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7 Ways To Repurpose Every Blog Post You Create

Discover how to attract traffic to your website from authority websites around the web, simply by repurposing - or adapting - content you already have into different formats.

Every blog post you create can for example be converted into a presentation that you can then upload to SlideShare (like this one!), into a video for YouTube, as an article to LinkedIn Pulse and other article sites, into guest posts for other blogs, as content for email marketing to build relationships with prospects, into a podcast, and so on.

View the slide deck to find out how.


7 Ways To Repurpose Every Blog Post You Create

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The more blog posts you write, the more traffic you get... But it takes time!
  3. 3. What If You Could Accelerate This Process?
  4. 4. Discover 7 top ways to get your website and your business: In front of your marketplace On some of the most popular websites
  5. 5. Convert To A Presentation For SlideShare Hidden secret traffic driver One of the top 200 most visited websites Can drive significant click-throughs over time!
  6. 6. Write a script using Word or Google Docs Use this script to create the slides of your presentation Use a mixture of stand-alone statements and bullet points Avoid longer paragraphs How to create your presentation:
  7. 7. Readers will be scanning your presentation… So keep it short and simple!
  8. 8. Use PowerPoint or Google Presentations Include your website in the footer of each page Use an image rather than straight text when referencing your site in the footer Here’s an example
  9. 9. Don’t forget to include a call-to- action and a link to your site at the end of your presentation!
  10. 10. Now it’s time to upload to SlideShare! Include up to 20 relevant keywords to make your presentation easy to find Add a description that encourages readers to view the whole presentation
  11. 11. Convert Blog Post To A Video For YouTube You’ve already got your presentation! Just use it as the basis of a video...
  12. 12. Why YouTube? World’s second largest search engine Third largest website Owned by Google...videos get quick rankings!
  13. 13. Record your screen…(use Camtasia for PCs, Screenflow for Macs) Add a voiceover by using the original blog post as a script And/or add background music How to create your video:
  14. 14. Next Step: Upload to YouTube! Add some keywords (just like with SlideShare) to help your video rank and searchability Use important keywords in the: Name of file when you upload it Your Title Your description
  15. 15. In YouTube, make sure you add your link to the description!
  16. 16. Add to LinkedIn Pulse Can drive significant click-throughs over time LinkedIn = quality traffic Just repurpose your blog post for submission
  17. 17. Even Sir Richard Branson Uses LinkedIn Pulse!
  18. 18. Creating Your Article: Keep your blog posts unique! (Maintain your blog’s authority) Re-write your blog posts Switch things around Reword sentences Shorten if a longer blog post
  19. 19. You can reuse this article too! (It’s not just for LinkedIn Pulse...)
  20. 20. Now you’re ready to upload to LinkedIn Pulse: Upload new content regularly and build your authority Include links back to your site
  21. 21. Guest Post On Other Blogs Gets long term links back to your site from relevant sites Builds your traffic Boosts rankings Boosts authority and credibility
  22. 22. Compile a list of related blogs Offer them unique content (show your own blog as an example) It’s Simple To Start Guest Posting...
  23. 23. How to rewrite one of the posts from your blog: Take a different angle Elaborate on one point from your post Make your rewrite completely new Include a byline with your details, a call-to-action, and a link to your site
  24. 24. Use It In Your Email Newsletter Why should you have an ezine? It builds trust with your target market It establishes regular communication
  25. 25. Start with a personal introduction--share stories from your real life Then, include the first paragraph of your blog post Link back to your site for them to read the full post How to use your blog post in your ezine:
  26. 26. Use To Make A Podcast Another way to get in front of your marketplace and build relationships Use your blog posts as a script for each podcast episode!
  27. 27. 17% Of All Americans Listen To A Podcast Monthly!
  28. 28. It’s Even Easier If You Made Audio To Go Along With Your Video! Just extract the audio from your video And add an opening and closing track, and... ...You’re Done!
  29. 29. Add To Article Directories They still get hundreds of thousands of visitors a day No more article spam! (Most article directories are now more stringent on article quality than they used to be) is in the top 2000 sites
  30. 30. Why wouldn’t you want your content and your links in front of your marketplace on these websites?
  31. 31. It’s Easy: Use virtually the same article that you post to LinkedIn Pulse
  32. 32. Submit Your Article To In the top 500 sites online Accepts content in PDF form
  33. 33. Use a featured image with your blog post - then reuse when you: Submit to SlideShare Bonus Tip... Upload your video (post the image as the thumbnail) Email your list Add to LinkedIn Pulse
  34. 34. Images make your content memorable! The Featured Image used for your blog post can now be reused all over the web
  35. 35. And don’t forget Pinterest! ● Pin your image ● Add some teaser text ● And link straight back to your blog
  36. 36. Get our FREE 7-Step “Be Everywhere” Online Marketing Blueprint … And Start Using It For YOUR Business Today! Go Now To: Found that helpful? If so, you’ll love this ...