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The think tank stage 3- casia14


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The Think tank

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The think tank stage 3- casia14

  1. 1. Stage 3 Have Your Say Team Name: Name of first member: Vishal Virola College Name: IIM Trichy Name of second member: Jayesh Bhandarkar College Name: IIM Trichy
  2. 2. Introduction Background of • Market leader in Indian e-commerce market and new entrant in US market. • USP: “1 day delivery Max!”- if not received in one day, customer gets it for free. • Good relationships with channel partners- courier partners. Crisis Situation: • Instead of lady’s perfume, Anita received men’s after shave lotion. • failed to correct the error in assured one day time. • Annoyed Anita wrote a very proactive blog about it which went viral through twitter hash tag #ShoppiiShaves • Resulted in worldwide negative publicity of Error cause: Due to slowdown in Indian market, temporarily cut down their courier partners commission by 5%, Dissatisfied with this their local courier partner deliberately replaced the perfume with after shave lotion to tarnish reputation of
  3. 3. Action Plan: Audit the negative social buzz Formal Apology on official social media pages Gifts or goodies to Anita with an Apology letter Addressing Internal and External Issues Social Media campaign to build brand image Measure the impact of the campaign and continues improvement
  4. 4. Audit the Social Buzz • Set up Google Alerts for Shoppii keywords. • Keep a close eye on Facebook page. • Listen on Twitter. • Read reviews on sites. • Make a list of any forums or communities where customers congregate. • Catch negative buzz and spot issues before they build momentum. • Goal: To convert angry and upset customers into loyal, raving fans. • Reply to selective issues in friendly tone showing empathy, through official ids. • Prevent further damage to the brand image.
  5. 5. Apology on Official Pages Apology on Facebook page Video of VP addressing customers in India and USA through official channel • Explaining the series of events with facts and rationale • Taking responsibility instead of name calling • Explaining the new supply chain audit measures • Towards the end : clips and statements from satisfied partners and loyal customers
  6. 6. Rectify the Mistake • Rectifying the mistake by delivering the correct product to Anita along with some goodies and an apology letter. • Influence Anita to publish her positive relation with on her blog. • Taking Anita’s feedback, publish the positive response by showing customer centric approach.
  7. 7. Social Media campaign Circulate apology posters on various social media websites and blogs emphasizing that customers are valuable to shoppii Start #Shoppiisaves campaign on twitter and facebook emphasizing on price and time saving Use non traditional marketing and PR campaigns to attract people’s attention towards the positive actions taken
  8. 8. Social Media campaign Monitor posts and comments on the official facebook page and twitter account. Post the link of the youtube videos released, on social media pages and blogs Explain the root cause of the problem through comments on negative posts Create a Positive buzz about
  9. 9. Addressing Internal and External Issues Address all the channel partners and come up with a mutually beneficial solution. Feedback mechanism to identify and resolve problems be implemented. Stringent rules to be enforced to avoid such instances in future. Commission policy for the partners need to be re-evaluated. Corrective measures to improve the response of Customer Care
  10. 10. Analyzing the campaign • Measure the success of the social media campaign with the tools like ‘simplify360’. • Analyse the areas of improvement and creative promotion through social media. • Be active on customer service portal along with the official pages to address customer grievances in time. • Over the period measure the success rate of timely response and promote as a customer satisfaction index. • Engage the customers through sales promotional tools such as contest, Interactive online games, coupons etc. Glimpse of Audit report through ‘Simplify360’