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Vya database health check and support services


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Preventive Maintenance to the databases and obtain the maximum scalability within limited resources.

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Vya database health check and support services

  1. 1. Datasheet VYASAKA Consulting Database Health Check and Support ServicesObjective Preventive maintenance to your databaseTo run the database and systemsapplication systems at peakefficiency and effectiveness of Data sheetthe current hardware platform Published: Apr 2006and systems environment withour Database Health Check BackgroundServices. The todays business environment is highly competitive one, withOur Experience growing business requirements, demanding customers, rapid businessVyasaka Consultants are changes, availability of information round the clock instantly throughuniquely trained and qualified multiple applications and delivery channels. It is important to have anto implement solutions advantage to overcome the competition and to manage the business todesigned to enhance yourbusiness and maximize your success. To support and lead with business advantage, the operationsinvestment in Database and systems need to run at full efficiency, reliably and Periodic analysis of your system to improve performance and identify future problems that is critical to business running normal and wellBenefits positioned for growth. We at VYASAKA understands this requirements and Get a full analysis & developed solutions offering designed to help you to achieve your system evaluation of the current health and growth needs. system performance Identify and Isolate improvement opportunities Eliminate costly surprises Database Health Checks like performance degradation, bottlenecks and disaster situations Our Database Health Check is a routine assessment to determine the Energize & Extend the life of operating condition of the database and current performance of your your current hardware application. Vyasaka consultants will perform planned on-site analysis with our monitoring tools and services to ensure peak performance:Offering Includes System Environment Analysis: Onsite consulting to collect statistics of your application Application systems & Database environment review and database and focus on providing system utilization including its architecture, background processes, batch measurable improvements to jobs, load balancing and optimization, database configuration the performance and health of the database parameters, application configuration and built-in functionality. A detailed report consists of: Database Status: o Environment and Database status analyzes how well the database is designed, structured Application analysis & database growth has been planned, and what the implications are for o Database status and current system performance and for business/data growth scenario. criticality o Server system analysis Server & Network Utilization Analysis: o Disaster recovery readiness Examination and assessment of the hardware configuration and Offer from Vyasaka utilization including the CPUs, memory, disks and networks Consulting to deploy the recommendations with the Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: well defined plan and time frame System status evaluation, current backup & recovery mechanisms and business continuity planning, and potential effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan, backup strategy, system failover and redundancy.
  2. 2. Database Health Check and Support Services Preventive maintenance to your database systems ScopeWe aim at Minimize Downtime, Reduced outages and The system health check includes onsite consulting; the duration and Improved recovery from pricing for this consulting depends on the number of instances/databases unplanned Outages and sites involved. Projects involving multiple sites or larger databases Provide advanced will require more time than a single-site, single database system. All automated processes that pro actively monitor your services will be delivered subject to a mutually executed service database servers agreement and proposal. After the completion of the onsite consulting, your Vyasaka consultantStandard Deliverables will deliver a written report detailing the condition of and any Initial review of database recommendations for improvements in your: environment, product versions, platform, current  Server hardware platform issues and user concerns Review and analysis of  Database environment and configuration changes database configuration, including memory  Database utilization summary parameters, checkpoint  Disaster recovery plans times and disk allocation Analysis of database log This report is provided in a standardized format so that you can compare files to search for possible with future health checks to identify changes and track improvement. problems and review checkpoint times, database statistics, including cache rates, disk usage and overall performance Competitive Advantages Diagnostic report identifying weakness and VYASAKA offers the quality services with expert advice and giving you risks as well as correction the peace of mind. Our competitive solution advantages include and optimization recommendations  Reduction of risk and associated cost of system downtime Monthly customized support services which may be used  Valuable industry experience shared with in-house IT staff for tuning, mentoring, consulting for current  Optimal