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Corporate brochure 2014

  1. 1. Experiential Learning Course for Corporate
  2. 2. Know your service provider: Mann – The Mind        Mann – The Mind is offering courses to corporate, school/college teachers, parents and students Founder: Dr. Vipul Vyas, Ph.D.(Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management), MBA Corporate HR Facilitator and Life Coach Specialization: Expanding and Applying Emotional Intelligence Total 15 years of L & D experience More than 4000 professionals are educated to improve their performance and success at personal and professional front Clients include PSUs, Private Corporates, Govt. and Semi Govt. Organisations, IPS Officers, Management Associations, Open House Programmes for HR professionals and trainers, Entrepreneurs, Academicians.
  3. 3. Delivered Training at Delhi Jaipur Aligarh Ahmedabad Rajkot Veraval Mumbai Indore Bharuch Surat Vapi Thane Pune Kochi Thiruvananthpuram Jabalpur Raipur
  4. 4. Half Day Workshop at MDP, Mumbai Hindustan Newsprint Limited, Cochin One Day Workshop at Smartchip Online and Syscom Corporation Limited, Delhi.
  5. 5. EI Modules Emotional Regulations Social Relationship Emotional Awareness Self Confidence & Self Motivation Social Awareness & Empathy
  6. 6. Expanding Emotional Intelligence Course Day One: Modules Module 1: IQ Vs EQ  Ice braking and context setting  Research findings and Physiology of Emotional Intelligence  Understanding basics of how emotions impact our behaviour  Emotions’ triggers  Good EI Vs. Weak EI based behaviour Module 2: Be Introvert: Functioning and malfunctioning of mind  Measuring EQ Score  Finding individual participant’s default mode of thinking and acting  Discovering new capacity to think and act  ‘Self’- hijacked by Mind  How to get liberated from Mind  Types of Emotions and their combination effect  Impact of EI Competences on workplace behaviour Module 3: Foundation Competence of EI: Self Awareness  Importance of Self Awareness in personal and professional life  Meaning and Importance Self Awareness  Identify and Analyse Self Awareness  Understand Key Skills of Self Awareness  Self Awareness leading to Self Confidence  Self Improvement Plan for Self Awareness Module 4: Self Management: Re-setting Perspective towards life and job  Identify and Analyse Self Management  Understand Key Skills of Self Management  Power to choose emotions and behaviour  What, Why and How of Self Management  How to reduce negative emotions and convert them to positive  Self Improvement Plan for Emotions Regulation
  7. 7. Expanding Emotional Intelligence Course Day Two: Modules Module 5: Social Awareness: Key is Empathy  Meaning and Importance Social Awareness  Identify and Analyse Social Awareness  Understand Key Skills of Social Awareness  Discussing characteristics of High and Low Social Awareness  Meaning of empathy  Self Improvement Plan for Empathy Module 6: Relationship Management: Key to Efficiency, Profit and Joy  Meaning and Importance Relationship Management  Identify and Analyse Relationship Management  Understand Key Skills of Relationship Management  Discussing characteristics of High and Low Relationship Management Module 7: Key to Efficiency: Healthy Interpersonal Relationship  Meaning and Importance Self Motivation  Discussing characteristics of High and Low Self Motivation  Importance of focus and reference  Emotional recipe for motivation  Sources of Self-Motivation and SelfDemotivation Module 8: Spiritual Intelligence + Action Plan  What is Spirituality and Spiritual Intelligence?  How can we combine our Professional Career and Purpose of life?  Task Oriented + Society Oriented = Karma Yogi  Life = sum total of experience!!?  How to fight evils of internal and external world?  Action Plan
  8. 8. Three hour Seminar at Technopark,Thiruvaranthpuram With Senior Managers of Gujarat State Narmada Valley Fertilizer Corporation One Day MDP, Pune
  9. 9. Why focus on Emotional Intelligence?  “I would no longer teach people how to be the boss, or how to manage others. I would ask people to become self-aware, and to manage themselves.” – Prof. Peter Drucker  Higher EQ leaders are more likely to make better decisions, engage and influence more . effectively, and create the right mood for the job.  Similarly, a study of 358 leaders within Johnson and Johnson identified a strong link between superior performing leaders and emotional competence.  In other research, it was found that salespeople with higher EQ develop… More accounts, higher sales, stronger customer service, and better customer retention.  70 per cent of the reasons for losing clients or customers are Low Emotional Intelligencerelated.  Low Emotional Intelligence among managers displayed high independence, low trust, low empathy and high aggression, as well as extremely high stress.  Based on a study of 44 Fortune 500 firms, Salespeople in the top 10% of a sales force make more than twice the sales per person than the average sales person.
