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Eskimi data collection proposal


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Data collection campaign proposal in Eskimi mobile community.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Eskimi data collection proposal

  1. 1. Eskimi data collection proposalEskimi data collection proposalFast way to collect 1000s of customer contacts
  2. 2. Eskimi data collection proposalWe propose to utilize mobile marketing as means to collect customer contact data.Data can be collected in Eskimi by inviting customers in branded campaign, creating a questionnaireor just asking to fill-in data forms. Eskimi uses virtual currency that might be used to induce customersto fill-in right information. When inducing customers to fill in forms of data, we can collect morespecific data where users normally will take more time to do that.Eskimi is managed by ActiveSec, company established in 2006. Eskimi is a mobile community that has grown to 5 mill membersworldwide in 12 months. The project was launched inside the company starting 2010.
  3. 3. Eskimi data collection proposalMain facts about EskimiEskimi has more than5,000,000+ registered users.Growth speed 30,000+ new users every day and growing...250,000+ unique users access the site on average per day.They open 14,000,000+ pages andspend more than 50 minutes on site per day.main markets of Eskimi:2.200,000+ registered users in Nigeria1.000,000+ registered users in Ghana700,000+ each in Indonesia, Vietnam200,000+ each in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia, Kenya
  4. 4. Eskimi data collection proposalUsers by age & cityAge City 18-24 Lagos 32.2% 62.5% Abuja 6.2% Ibadan 5.7% Benin-City 5.2% Port Harcourt 5.0% Warri 3.6% Abeokuta 3.2% Aba 3.1% Akure 2.9% Other 32.2%25-3423.4% 35-44 45+ 0-17 2.1% 1.3% 10.8%Youth (18-24) audience with a great distribution throughout the country.In addition, good reach in the young professionals (25-34) group.
  5. 5. Eskimi data collection proposalEskimi overview 2Homepage Members Profile page
  6. 6. Product FeaturesNew Friend Discovery Friend FeedsUsers easily find new friends from their city, country or all Users can track latest news about their friends in anover the world for virtual and real relationships. activity feed, where latest status updates, photo uploads and other significant actions are displayed.Private MessagingUsers can send private messages to each other, including Photo Sharingemoticons and picture messages, which we call flirtones. Users can upload and share photos, including limited access Private Photos folder, which can be sold or viewPublic Messaging only by permission.Users can chat in public chat rooms. Various rooms areavailable for local and global chatting. Voting Users can vote each other photos and compete in leaderVirtual Goods boards.Users can send gifts to each other, such as birthdaycakes, flowers, cars, etc. Social Games Users can play simple social games on site, such asFriend Lists mobile RPG Dragons and mobile racing Drag Racing.Users can add other users to their friend lists for easy andconstant access. + much more...
  7. 7. Eskimi data collection proposalDisplay Advertising and Samsung community integration Display advertising can be used to promote the collection of data. This will give certain brand exposure also. 5 minute questionaire = 100 coins! Graphical and text banner advertisement can be used. Putting up a banner in one of Eskimi largets markets Nigeria will collect around 50000 unique customer data. What can be collected: 1) Poll data + contact information 2) Longer questionnaires + contact information 3) Simple yet specific information 4) Contact information: Answer questions about your Mobile number verification is possible for additional contact fee (users will have to mobile data plan: get coins confirm their mobile number by putting in confirmation codes that we will send by SMS). If users will agree to share their contact information, we will not ask them to enter them if they already did so in Eskimi. This will increase the success and quality of the data.
  8. 8. Eskimi data collection proposalFurther informationFor any further information, please Eskimi, ActiveSec HQ:contact: Kareiviu 19-139, LT-09133 Vilnius, LithuaniaVytas Paukštys, Eskimi representative in Nigeria:+370 633 00000 ILLA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED No. 13, Military Street,Ayo Alli, Sales director, Nigeria Onikan, Lagos, NigeriaNigeria mobile: +2347031373455UK mobile: +447967818775