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  1. 1. Kidnapping
  2. 2. What is kidnapping?The crime of unlawfully seizing and carrying away aperson by force or Fraud, or seizing and detaining aperson against his or her will with an intent to carrythat person away at a later time. In criminallaw, kidnapping is the taking awayor transportation of a person against that personswill, usually to hold the person in falseimprisonment, a confinement without legalauthority. This may be done for ransom or infurtherance of another crime, or in connection witha child custody dispute. When it is done with legal
  3. 3. Case study
  5. 5. Naga Vaishnavi (January 21, 2000 – February 2,2010) was the daughter of Palagani PrabhakaraRao, a noted businessman in Andhra Pradesh, and his second wife Narmada. Vaishnavi waskidnapped on January 30, 2010, and murdered by her kidnappers on February 2 of that same year. That incident caused tremendous shock for her father, resulting in cardiac arrest and death. She was also previously kidnapped in 2005. Her murder caused widespread outrage throughout Andhra Pradesh. She had an older brother named Sai Tejesh who escaped from the truck when Vaishnavi was kidnapped.
  6. 6. The trial in the sensational case took a curious turn, with the main accused Srinivas Rao turning hostile on his earlier confession and accusing the victims own mother of masterminding the crime.Srinivas Rao shouted that he was innocent, in front of the media person present at the court where he was brought for a hearing.The main accused alleged that Pedana MLA Jogi Ramesh and his police officer brother-in-law Swamy were the 2 accomplices in the heinous crime.The Naga Vaishnavi murder case shook the state on January 30, when the girl was reported dead two days after she was kidnapped. Her car driverwas killed at the time of her kidnapping. She was killed, and her body was thrown into a furnace by the killers. The news of her death led to the death of her father Palagani Prabhakara Rao.So far, the murders of Naga Vaishnavi and her car driver were believed to have been carried out by Venkat Rao Goud, brother-in-law of Naga Vaishnavis father. Venkat Rao Goud is the brother of Prabhakar Raos first wife. Srinivas Rao is Venkat Raos relative. Meanwhile, the judge postponed further hearing in the case to July 21. Srinivasa Rao is believed to have submitted his accusations before the judge in writing.
  7. 7. STRANGER DANGER ESCAPE LESSONS• If a stranger in a car wants you to come closer, run as fast as youcan in the opposite direction while screaming "Help! Police!"• Thrash, fight, bite, and scream, "Help! Police!" repeatedly, shed ajacket or backpack that is grabbed, drop any excess baggage slowingyou down and escape to a populated area. YELL! RUN! TELL! Thekidnapper fears a public spectacle and may simply flee alone. Also,witnesses may intervene, or at least identify the kidnapper and/orvehicle.• If there’s a gun, ignore it and run! A gun is used to scare – rarely ifever to shoot a child. (Besides, if hes willing to quickly kill a child onthe spot, hell slowly do worse harm at leisure before killing the childlater at a secluded, secondary crime scene anyway.)• Activate their personal security alarm (noisemaker).• Run in circles around an object such as a parked car.• Get under a car (belly up) and hold onto the underside so he can’tdrag them out. If he crawls under there after them, get out on the otherside.• Pull a fire alarm.
  8. 8. IF THE CHILD IS ALREADY IN THE KIDNAPPERS CAR CAUTION: These escape maneuvers, if not carefully taught, may injure the child or others. The parentsmust assume all responsibility and decide if the benefit outweighs the risk. Practice thesemaneuvers in a parked vehicle with the motor turned off.The main idea is to stop the kidnapper – the sooner the better – from driving the child to asecluded location. The child must disrupt the kidnapper’s ability to drive and/or cause thecar to crash while it’s moving at a slow speed. This will attract the attention of other peopleand give the child a chance to flee. Do one or more of the following:• Immediately, before he even begins to drive her away, she can thrust herself between thedriver and steering wheel – hanging onto the steering wheel with all her might while blaringthe horn. Do this as soon as possible– or whenever she gets the chance.• Grab the ignition key to turn off the engine – causing the car to suddenly slow and thesteering to freeze.• Grab the steering wheel while he’s in mid-turn.• Brace her back against the door and attack the kidnapper with the powerful DefensiveGround Kicks taught in Fighting Strategies. He won’t be able to drive while absorbing arapid-fire barrage of such kicks.• Jump out the door whenever the car is not moving.• Scream “Help! Police!” whenever a window or door is opened.• If she’s a back seat passenger, she may still be able to attack the driver by attacking his eyesor throat from behind at a critical time. At a very slow speed, cause the car to crash!
  9. 9. PERSONAL SAFETY DEVICES & RESOURCES GPS Child Locator: a child tracking device. A variety of modelsare available. I highly recommend these if used with the utmostparental discretion.• Personal Security Alarm: (noisemaker or screamer). Mostattackers won’t chase a noisy target.• The superbly covers child self-defense (frombullies, molesters, kidnappers) as well as all-around child safetytips (for fires, traffic, getting lost, etc.) for ages 5-12. Theinstruction level increases for each age group. And it’s a terrificbargain: pay the low fee once (which barely covers overheadcosts) and your child can return again and again for free at anyRadKids location nationwide.• The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children(NCMEC) Missing Kids. Their 24-hour hotline is 800-THE-LOST ( 800-843-5678).
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