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with the use of wondershare PDF editor, you can create, convert, edit and export pdf file and many more things to do. http://www.softwaredownloadcentre.com/software/pdf-editor.php

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Wondershare pdf editor

  1. 1. Wondershare PDF editor
  2. 2. About the Wondershare Editor  Wondershare PDF editor is without a doubt is the most powerful PDF editing tool available in today’s era. You are able to do almost every editing program with the help of this software. you could also draw out PDF WebPages by using this software and that is hard utilizing in normal PDF editor. it is easy for you to convert PDF files straight into various other types using Wondershare PDF editor. Quite sure may be worth the bucks, and it will not disappoint you in a factors.
  3. 3. Create PDF from Documents  Create PDF from over 300 format: create a PDF from almost any file that can be opened in your computer, including Microsoft excel, word, PowerPoint and images files.  Merge PDF files seamlessly: whether you are taking down a year’s merit of invoice or a chapter of book, with a few click you can merge them in to a single and that’s a comprehensive document.  Readable, industry-standard PDF: You can open PDF editor created PDF document. Every PDF document is made by Wondershare PDF editor is 100% available by adobe reader.  Effortlessly edit PDF: Add, delete or adjust anything- from correcting types to password, from inserting image to cropping pages and all you need to click an spontaneous set of tools.
  4. 4. Edit PDF Text and Images  Modify text: just click and start typing, its very simple. You can add, revise or delete text in 2 step. Simply you click edit then move your mouse over the text to start. And its depend on you to adjust font, size and color and more.  Edit images: Editing images is very easy to type. Insert or crop or delete image s exactly at high speed. even adjust height and width of the image.  Manage pages: To keep your PDF organized is very easy. Add, delete or extract pages to create new PDF, is very simple to generate new informative document without starting from zero.  Edit watermarks: watermarks can identify so much about a document at a glimpse, no matter what pages you are on. Insert, delete, and update a watermark across multiple pages to
  5. 5. Convert PDF to Word/Excel  PDF to Word: sometime you need to renovate a document. Then convert PDF to Microsoft word document so you can easily influence PDF content without needing to type. What you have converted the word document will look the same as original PDF, retaining all formats.  PDF to Excel: Operate any date to anywhere. You can remove PDF tables to Microsoft excel spreadsheet for further examination or calculation while preserving the original data.  PDF to Image: Whether you want to remove all risk of editing or easily share online then you can convert PDF files to standard images format including jpg,npg,tiff,gif& bmp.  Export text: Export just the text from PDF documents without the original formatting, saving you time extracting text from PDF documents.
  6. 6. Acrobat compatible  Acrobat compatible: Collaborate with colleague in spite of their software. Comments made in PDF editor can be view by adobe reader or acrobat as well as in other popular PDF readers.
  7. 7. Review & Annotate  Get feedback noticed and followed to the letter. Sticky note, text box, text highlighters, freehand drawing tools and all kinds of shape make it faster and more easier to add any comment.
  8. 8. Stamp Streamline the Process  A set of impactful stamps simplifies”, “Reviewed”, “Received”, the way users give and get feedback including “Revised “Approved” or even “Confidential”, and many more.
  9. 9. OCR Digitizes Text  Searchable Image-based PDF text: with the help of OCR technology you can make Image based PDF text searchable while retaining to document appearance.  Editable Scanned PDF: After OCR ,a scanned image based PDF document is digitized to make an editable file. With the help of this you can edit text, insert, delete ,images and many more.  Multi language support: you can work with scanned PDF text in almost every language including English, Korean, Italian, French, German, Russi an, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Romani an, Ukrainian, Japanese, Greek, Croatian, Bulga rian, and many more. Note: PDF Editor OCR Plugin is an optional part for PDF Editor. To enable the OCR feature on PDF Editor, users need to purchase the OCR
  10. 10. Sign PDF with Digital Signatures  Create Custom Stamps: You can scan your hand written signature in to an image and can import it as a stamp apply for the Electronic PDF file.  Add approval stamp: user give the predefined and custom stamp types to give and share any feedback easily. Review, confidential or Approved etc.  Use Digital Signature: Sign your PDF documents with the safety of an industry- standard encrypted digital signature. It is 100% safe.
  11. 11. Protect PDF with a Password  Add an open password: Give an open password to protect from other unauthorized user.  Apply permission: Restrict user’s access to PDF printing, copying, editing and extracting by setting for your document.
  12. 12. Fill and Customize PDF Forms  Effortlessly fill and save PDF forms: you can fill and save almost ant type of static PDF forms found online. By default when you open a PDF form, all the forms will be highlighted for you to type and fill out.  Add Interactive Fields: there are 6 types of interactive fields are there, Text fields, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, list boxes and dropdown lists are provided to insert into a form.  Import & Export: import data are used to reduce input error and speed up the workflow in the PDF form and export data from PDF forms to FDF files for distribution and reporting.  Customize and Edit PDF Forms: customize and edit PDF forms from a variety of Wondershare PDF Form template or you can found online. You don’t need to start from scratch. Note: When customizing or editing a PDF form, you need to download and import a PDF form template first.