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description of 12 seminars, its significance.

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Seminars Full

  1. 1. Research & Presentation : Dr.Rajesh. Nanoo For: SCHOOL OF THOUGHTS E-Mail:
  2. 2. Features My training have these character traits Training programs dealt with My teachings methods not with are not new, because the outcomes,. TRUTH IS OLD AS HILLS, IT SOLELY LIES can't be taught freshly. So hold credit only to the WITH THE EXPRESSION THAN ASPIRANT who apply those CONCEPTS methods. My techniques are I teach hard, but bestows TIME TESTED remarkable How to prosper TECHNIQUES materially without solutions which have a IF DULY COMPRAMISING legacy of over PRACTICED. 10,000 years. VALUES
  3. 3. 12 SEMINARS ON SECRET OF WORKING SMARTLY For Developing potentials For Stress management 1. How to work confidently? 1. How to reduce stress? 2. How to reap benefits in life? 2. How to manage crisis? 3. How to manage thoughts? For Interaction 1. How to talk effectively? 2. How to deal with a client? 3. How to build a Team? 4.How to be yourself? Emotional blocks For Education 1. How to break shackles? 1. How to train yourself? 2. How to motivate people?
  4. 4. Content: How to break shackles? Beyond Boundaries Topic : Decision Making Duration: 4-5 hours 1 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate on To gain success you have to work overcoming factors that holds smartly. To work smartly you should you back from excelling in life. brake shackles which hindrances for progress. One can change his life 7 Key points only by knowing what all things need ➢Analyzing elements that brings to be changed and what all things you down that should be remained. ➢10 -steps solution to change destiny Post seminar benefits: ➢4- steps for excellence 5 Big Benefits: ➢6-techniques to hit the target ➔Reach a decision that can change ➢5- vital tips for organizing life ➢4-factors behind a decision ➔Set goals and achieve it ➢Strategies for breaking shackles ➔Techniques to reverse mindset ➔Tips to lead a disciplined life ➔Remain focused in your vision
  5. 5. Content: How to motivate people? Awakening Power Topic : Motivate to perform Duration: 3-4 hours 2 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate Motivation should come from with in. on overcoming problems which is When you are motivated then you can an obstacle for motivation. easily motivate others. You can motivate yourself, only when you clear your inner 7 Key points problems. Lack of motivation cuts down ➢Analyzing your blocks the pace of work hence an obstacle for ➢Root cause for isolation successful endeavors. ➢4- steps solution for self development ➢2- phases of intellectualism Post seminar benefits: ➢5-techniques to create awareness 5 Big Benefits: ➢9-elements that can motivate ➔ Obtain Freedom from delusions ➢Strategies for motivation ➔ Ability to differentiate attitudes ➔ Deal with emotions peacefully ➔ Techniques to throw away weakness ➔ Strength to raise up from problems
  6. 6. Content: How to train yourself? Inner Growth Topic : Greatness of Education Duration: 3-4 hours 3 Preliminary Status: Seminar Highlights: Academic education alone wont make This seminar mainly concentrate you work efficiently. Practical education on practical education and key is the need of the hour. It can't be points for learning with in. learned from academies. Practical wisdom enhances quality of work to lofty 7 Key points levels. ➢Analyzing- What to learn ? & How to learn? Post seminar benefits: ➢4- step solutions for gaining 5 Big Benefits: insight ➔Helps to differentiate Knowledges ➢2- basic levels of learning ➔Develop soft skills for learning ➢3- advanced level learning ➔Techniques for attaining practical ➢10- fine arts essentials for knowledge creative careers ➔Understand as well as solve issues ➢4- phases of learning without others help ➢Strategies for internal education ➔Channelize potentials for a constructive growth
  7. 7. Content: How to work confidently? Devotional Deeds Topic : Gaining confidence Duration: 4-5 hours 4 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate Confidence is the integral part in on gaining confidence by giving successful endeavors. If you have up cowardice. self-confidence then half job is done, even before starting the tasks. Lack of 7 Key points self-confidence restrain individual for ➢Analyzing factors that not using his full potentials thereby wont lose confidence work up to the mark. ➢6-step solution to overcome cowardice ➢4-elements for working positively Post seminar benefits: ➢3-phases of doing 5 Big Benefits: ➔Understand the source of work ➢6-techniques to remain consistent ➔Techniques to work confidently ➢7-points to remember when you ➔Fine tune the mind set work ➔Maintain enthusiasm ➢Strategies to gain confidence ➔Avoid monotonous work
  8. 8. Content: How to reap benefits in life? Topic : Essentials about success Equilibrium Levels Duration: 4-5 hours 5 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate You can overcome failures only by on overcoming problems which is knowing it exactly. an obstacle for motivation. If you don't have any idea about failures and ways to over come failures then you 7 Key points can't change your failures to success. ➢Analyzing your blocks ➢Root cause for isolation ➢4- steps solution for self development Post seminar benefits: ➢2- phases of intellectualism 5 Big Benefits: ➢5-techniques to create awareness ➔To understand your failures. ➢9-elements that can motivate ➔Ways to avoid failures ➢Strategies for motivation ➔Techniques to control Mind and Body. ➔Enhance energy levels by balancing ➔Set priorities and achieve it
  9. 9. Content: How to reduce stress? Duality Debacle Topic : Eliminating worries & fears Duration: 4-5 hours 6 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate Mind plays a pivotal role in life. Positive on overcoming failures in life and moods brings enthusiasm. job. Negative mood affects job. If you don't know the ways to tackle your mood then 7 Key points you are cut shorting your promising ➢Analyzing what is failure & what carrier. is success ➢Root Cause of failures ➢4-Major character traits needed Post seminar benefits: for overcoming failures 5 Big Benefits: ➢5-steps solutions for becoming ➔Get mastery of your mind successful ➔Change the level of thinking ➢4-phases in Self Mastery ➔Techniques to deal with ignorance ➢3-techniques to discipline your job ➔Remain unmoved in onslaught ➢Strategies for being positive ➔Minimize setbacks
