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Creative Director Portfolio


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It is a portfolio presentation of Rajesh Nanoo

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Creative Director Portfolio

  1. 1. Words & Visuals Showcasing Life & Work of Rajesh Nanoo
  2. 2. RajeshNanoo Author, Poet, Column Writer, Motivational Speaker, Freelance Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Actor, Script Writer & Director 2
  3. 3. Expressing Myself I am Rajesh Nanoo. Born and Bought up in Kerala/South India. Age 42, Martial status - Single. Hold an Academic Degree in Commerce. I have work exposure in India & Dubai and familiar with English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi languages. As a writer, film maker and creative director My approach is to grasp a concept Convert it into visuals & words And artistically present it In a way which augurs cultural & moral uplifting TaoOf Work 3
  4. 4. Mind ‘N’ Passions Social Networking, Blogging, Micro blogging, Music designing, Reading, Researching, Analyzing & Movies Software Exposures & Platforms Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Reader, Audition, MS Word & PowerPoint Windows, Mac, & Linux platforms 4
  5. 5. AchievementsIn CreativeField • My columns and books were published by the top most publishers of that area. • Scripted for Malayalam Feature Film • Written and Directed two English short films and an animation short film • Acted in Malayalam Short films, and advertisements Life @ Work 13 Years as freelancer in Writing & Designing 3 Years as Creative Director 5 years in Film Field 5
  6. 6. AccessMe Rajesh Nanoo D 26, Plot number 266 Sector 21, Nerul East Navi Mumbai India Mob : 0091-9895-369280 6 Email –
  7. 7. Write & Direct : Feature & Short Film, Music Video & Ad Still Photography Design Music In Depth Content Writing Motivational Writing Research & Analysis 7
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  9. 9. Concepts Can Be Written In : Paragraphs One Sentence Few Pages Pages Many Pages 9
  10. 10. Concepts Can Be Visualized In : 10
  11. 11. Any concepts, ideas & projects can be Visualized & Presented in Visual media Print media Make Script, Skit & Shoot For Concepts For Branding 11 E-Mail :
  12. 12. PORTFOLIO 12
  13. 13. InVisualMedia& PrintMedia 13
  14. 14. VisualMedia Concept Presentation in Promo Video Of A Feature Film 14 E-Mail :
  15. 15. VisualMedia Concept Presentation in Promo Video Of A Feature Film 15 E-Mail :
  16. 16. VisualMedia Concept Presentation in Promo Video Of A Feature Film 16 E-Mail :
  17. 17. PrintMedia Concept Presentation in Presentation Of A Feature Film 17 E-Mail :
  18. 18. PrintMedia Concept Presentation in Presentation Of A Feature Film 18 E-Mail :
  19. 19. PrintMedia Concept Presentation in Presentation Of A Feature Film 19 E-Mail :
  20. 20. PrintMedia Concept Presentation in Presentation Of A Feature Film 20 E-Mail :
  21. 21. PrintMedia Concept Presentation in Presentation Of A Feature Film 21 E-Mail :
  22. 22. PrintMedia Concept Presentation in Presentation Of A Feature Film 22 E-Mail :
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  53. 53. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Lipstick Bank Loan 53 E-Mail :
  54. 54. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Event Management Event Management 54 E-Mail :
  55. 55. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Photography Contest Website Concept 55 E-Mail :
  56. 56. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts A Person Becomes Genius When He Use Potentials & Becomes Ignorant When He Waste It 56 E-Mail :
  57. 57. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Some Memories & Expectations Make Us Worried 57 E-Mail :
  58. 58. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Real Education Enables To Be Yourself Thereby NO Need To Put Others Brain In Your Head 58 E-Mail :
  59. 59. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Mind At The Same Time Is Student & Teacher 59 E-Mail :
  60. 60. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Negativity & Positivity Bind Mortals & Leads To Different Ends 60 E-Mail :
  61. 61. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Create Your Own Identity Rather Than Wearing Others Identity 61 E-Mail :
  62. 62. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Powerful Thoughts Come From Powerful Mind 62 E-Mail :
  63. 63. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Knowledge Is Not Better Than Ignorance Unless You Use It 63 E-Mail :
  64. 64. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts We Like To Imitate Than Educate 64 E-Mail :
  65. 65. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts People Frame An Impression From Your Deeds Words & Thoughts 65 E-Mail :
  66. 66. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts What Is Power? Ability To Influence Others Ability To Inspire 66 E-Mail :
  67. 67. Ads, Captions, Slides & Concepts Thought Management Is Time Management 67 E-Mail :
  68. 68. Posters 68 E-Mail :
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  76. 76. Words At Work 76
  77. 77. Poems The drops of dew, fell from clouds unto my cheeks make the heart filled with joy, when I knew the dew was nectar fallen from the cloud nine as the love from beloved. When your life becomes mystic, then words downpour itself, the heart gathers them and brings down as a pure poem. Thus poem is a flow of mind when it dwells in meditation and the vastness of heart in that moment surpasses the sky. 77 E-Mail :
  78. 78. Poems . Make your heart broader than sky so that cosmos looks so small in the halo of heart. Love stir from an inner space in which, the silence dwells, wise uttered, that cave as noble-heart, the aesthetic gate of feelings, where words silently keep guarding. Thirst of soul unto its nature deemed as love speech of soul describing itself deemed as silence. 78 E-Mail :
