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Vladimir Kudriavtsev


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Summary Presentation

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Vladimir Kudriavtsev

  1. 1. Review of Relevant Experiences Space Turbomachinery Semiconductor Automotive BioMedical Fuel Cells V. Kudriavtsev, Ph.D. September 28th, 2007
  2. 2. Various Fields - Two Commonalities semiconductor, aeropropulsion, biomed, space systems, automotive, energy • Combination of hands-on approach to engineering and testing with analytical tools for analysis, design and measurements • Complex multi-physics systems based on interactions of fluids with other media and physical fields (electrical, chemical, magnetic, structural, thermal) in steady state and dynamic situations
  3. 3. Birds Eye View B&C Engineering Management Principal Investigator SBIR (I & II) 4th State Technology – Start-up Project management Plasma Source Development High RPM Test Bench; Hybrid (Gen1-III) Floating Mechanical Seal Design & LCD Etch Tool Test University of Akron, Ohio Biosignetics Corp – Start-up Department of Mechanical Engineering, NASA Lewis and Computer-based diagnostic US Army Research Labs, Propulsion system; sound-vibration data Directorate acquisition and software based analysis (real time & post) Brush Seals, Fluid Mechanics, CFD, System Engineering & Testing Oil Tunnel Laser Flow Visualization Moscow Aviation Institute ORVA SPACE Start-up CFD Research Corporation College of Space Systems da Vinci Space Project Engineering Consulting & Engineering Business Development Hybrid rocket engine Spacecraft thermal design, Rocket & Space Capsule Structural Multi-Physics, Semiconductor Rocket structures, heat Engineering Equipment (AMAT, LAM … exchangers, natural convection System Engineering Watkins-Johnson Company Core Engineering – Thermal and CFD CANADA Military Service Process Engineering, Sr. MTS Fuel Cells (Ballard, HPower, Stuart Electrician – Maintenance & Energy, Hydrogenics, Global Troubleshooting WJ1500, APNext -new Thermoelectric), Plasma Systems, WJ3000, WJ 2000 HDP Ventilation and Air Conditioning, WJ999/1000 upgrades CPIP Aerospace, Seals, MEMS, BioMed Research/academic Product Development Engineering Consulting
  4. 4. Moscow Aviation Institute Studies: Dept. of Space Systems Engineering, co-op studies (1983-89) Degree Engineer (MS, BS) 1989 Project: Nuclear Powered Hydrogen/Oxygen Refueling Station Emphasis on Systems Engineering, Conceptual design, thermal design Dept. of Space Engines, School of Engine Technology Part-time, (1990-93) PhD: Computational and Experimental Studies of Brush Seals for Turbomachinery Applications
  5. 5. Military Service 85-87 Electrician, Line Maintenance & Repair at the rocket military plant, rifle platoon -high voltage/current (AC 3000V) barb wire electrical fences -perimeter illumination system (incandescent lamps) -diesel electric back-up power station & cooling system -telephone system -low voltage early warning – 21 strand detection intruder deterrent systems, electrical bridge, charged 600V -designed and built central control system -11 certificates of invention (innovation) -fix things on the fly -build things that do not break and can not be broken
  6. 6. Moscow Aviation Institute Department of Space Systems Engineering, Thermal Engineering Group: 1983-85; 87-1990 Research Assistant, Engineer, Research Scientist • Thermal Design – Spacecrafts (radiation, natural and forced convection, conduction and thermal insulation) • Heat exchangers • Cryogenic liquid storage, empirical models for natural convection heat transfer, computational solution of Navier Stokes equations Intense learning, emphasis on system level thermal engineering
  7. 7. 1990-94 Akron, Ohio NASA Lewis and Department of Army Sponsored study of Fluid Flow in Brush Seals to benefit advanced aeropropulsion Development of computer code (CFD) for hydraulic analysis of brush seals and turbine secondary flow systems cavities with brush seals Experimental pressure measurements, laser flow ] visualization – oil test channel Emphasis on complex fluid flows and fluid structure interactions, experimental measurements of fluid flows, CFD development
  8. 8. B&C Engineering 94-95 NASA funded SBIR – Phases I and II – Hybrid Floating Brush Seal, Principal investigator, Sr. Engineer Designed, built and tested new type of compliant seal for turbomachinery: combination of compliant brush seal with a floating (self-lubricated) spiral groove mechanical seal. Speeds 5000-12,000 RPM, 80 psig. Seal was patented. From the concept to the proof of feasibility in 6 months. Seal build and tested. Test bed with instrumentation built and tested. NASA milestones were met & Phase II was granted. Focus on aeropropulsion, air breathing jet engines, lubrication and sealing, high pressure low pressure zones, mechanical seals