  10. 10. Content: How to manage crisis? Breaking Impasses Topic : Working under Pressures Duration: 4-5 hours 7 Seminar Highlights: This seminar mainly concentrate Preliminary Status: on overcoming emotional crisis Emotional problems can waste talents. and handle deadline project. Wasting talents is wasting time. Time is an important factor in job environment. 7 Key points If you can't do the projects in stipulated ➢Analyzing emotional blocks time, you are branded as ineffective in your career. affecting projects ➢5-step solutions for over coming pressures ➢3- elements that puts you in Post seminar benefits: pressure ➔Utilize time meaningfully ➢4-tips to avoid negative thoughts ➔Ability to meet deadlines in better ➢4-techniques to overcome way emotional crisis ➔Increase efficiency for doing ➢6-levels for organizing ➔Techniques to remain calm in ➢Strategies to handle deadline pressures projects ➔Make and prioritize strategy
  11. 11. Painting Impressions Content: How to manage thoughts? Topic : Overcoming negative thoughts Duration: 3-4 hours 8 Preliminary Status: Seminar Highlights: Actions differentiate man and man. This seminar mainly concentrate on managing thoughts which can Action depends upon thoughts. Thoughts influence character. can be influenced in doing good and bad. Bad character is the after effect of negative thoughts. Managing thoughts 7 Key points ➢Analyzing and differentiating means managing life. One who utilize thoughts in a constructive way wind up thought forms with success. ➢4-step solution to control mind ➢5-phase of thought forms ➢2-spheres of activity Post seminar benefits: ➢5 -forms of inner system 5 Big Benefits: ➔Know the source of thought ➢2-forces determine attitude ➔Manage mind's format ➢Strategies for manging thoughts ➔Utilize powers of subconscious mind ➔Techniques to control character ➔Mange time by thought forms
  12. 12. Content: How to talk effectively? Conceiving Dialogues Topic : Presenting ideas to others. Duration: 3-4 hours 9 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate Communication bestows contact as well on ways to clearly convince your as business. Ability to do and Ability to idea to others by talk and talk are the two phases of work. Smart preparing speech. people can express ideas convincingly to others. Ineffective communication 7 Key points destroys business fortunates and create ➢Analyzing failures in Dialogue holes in relationship. ➢4-pillars of talks Post seminar benefits: ➢2-step-solution for convincing 5 Big Benefits: others ➔Know the power of words ➢2-Techniques for communication ➔Convince ideas clearly to others ➢4-elements for powerful ➔Techniques to frame a talk without communication losing its meaning ➢4-goals of speech ➔Make a format which is simple and ➢Strategies for public speaking easy to understand ➔Confidence to deliver speech
  13. 13. Content: How to deal with a client? Molding Convergence Topic : Dealing with a client Duration: 4-5 hours 10 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate Business depends upon people. on dealing decently with client Interacting with people bestows business and reap benefits from such as well as money. Decent interactions interactions. are the integral part of lucrative business. One who don't know the 7 Key points solutions to deal with clients ruins his ➢Analyzing relationship in trading prospective in business. ➢6-step solutions to deal decently with a client Post seminar benefits: ➢3-techniques to know others mind 5 Big Benefits: ➢3-powerful benefits of decent deal ➔Literacy to enhance relationship ➢6-levels in dialogue delivery ➔Techniques for friendly interaction ➢3-attitude needed when ➔Gain a lasting relationship within a interacting short interaction ➢Strategies for worthwhile ➔Present ideas convincingly communication ➔Make a fruitful rapport with clients
  14. 14. Content: How to build a Team? Fruitful Interactions Topic : Developing& maintaining team Duration: 4-5 hours 11 Preliminary Status: Seminar Highlights: Success of corporates depend upon the This seminar mainly concentrate ability to work as a team. Co-ordination on forming a team and work as a and Efficiency are the pillars that make unit a team. There is always a possibility of diversion and backbiting when the team 7 Key points is not unified. Team which is not ➢Analyzing the core problems of a working collectively as a unit cant team achieve goals. ➢Scrutinize Leadership qualities ➢6-step solutions for making team Post seminar benefits: as a unit 5 Big Benefits: ➢3-vital elements for working as ➔Make, Manage and Maintain, the team Money&Mates ➢6-Techniques to control a team ➔Groom&utilize every ones potentials ➢4-qualities needed to attain goals ➔Fine tune leadership qualities ➢Strategies for making a system ➔Techniques for harmony in debates ➔Interact amicably with members
  15. 15. Content: How to be yourself? Multiple Dimensions Topic : Boosting your character Duration: 3-4 hours 12 Seminar Highlights: Preliminary Status: This seminar mainly concentrate You are establishing because of your on overcoming problems which is character. When you interact, people will an obstacle for motivation. notice your character before finalizing a deal. Reliability is questioned when 7 Key points actions differ from character. People will ➢Analyzing behaviors be skeptical to deal with some one who ➢3-major character traits are not sincere. ➢3-step solution to bring heart and mind together Post seminar benefits: ➢4-dimensions in a personality 5 Big Benefits: ➔Reap benefits by Being Yourself 3-motives prompting for action ➢Formula for doing a great work ➔Built a Reliable character ➢Strategies to build a powerful ➔Techniques to align body and mind ➔Control your behaviors character ➔Do deeds creatively than mechanically