  79. 79. MotivationalWritings Do those 2 things which is sufficient enough to be great. Read those things you don’t KNOW & Write only those that you KNOW. A lie brings 100 more lies to the cosmos after uttering very first lie. God has nothing to do with miseries. You created them; You sustained them & put blame on god! Moment by moment, moments are passed by be aware of time allotted and try to tune mind on goal in every moment. 79 E-Mail :
  80. 80. MotivationalWritings Most folks smile with their lips, while wise smile with their heart Hearts language is God’s language spoken in human voice. Life is a blessing, & know that blessings and become blessed. No one is a failure, no one is a winner, when the events of pain and pleasure in the end, turn to be two similar names of the same teacher. 80 E-Mail :
  81. 81. ContentWritings Centuries ago, human beings did not communicate verbally with each other. They communicated with each other using the sign modes. But they had a language that was active in their mind. Even though their lips didn’t articulate a single word, constant chattering was going on in their minds. It indicates that there was a language present but the medium to express it uniquely was absent. The language in which mind communicates is understood only by the individual, because it is solely the language of oneself. We need a medium through the ‘lips’ to communicate with others. Only when words are uttered then others can hear and understand. Such a hearing and understanding is vital in communication. Why communication is so important? It is so because, as a community people cannot remain isolated they need to mingle and help each other. For this smooth flow of dealings, speaking and responding, is a must. The language started with visuals. Person sees things and grasps an idea from it. So, the first mode of language is always visual, after that it is interpreted in a set of words for the other to understand them. In olden times the language used to interpret visuals to words was in the form of codes. Need Of Language 81 E-Mail :
  82. 82. ColumnWritings Handling Stress Effortlessly Thoughts are like tides and mind is the ocean. Let thoughts rise and come to end naturally. It's like a tide in the ocean, when there is eclipse it comes high; you cannot control the tide, sometimes our mind gets eclipsed and, thoughts come heavy like a big tide. It will be hard to conquer that tide. So what you have to do is to be silent, then after some time, the ocean will become calm when the eclipse passes. For this, you have to learn patience. It's the time that is the ultimate healer - wait for your time to blossom and wither the stress naturally. Your mind is like a muddy water! When it is disturbed, just let it be. Give it a little time. It will settle down on its own. You don't have to put in any effort to calm it down. It will happen. It is effortless. This concept was also said by Taoist too. Lao Tzu said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Ultimately, the silence and patience are the 2 keys to handle stress. They are the same thing with a marginal difference. 82 E-Mail :
  83. 83. ColumnWritings Handling Stress Effortlessly In patience you are waiting for the thoughts to pass over, while in silence you are not even considering any thought. One has to feel effortless in both, if you try to make an effort, then things will get squander. Let things loosen upon its own than we trying to loosen up things. I admit that silence and patience are easy to say but difficult to practice. But life favours only those who are bold. It is a fact that truth will fetch you effortlessly, but for that, you need more than a life time effort. Another way to escape from stress is to keep yourself busy so that the thoughts of worries do not worry you. In reality it is the surplus time which is the main cause of stress. So never have time for the mind to think of things that are unwanted. To keep away from stress is very simple - just stop thinking unwanted stuffs as most of our thoughts are figments. The way to overcome stress is to remove unwanted thoughts and chant the prayer- Thank You, for everything. Rest is bonus and it is sure that you can afford to live a life without a bonus. Can’t we? 83 E-Mail :
  84. 84. From childhood onwards, I had a deep inclination towards spirituality. After the studies, I was fully engrossed on mastering subtle philosophies (like Vedas, Zen, Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism etc.), Semitic philosophy (Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc.) and Healing modalities (Reiki, Yoga, Herbalism, Naturopathy). Acquired a Master Degree in alternative medicine and practiced as healer for chronic diseases and also did counseling. This study was completed at the age of 25, so I moved on to Multimedia and learned the fundamentals of computer programming. Soon, I was evolved to don many roles starting with Writing, Designing and Film Making. Even after all these metamorphosis, unto now, I define myself only as a spiritual person as the greatest power in me is spirituality. It is due to the spiritual power, I could easily evolve to many roles. Just like the water when poured into different vessels or glasses gets a particular shape, similarly my writings, designs and film making transitioned from spirituality to that particular format. In every work I did, from creativity to healing, this spiritual undercurrent can be clearly traced. Due to this mentality I do every work, not as a work but as worship, with utmost sincerity, dedication, hard working and deep focus. Epilogue 84
  85. 85. KeepInTouch Email : Social Networks : Mrknowable (FB, FB Page, Twitter, Linked in) Skype : rhejura 85
  86. 86. Signing Off Thanks for watching 86