system performance and full value extraction from issues, or consulting on existing system other Oracle related subjects  The ability to effectively plan for future hardware expenditure based on expert advice on future infrastructure planning andWe support requirementsOur services are currently  A choice of flexible on going support packages providing IT staffavailable in following packages to Vyasakas specialist knowledge when requireddatabases Oracle  Tailor to meet the user requirements and budget in a cost DB2 effective way Informix  Platform specific, Database specific monitoring tools that gives an Sybase edge to monitor the databases pro actively round the clock SQL Server MySQL  Monitor databases, detect critical events and notify the PostgreSQL administrator(s) on the unexpected happenings round the clock, non intrusively. Vyasaka Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore Page 2
  3. 3. Database Health Check and Support Services Preventive maintenance to your database systems Consulting ServicesImprove your businessperformance with VYASAKAs Vyasaka Consulting offers strategic solutions that helps you to preparedatabase consultingsolutions for the future. Whether you are looking forward to ebusiness, gain operational efficiencies through better reporting and decision support, or enhance your technology environment to make it run faster and better, Disaster Recovery Planning – Vyasaka can Vyasaka Consulting can help you get there. We offer a comprehensive play a key role in your support, consulting, mentoring, and training programs tailored to address disaster planning, ensuring that whatever the cause, the issues you’re facing right now. your system will not be unavailable longer than Our services and solutions offering include: acceptable time frame Database Alerts – 24x7 enterprise Robustness check – Take your business to a new level by enhancing your existing database ensures your database is applications with valuable business solutions and constantly monitor the stable and reliable. database round the clock even when you are in the desk. Vyasaka utilizes analytical techniques to predict Our Be Notified Instantly database alerts solution will be the watch dog common usage patterns to your database and the defined events will be notified to you through which are then used to recommend design SMS. enhancements for your database environment. Web Migration & Optimization Move your database applications to web platform to take advantage of High Availability – the technology and ease of installation, configuration, management and ensures you have access to improve user productivity. Reduce your Total Cost of Operations (TCO) your database on demand. Vyasaka measure and and improve the business efficiency. report available time and System Enhancements/Upgrade incidents so you can manage your databases Examine, upgrade, secure, tune, supplement, and manage your systems more efficiently. for maximum performance and be up-to-date with the technological offerings that meets your business requirements and save costs. Backup and Recovery Solutions – Vyasaka Upgrade your databases systems, migrate and consolidate the data and designed backup and database to the common platform, simplify the application & database recovery solutions are tailored to your management process and employ disaster recovery that can help you to requirements to ensure all with stand unexpected issues. your system data is recoverable to a point in Reporting and Distribution Management time with no data loss. Enhance the database application system reporting to the next level with the centralized internet platform. Plan and schedule the heavy reports to Performance Management – to ensure the off peak load. end user requirements are met. Upon report processing & completion, reports will be securely delivered to your preferred option through email/ftp/download web browser. Capacity Management User Training & Education and Scalability – Vyasaka Consultants utilize Improve productivity by ensuring that everyone on your team is up-to- statistical analysis date on the latest database technologies and the features it offers to techniques to assist in simplify the data management. predicting the capacity of your system over time in the areas of CPU, memory, network and disk. Vyasaka Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore Page 3
  4. 4. Database Health Check and Support Services Preventive maintenance to your database systemsOptional Services Contact Us Pre-arranged or part time or Vyasaka Technologies Pte Ltd on-call DBA Services & after hours support 21, Science Park Road, Staffing flexibility, buying #02-03A The Aquarius only the expertise that is Singapore – 117 628 necessary Outsourced database Email: management & support Web: Resources outsourcing to Tel: +65.6559 9089 take advantage of the quality resources at lower costs. Application Maintenance, Enhancements, Performance Tuning and Programming Services Mentoring continued support on DBA processes Performance Centric Database Design If you’re interested in optimizing performance, improving productivity and running efficiently, contact Vyasaka Technologies sales executive today. Or, visit the Vyasaka Consulting web page at for more information on these and other service offerings. © 2006 Vyasaka Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. This Data sheet is for informational purposes only. VYASAKA MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Vyasaka Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore Page 4