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Eskimi fanclub generic


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Presentation about Eskimi Premium Fanclubs.

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Eskimi fanclub generic

  1. 1. FAN CLUBS
  2. 2. FAN CLUBS WHERE ESKIMI MEETS YOUR BUSINESS What is Fan Club?How your business can use Fan Club? Case Study
  3. 3. WHAT IS FAN CLUB?Eskimi Fan Club is a tool for your business, brand or product. Fan Club is mobile community page which works on ANYmobile internet enabled device. Users can comment on club owner posts, like them, upload photos and participate in otheractivities that engage users with your brand.Fan Club is like a community of your business. It is very easy to manage it, you can post your news, photos and othercontent. Ask users opinion or make a contest to engage users with your brand. Reach users via feed or newsletters.
  4. 4. How your business can use Fan Clubs?Have your own fan club, the way you need, the way your brandneeds it. Reach your fans easy, have high engagement and retentionrates.BRAND YOUR FAN CLUBAdd unique feel for your fan club. You can use custom logo,background, colors and other design options. Peppe Terra brandedFan Club example.REACH YOUR FANSThe more fans your fan club has - the more users you reach. Yourfans are reached by posting new posts that users can see in theirown feed. Additionally you can send weekly newsletters via Eskimimessages to your fans.VIRAL GROWTHDifferent options of your fan club growth are available. Users caninvite their friends to fan club. To stimulate invitation rate it ispossible to use incentives - for inviting friends give coins for users. Itcreates endless viral growth.
  5. 5. How your business can use Fan Clubs?PROMOTED POSTSWith fan club you can reach not only your fans, but any Eskimi user.Promoted post will reach your target audience in live feed. Post cancontain text and/or photo material.CONNECT ACTIVITIESWith fan club you can connect all marketing activities that you areusing on Eskimi into one place. For example, you can integratephoto competition directly to fan club.CUSTOM INTEGRATIONCustom integration for your special needs is also available. Forexample you can collect data in fan club about users or integratesome part of your product.In the exmple on the right side you can see VConnect customintegration - search form. User submits business name and use isredirected to where he finds search results.
  6. 6. CASE STUDY: Peppe Terra Fan ClubTHE GOAL WHAT WE DID– Create a solution that would work on all – Launched Peppe Terra Fan Club and collectedmobile phones first 3000 fans via CPM advertising.– Create a campaign that would spread viral – Made incentivized invitations to Peppe Terra Fan Club - user gets 50 coins by inviting friends.– Deliver Peppe Terra branding messages – Launched Treasure Hunt game enriched with – Run a cooking photo competition and fact - invite friends to Peppe Terra Fan Club andinvolve users deeply get 50 coins. – Launched photo competition game – to upload pictures with user cooking meal.
  7. 7. Case Study: Peppe Terra Fan ClubRESULTS – Viral growth more than 300% in just 3 days. Day 1: 4100fans, DAY 3: 16100+ fans and GROWING!– High engagement - single post was commented or likedby more than 30% of fans of Peppe Terra fans.– Each post reached more than 50% of total fan base!– High advanced engagement - more than 5000 photoswere uploaded to Peppe Terra photo competition game.– More than 140000 users played Peppe Terra TreasureHunt game!
  8. 8. 5000+ photos for cooking competition!