MotoGP racing


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MotoGP racing

  1. 1.  MotoGP - a premier motorcycle racing World Championship with pan-global television coverage. Category – Motorcycle sport Country or region - International Inaugral Year session – 1949 Organiser - (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme founded in 1904) headquartered in Switzerland Races – 18 across different countries Teams – 10 Current champions – Yamaha factory racing with rider Jorge Lorenzo Maximum followed in Italy and Spain Maximum time champion – Giacomo agostini Format – Point system Mostly races happen on Weekends and are called as Race Weekends,Qualifying races on Saturday and final on Sunday
  2. 2. Motoracing Distinct Classes125cc Moto2 MotoGP
  3. 3.  Moto racing 125cc championship - Over 80cc up to 125cc - maximum one cylinder two stroke engine. From 2012,this engine will be replaced with 4 stroke engine and called as Moto3 Moto 2 championship - Currently supplied by Honda. This is a 600cc 4- stroke engine. MotoGP championship – Maximum of 800cc , Four stroke engine are used.This is for 5 years (2007-2011) ,1000cc engines will be used from 2012 season Note:-maximum of 6 engines may be used by each permanent contracted rider for all the scheduled races of the season. Penalty for infringement of this means the rider will start from the pit lane 20’’ after the start of the race. Apart from the displacement and number of cylinders for each class, engine type is restricted to reciprocating piston engines with no super or turbo charging, while the bike may have no more than six gears
  4. 4.  All teams are members of IRTA (International Road Racing Teams Association), an organisation which was formed in 1986 to represent the participants of Grand Prix with a collected voice. The organisation works alongside the FIM and Dorna (see Governing Bodies section) to maintain high standards within MotoGP and to improve the sport overall. Aspar Team Cardion AB Motoracing Ducati Team LCR Honda MotoGP Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Pramac Racing Team Repsol Honda Team Rizla Suzuki MotoGP San Carlo Honda Gresini Yamaha Factory Racing – Current Champions
  5. 5. Fastest you finish every race, More points you get and more are your chances to win
  6. 6.  Riders and Constructors (manufacturers) compete for respective FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix titles. Teams, meanwhile, compete for a MotoGP Team Championship For riders, the points which count towards their World Championship total will be those gained in each race. For Constructors, only the highest placed motorcycle of a Constructor will gain points, according to the position in the race. Teams in the MotoGP class are in principle comprised of two riders. All points scored by both riders in the Team, including substitutes or replacements, will count towards the Team Championship. In the case of a one rider Team then only the points scored by that rider will count towards the Team Championship. Wild card riders will not score points for the Team Championship.
  7. 7.  ITS SIMPLE-MORE YOU SCORE IN EVERY RACE ,MORE CHANCES OF YOUR Results in all races will count for the WINNING ALL HEARTS Championship classification (this was not For each race, Championship points will be awarded on the following scale: always the case historically as, for 1st 25 points example, the best six results from a ten 2nd 20 points race season were counted). 3rd 16 points 4th 13 points In the event of a tie in the number of 5th 11 points points, the final positions will be decided 6th 10 points on the basis of the number of best results 7th 9 points (number of first places, number of 8th 8 points 9th 7 points second places etc.). In the event that 10th 6 points there is still a tie then, the date in the 11th 5 points Championship at which the highest place 12th 4 points was achieved will be taken into account 13th 3 points 14th 2 points with precedence going to the latest 15th 1 point result.
  8. 8. Revenue Generation On air rights Onground from theSponsorships channels .
  9. 9.  MotoGP attracts many sponsors from across the globe due to its massive fan base and corporate interest. Dorna sports has the commercial rights for all the motoracing events across the globe. Dorna Sports sells the TV rights to different operators across the globe. Broadcasters from all the channels generate revenue from the airtime available to sell. Every racing event sponsorships(Spanish GP,Japan GP,Qatar GP etc) are sold individually or a package by Dorna sports. Teams sponsorships are sold by the teams themselves. Its on the same lines of IPL
  10. 10. Respective teams sell the branding on theteam vehicles ,player kits and otherentitlements..on the lines of IPL
  11. 11. MotoGP suppliers - MotoGP services providers
  12. 12. Clockwise from top left1.Qatar 2. Spain 3. Japan 4. Portugal 5.France 6. Catalunya 7. Britain 8.Netherlands9.Italy
  13. 13.  MotoGP doesn’t have the kind of fan following in India as it enjoys in Europe and Middle East. Corporate India has shown interest in the sport due to its global reach and fan following. Jaypee F1 circuit is set to host its first race in October2011 in Greater Noida. Same circuit is expected to host its first MotoGP race in 2012 Mahindra has launched its MotoGP team for the 125cc category of the event. This would make it the first Indian corporate to enter the big league of motorcycle road racing. This is part of our global branding strategy. MotoGP gives us access to a global platform wherein we can showcase our design, technology, engineering and IT capabilities, said Mahindra group vice-chairman Anand Mahindra. Marketing experts say that Mahindra has leaped a period of 2 years to market the brand on the global map. In another first, Chennai based Sarath Kumar , an Indian rider is set to enter the 125cc class of MotoGP. It was announced recently that Ten10 Racing, a Bangalore team, has tied up with San Marino-based WTR Team for a provisional entry in the 125cc class. To be called WTR-Ten10 Racing Team, it will field an Indian and an Italian Automaker .
  14. 14.  While racing is still at its infancy in the country, it commands eyeballs at the premium and vastly influential end of the market - the urban youth. A fan base of affluent youngsters makes companies confident about the success of the sport in India as well as its ability to attract big-ticket corporate endorsements. While there are no confirmed figures, the cumulative viewership reach of F1 is estimated at about 30 million (for all races in one year) while that of a premium cricketing property like IPL is 150 million. MotoGP may not command the same numbers as F1, but is surely picking up fast, said industry sources.