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VYork slideshare on play


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This presentation is about play and its benefits for children in learning and their emotional well being.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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VYork slideshare on play

  1. 1.  Play is the root of all learning and emotional well-being. Play Well, Be Well
  2. 2. HAVE A FUNNY BONE  Humor is a sign of emotional intelligence  Relieves stress and helps communication
  3. 3.  Games are 21st century literature  Promote problem solving, self-exploration and confidence
  4. 4.  Play is a natural talent we all have  Movement and active minds make a connection
  5. 5.  Play is “thinking with your hands” and learning by doing.  Sensory play is tactile freedom for children with Autism.
  6. 6.  Role playing helps prototype an experience and breeds empathy
  7. 7. LET JOY IN  Joy is unconditional.  Laughter promotes social wellness.
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