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a presentation with more presenters role

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  1. 1. P Venkat Vijay Kumar09101291Department of Mechanical
  2. 2. WHAT OUR BOOKS SAY..??Gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of angular momentum.Gyroscopic Effect: The torque on the gyroscope applied perpendicular to its axis of rotation and also perpendicular to its angular momentum causes it to rotate about an axis perpendicular to both the torque and the angular momentum. This rotational motion is referred to as precession.
  3. 3. Axis of precisio y And magnitude of that moment is given by C = IωωP x Axis of rotationz
  4. 4. Modern Gyroscopes, with advent ofelectronics1.MEMS2. FOG (figure optic Gyroscope)3. VSG( Vibrating Structure vs coriolisvibratory gyroscope4. DTG(dynamically tuned gyroscope)5. Laser based Gyro