  9. 9. Watkins Johnson Company 1995-98 Atmospheric Pressure Thermal CVD – SiO2 deposition using Silane, TEOS, Ozone – Sr. Member of Technical Stuff, Thermal and Process Engineer, Core Engineering (300MM revenue) WJ-999 and WJ-1000 – Continuous product improvement – engineering upgrades; from concept to completion, customer beta testing; process optimization support; advanced product characterization Fast Heat-up upgrade, reduced heat-up from 5-7 hours to 45 minutes WJ-3000 – High Density plasma deposition tool, prototype development, concept evaluation, beta site support WJ-1500 – full product cycle, from the concept to implementation, testing and customer sales Advanced APCVD system that improved uniformity x2 – designed new process Emphasis on chemical processing, chamber configuration using CFD chemical reactions, product design and testing
  10. 10. CFDRC 1998-00 West Coast Branch Manager – Principal Engineer, CFD based thermo-fluid and process engineering consulting & software sales Complex chemistry, plasma, electical and electromagnetic fields, flow distribution and delivery, chamber, injector and manifold design optimization Semiconductor Equipment and Wafer Processing Companies – Applied Materials, Novellus, Gasonics, Mattson Technologies, Tokyo Electron, Silicon Valley Group, INTEL, Matshushita Panasonic, ALCATEL, UNAXIS, LSI Logic, Torrex, Mattson, Samsung Developed new vertical product – Virtual Reactor VReactor and Virtual Process VProcess Product manager for the new product – CFD- PLASMA, from the concept to sales (99-2003) – 1.5 million revenue, 50+ licenses in industry, 100+ Universities Emphasis on working with customers, driving consulting and software sales revenue; working in a branch, communication with headquarters
  11. 11. CFD CANADA & Fuel Cells 2000-04 Principal Engineer and Managing director –offices Toronto & Montreal Thermo-fluid Engineering Consulting Fuel Cell companies – Ballard, HPower, Stuart Energy, Hydrogenics, GlobalTE, Hyteon - CFD process simulation, stack thermo-flow design and evaluation Developed new vertical demo product – Virtual Stack Simulator Plasma Software Product management – worldwide operations for CFDRC Consulting projects for automotive applications – dynamic pressure fluctuations in the exhaust, GM car paint booth troubleshooting, car ventilation and air conditioning Wholly owned small business, emphasis on serving customers worldwide and on Canadian Fuel Cell Development
  12. 12. Examples
  13. 13. ORVA Space – Canada XPrize Cup, NM Next to Rutan’s Space Ship I. Only Two teams were approved for Space Launch. da Vinci Project and Space Ship One.
  14. 14. Orva Space - Canada 2001-05 Start-up – Commercial Space Tourism and X Prize competition Chief Engineer, Team Leader- Engineering and R&D (18 reports) From the drawing board, to manufacturing and testing. Structural design, manufacturing (carbon fiber composites), engine design and flow delivery from 850 psi N2O tank, engine firings, systems engineering, product integration, sponsor presentations Hands-on Engineering Management of large and diverse engineering group working in a bootstrap mode, intense exposure to mass media
  15. 15. Biosignetics Corp 2005-07 VP Engineering, co-founder. Cardiovascular diagnosis using advanced fluid mechanics, acoustics and signal processing. • Two software products with complete product cycle: from inception/design control stage to customer evaluation and subsequent sales. Developed within ISO and Good Manufacturing practice guidance. Several versions released, dozens of licenses sold. FDA clearance secured. Patents and inventions filed. • Field Tests and clinical data collection • Searching for Venture funding, presentations to VCs, business plan competitions, Advanced Technology Program (ATP), etc. Implementing your own vision and strategy in a bootstrap mode
  16. 16. 4th State Technology Engineering Assembly, Production and Test Facility Engineering Assembly and Test Laboratory
  17. 17. 4th State Technology 2006 Project Manager and Chief Engineer (5 reports), report to President and CEO Responsible for beta tool design, assembly, testing and etch process verification Responsible for atmospheric pressure plasma source development (plasma torch, plasmatron) – Three Generations in parallel with beta tool design Tool design to final test: 3 months Three generations of plasma sources in 6 months; 3 plasma test installations built, one full lab re-location, lab re-built from the ground up. Invented new way of plasma thermal stabilization to meet reliability benchmarks. All from concept to final hardware to meet benchmark milestones and satisfy investors