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Window stoppers


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a small thinking process about their types and functions and flexibilities

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Window stoppers

  1. 1. Controllers of natural coolersWINDOW STOPPERS
  2. 2. Window stoppers So far I have observed I found about 4 types of window stoppers. Every stopper had been succeeded by other only if it has got some advantages like easiness of operation, appearance, material saving.
  3. 3. Hinged door stoppers These were the earliest stoppers that were used to prevent windows from shutting down Usually made of wood Were in their place for a long period Cheap and best Easy to manufacture
  4. 4. Hinged door stoppers When acquires right design, most reliable stopper Only disadvantage with this is door would be widely opened and can’t be optimized for required angle of door
  5. 5. Brass hooks These made their advent in recent past Looks shiny… acts as decorative too Drawback of wooden hinge is overcome by this one By deciding the best angle that would be useful for us, we have to fix the hook onto window frame and its socket onto window door
  6. 6. Brass hooks: drawbacks An optimized angle but can’t be changed as and when needed Socket meant for fixing hook became delicate because of its shape
  7. 7. Brass screw and socket This is a small addition to what had been done on brass hook stopper Here we have a screw fixed onto lever, that is fixed on to door And now instead of sockets, here we use a slender bar that has hole drilled in at regular distances. In general 3 to 4 hole for a window
  8. 8. Brass screw and socket This provides greater choice in terms of angle of door required Design drawback of socket in last stopper is overcome The only drawback is that because of fierce winds screw may come out of its sockets
  9. 9. Multi lever and track This is significant improvement in design and working way It has a track on which follower slides to any required spot And a network of levers which let a controlled movement to the doors of windows This has overcome all the drawbacks of above stoppers But a little more expensive than the old ones