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One day trip in Hyderabad (21                                             ST   March, 2012)After a long gap in going for e...
Resources. At one point in his lecture I was actually frightened at fate of coming generations. I liked his way oflecturin...
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One day trip in hyderabad


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One day trip in hyderabad

  1. 1. One day trip in Hyderabad (21 ST March, 2012)After a long gap in going for extracurricular participations I have been to CBIT, Hyderabad. Without this thesemester would have become dull and dim. Because 3-2 had been a semester where my participation in otheractivities had diminished when compared to previous sems.It has all begun because of my friend Siddhartha who was also eager to do something before this semester ends.He sent an abstract based on his last sem’s mini-project, everything was set except a partner. He googled oursection for a suitable partner (almost equivalent to svayamvar), but actually forgot me. Accidentally, before 3 daysof the event, probably, I got the proposal from him. What would I do other than accepting his invitation.Frankly writing, I didn’t know anything about the topic to be presented until the day of the presentation. However,I was confident that I can deliver a promising presentation with little experiences from the past.Everybody - all my friends, roommates, cousins were surprised by sudden decision to go to Hyderabad. And onemore dramatic incident took place with Praju (my roommate). He wasn’t in the picture till the last hour of start up.In between conversation I asked him to come and he took his decision by tossing a coin… he was in.And an important factor I have to mention is money. Because of certain consequences I had only 90 rs in my walletand nothing else even in my bank account. I wondered how I would enjoy the trip. Sorry not enjoying whether Iwould be able to go or not…Then on 20th March by 10:30 me, Praju, Praneeth, and Vamsi gathered, set the start up moorath as 11:00 pm. Wehad bus at 11:30, given the time traffic won’t be a problem, therefore half an hour is more than enough. Reachingthe PNBS we bought the ticket for Praju, got onto the bus and just as the bus started we fell asleep. Point to benoted tickets by Siddu 470.My night had been so fine that I opened my eyes to Hyderabad in the morning. The bus arrived at MGBS by 6:30am. From there we took bus to Mehdipatnam and from there to CBIT (Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology)boy’s hostel.Rakesh joined us somewhere in before reaching the hostel. He had almost killed the organizers with his questionsthat their first question was “who is Rakesh?” The organizers committee framed strange rules and that provided atool to Rakesh. My initial plan was to stay there for the next two days i.e. till the end of the fest and celebratingUgadi at Hyderabad with my cousins. So I registered for accommodation taking money from Praju 200. Theyprovided us rooms from the hostel that weren’t used for the last 1 year. Cleaned the room to an extent that wouldbe enough for us for next couple of hours. Then for the first time I have gone through what we are going topresent. Mean while everybody took bath and by the time of my turn water tank had run out of water..!!  I hadto take a half bath, cleansing my hands legs and face, declared I am finished with bath.All together, we reached the college campus by 10:00 am, got ourselves registered for Samardhan (paperpresentation) then me and siddu attended a lecture by The Director of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  2. 2. Resources. At one point in his lecture I was actually frightened at fate of coming generations. I liked his way oflecturing as he connected the present day International Environment Deals to Vedas.After the lecture session, it’s time for right purpose of our going to Hyderabad… Samardhan, the paperpresentation. “Infringement of convectional designing through lisp programming and rapid prototyping” was thetitle of our paper. Title seems to be complex but quit simple. Most of the people don’t even know the meaning ofinfringement, an added advantage. That’s actually creativity of Sidhu.We went onto the dais by our turn, slides were all prepared, pen drive is ready, and everything is fine. Sidhustarted the presentation. 8 min was the given time, as per the rules. We planned to share the time but sidhu took6 min out of 8 min. I had only 2 min! So I had to make it fast to completely deliver what we planned. As usual Istarted and keeping time in view I stepped on speed. I don’t know whether he understood anything or not,somehow completed my part in two min. Opphh! My first ppt outside my college is done. So easy it was thanexpected.Out from the presentation hall I was happy and one more task added to us, “What should we do now?” Just thenwe came across ‘cad-io-logist’ a CADD competition, went in and participated. Problem statement is simple. Modelthe component using any modeling package within the given time. I got a coupling which I modeled earlier. Ihappily started, with little tension whether I would complete or not, but completed it in time with no othercompetition. First place in both the events, easily! Actually CBIT has got lower standards when compared to KLU…at least my feeling.Nothing else to be done. So thought to leave CBIT after giving it a thought for about half an hour. Littledisappointed for leaving without any fun and extravaganza. However there is still time for bus to leave forVijayawada.It took one and half hour to reach some place to go to necklace road. Kept walking through the streets and roadslooking at the places around and accidentally reached Prasad’s IMAX. The bright time of the day had started then.Me, Praneeth, Siddhu, Vamsi and Praju had good time, photography and fun. We had dinner in McDonalds andmoved into IMAX again, roamed here and there. Those hours at IMAX are one of the most memorable hours.And then back to Vijayawada, end of an unexpected one day expedition to Hyderabad, adding a page to mymemories and word docs… bye.