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Formula 1 insights

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  1. 1.  Formula 1 - a premier motorcycle racing World Championship with pan- global television coverage. Category – Autoracing sport Country or region - International Inaugral Year session – 1950 Organiser – FIA (Federation Internationale d l Automobile) Races – 20 in 2011(Indian Grand prix is added) Teams – 12 Current champions – Red Bull Racing with Driver Sebastial Vettel Format – Point system Highest speed goes upto 360km/hr Global audience of 527 million in the last FIA championship(Third largest followed event after FIFA world cup and Olympics
  2. 2. Fastest you finish every race, More points you get and more are your chances to win
  3. 3.  Riders and Constructors (manufacturers) compete for respective FIA Auto Racing World Championship titles. For riders, the points which count towards their World Championship total will be those gained in each race. For Constructors, only the highest placed motorcycle of a Constructor will gain points, according to the position in the race. Under normal circumstances the winner of the race is the first driver to cross the finish line having completed a set number of laps, which added together should give a distance of approximately 305 km (190 mi) (260 km (160 mi) for Monaco).
  4. 4.  ITS SIMPLE-MORE YOU SCORE IN EVERY RACE ,MORE Results in all races will count for the CHANCES OF YOUR WINNING Championship classification ALL HEARTS In the event of a tie in the number of For each race, Championship points, the final positions will be decided points will be awarded on the on the basis of the number of best results following scale: (number of first places, number of 1st 25 points second places etc.). In the event that 2nd 18 points there is still a tie then, the date in the 3rd 15 points Championship at which the highest place 4th 12 points was achieved will be taken into account 5th 10 points with precedence going to the latest 6th 8 points result. 7th 6 points 8th 4 points 9th 2 points 10th 1 points
  5. 5. Revenue Generation On air rights Onground from theSponsorships channels .
  6. 6.  F1 championships attracts many sponsors from across the globe due to its massive fan base and corporate interest. Formula one group(FOG) has the commercial rights for all the F1 events across the globe. FOG sells the TV rights to different operators across the globe. Broadcasters from all the countries generate revenue from the airtime available to sell. Every racing event sponsorships(Spanish GP,Japan GP,Qatar GP etc) are sold individually or a package by FOG. Teams sponsorships are sold by the teams themselves. Its on the same lines of IPL FOG produces the world feed to most of the countries except except for Japan and
  7. 7.  Bernie Ecclestone is widely credited with transforming the sport into the billion- dollar business it is now.When Ecclestone bought the Brabham team during 1971 he gained a seat on the Formula One Constructors Association and during 1978 became its President. Previously the circuit owners controlled the income of the teams and negotiated with each individually, however Ecclestone persuaded the teams to "hunt as a pack" through FOCA.He offered Formula One to circuit owners as a package which they could take or leave. In return for the package almost all are required to surrender trackside advertising. In 2008 and 2009 Honda, BMW, and Toyota all withdrew from Formula One racing within the space of a year, blaming the economic recession. This resulted in the end of manufacturer dominance within the sport. During the 2010 season Mercedes Benz re-entered the sport as a manufacturer after its purchase of Brawn GP, and split with McLaren after 15 seasons with the team. This leaves Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari as the only car manufacturers in the sport.
  8. 8. Respective teams sell the branding on theteam vehicles ,player kits and otherentitlements..on the lines of IPL
  9. 9. Clockwise from top left1.Catalunya 2. Malaysia circuit
  10. 10.  F1 doesn’t have the kind of fan following in India as it enjoys in Europe and Middle East. Corporate India has shown interest in the sport due to its global reach and fan following. Jaypee F1 circuit is set to host its first race in October2011 in Greater Noida. Same circuit is expected to host its first MotoGP race in 2012 Kingfisher has come up with its team Force India and has performed well in the 2010 season Kingfisher is the first indian company to enter in this domain of sports Narain Kartikein and Karan Chandok have already make their marks in the F1 circuit,though they doesn’t have any big win in their kitty. Considering the huge fan following in the west,Indian corporates are joing hands to promote and take the advantage of this exciting sports.The target is urban youth. ESS holds the TV rights to air F1 in India.