  10. 10. Rationale of EI Training If over 70% of the top issues in the workplace are tied to leadership, it’s no surprise that organizations are urgently looking for the cutting edge science that helps leaders understand how to work with and through their people.
  11. 11. Gujarat State Energy Generation Limited, Hazira Dr. Vyas with all IPS Officers and Police Inspectors of Surat (Hon. Commissioner of Police Mr. Brar appreciated the session) Trivendrum Management Association, Thiruvaranthpuram “An excellent trainer with professional and emotional touch” – Dr. Aloria, Honorable Commissioner, Surat Municipal Corporation
  12. 12. Course Benefits The workshop will enable participants to improve:  Self Awareness and Self Management – Discover inner resources for effectively handling of stressful situations at personal and professional front by choosing and applying emotions.  Inter-personal relationship - Harmony and cooperation for better productivity and joy at workplace and at family front by exploring better understanding of human psychology  Team Building – How to leverage your individual skills on your team and help them find their own voice  Empathy - Correctly perceiving others and dealing with all stake holders in better ways to reduce conflicts and to secure success  Self Motivation – Re-setting perspective and focus for job and life  Spiritual awareness – Experiencing intense self-inquiry and sensitization towards higher purpose of life.
  13. 13. Gujarat Heavy Chemical Limited, Veraval
  14. 14. EQ skills Meaning of the Job / Engagement Satisfaction & Joy Retention + Performance
  15. 15. Seminar & Courses Three Hours: • Sensitization and preparation for learning EI Competences Full Day (8 hours): Two Days (16 hours): 25 hours Advance Course • Detail discussion using role-play, movie clips with EI building action plan and measuring EQ • Complete package with experiential learning for assured change in attitude and perspective with EI building action plan including EQ score measurement • 5 hours weekly intervention for 5 weeks, to help trainee practice EI expanding techniques + add-on 3 hours one-to-one counseling cum coaching after 1 month • Pre and post training EQ measurement
  16. 16. Participants Feedback “It was really good….It is more on part of “The training is awesome and the presentation skill of Dr. Vyas is “Dr. Vyas is a Great Trainer, never participants to understand that they need to pay great attention and reasonable time to really improve in life.” – Mr. Rajnesh Datt, outstanding, not only the presentation slide is good but also the examples that given during session is remarkably good….I would just say thank you very much to Dr. Vyas and like to listen you again in future…” – Mr. Shailesh Ghag, Manager-R&D, had in my 13 years of Sales Experience. I would strongly recommend this workshop.” Vice President – Marketing, Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Godavari Biorefineries Ltd. – Mr. Dilip Kakad, Area Sales Manager, Pfizer Ltd. Participants of Emotional Intelligence course at Bombay Management Association on 11 th Jan., 2013 (above photograph) and on 7th August, 2013 (below photograph) with Dr. Vyas. The written feedbacks from all the participants have two comments in common: 1) Strong recommendation for this training 2) Wanted to join more training of Dr. Vyas “…training part was quite good and I believe this was a great “It was very simple to “Dr. Vyas has delighted us through good knowledge learning for me…Dr. Vyas was quiet involved and had a practical approach with examples which he had been giving along with the point which I like the most.” – Mr. Vasudev Hingorani, understand and easy to action.” on EI. He has thrown lights on how we are living today and how we can improve our tomorrow.” RSM, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare – Ms. Anjali Obhan, Sr. Manager – Sales, All Cargo Logistics Ltd. - Mr. Ramesh Jain, Sr. Manager, Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing CO. Ltd. “I most liked the way questions were handled; Impersonal and yet “The way he shared some of his own theories & showed them in a different way it fully involved.” – Mr. Tushar Desai, Owner, Tushar Desai opened totally a different way of approach towards life. – Mr. Aniruddha, Owner, Associates – A leading architect firm Ultimate Communications Pvt. Ltd.
  17. 17. Who should attend?        Must for Team leaders / managers from Service Sector Must for HR Directors Top Management professional from any functional area HR Professionals Entrepreneurs and Business persons facing new resource challenges Heads / Faculties of Educational Institutes Parents and Teenagers For corporate brochure and online feedback of former participants of the course please connect: Mann – The Mind email: