi mobile social network, using Eskimi Premium Fanclubs functionality

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Pepsi case study

  1. 1. From zero to 150000 fans in 30 days; Pepsicase studyEskimi, 2013-01
  2. 2. GOALS OF THE CAMPAIGN– Reach 150000 fans in 30 days– Engage with the fans to drive active participation– Connect the activities with UEFA/EPL and AFCON– Launch competitions around Nigerian Idol Confidential
  3. 3. What we did in Eskimi– Launched a fanclub with viral invite function– Created a viral mobile contest to predict match results for UEFA/EPLand AFCON– Launched Nigerial idol lyrics competition– Launched small instant prize campaigns on Fanclub– Launched branded Pepsi Treasure hunt game in Eskimi
  4. 4. Eskimi developed a mobile competition platform to win amazing prizes bypredicting UEFA/EPL and AFCON results
  5. 5. Eskimi launched lyrics challenge to create lyrics for Nigerian idol stars andannounced 5 winners
  6. 6. More than 22900+ comments with lyrics received from Eskimi membersshowed amazing participation rates; 11900+ likes collected
  7. 7. Fanclub grew to 153000+ fans in 30 days having 21500+ feedback actionsfrom users on a record single postFanclub | Lyrics competition | Promoted post | Viral inviteResults in first 5 days:– 150000 fans in 5 days– 21000+ comments on average to the post– 24% of fans invited their friends to the fanclub– Up to 30% fans reacted to a single postThe results were reached actively posting on Fanclub,using promoted posts that reached all members in Eskimi,driving display ads to grow the fanclub. Confidential
  8. 8. Why launch a Fanclub in Eskimi? - engagement & participation rates -- 100000 fans in 30 days - 34000 fans in 14 days - 84000 fans in 40 days- 21000 comments and - 4000 comments and likes - 8000 comments and likeslikes to a single post to a single post to a single post- 30-40% participation - 15% participation - 10% participation- 20 times higher - 10 times higher - 5 times higher engagementengagement than FB engagement than FB than FB + Invite friends tool + Photo competition tool + Treasure hunt tool