Athtek skype recorder


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Athtek Skype Recorder ( is best in chat with high quality video format, audio format, automatically record, video game recording and many more.

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Athtek skype recorder

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  2. 2. Well Athtek Skype recorder is an advanced audio and video recorder for Skype user. It works together with Skype and keeps high quality for Skype conversations. It is specially used for Skype call recording and it has been awarded as “The Best Skype Recorder "by thousands of it’s user. If you are looking for quality Skype recorder then we suggest you to look at this one, you will absolutely like it. There is also a trial version to make you sure about these Skype Recorder. It can record Skype chat on both sides and save recorded audio files as Mp3,OGG, FLAC Format,WMA, while videos as AVI Format. Athtek Skype Recorder are able for private Skype call recording, Skype Interview, Parental Control and Business Call Center.
  3. 3. Athtek Skype Recorder supports to record Skype chat with high quality audio formats MP3,FLAC,OGG,WMAetc and it has been awarded as “The Best Audio Recording Quality” by its user. Record Skype chat with High Quality Video Format: Athtek Skype Recorder supports to record Skype Chat with high- quality audio formats AVI. Video recording is a new feature of Athtek Skype Recorder. It can not only record Skype Chat but also record other window’s. Automatically record Skype chat: Recording Skype chat is totally automatically to the user. You don’t have to start recording Skype chat Manually. The Skype Recorder will help you to record Skype Chat and save them to your PC automatically.
  4. 4. Upload Record Skype Calls: you can easily share the Skype Recording to your Fellows. You can save your important Skype calls to your Private space and whenever you want you can hear it. Your Skype calls won’t be share to other’s. Record’s both Recording: in these you will not only record your voice but the other participants of the Skype Call will be recorded too. It supports to record Skype chat on both sides with high quality and saving the whole conversation to your system. Add notes to Recording Item: You can add notes to Record every file in your list. Simply add some key words to help you to remember the content of this call easily. You will be able to re3member Skype call better from voice to notes.
  5. 5. Silent Mode For Parental Purpose: You can set the Skype Recorder to be invisible form your computer, then you can able to monitor every Skype calls of your kids. If you want to enjoy this Function then you have to Buy “Machine Bind License”. Non Skype Recording: Athtek Skype Recorder support non- Skype Recording. You don’t need to buy audio recording for Voice Recording, Athtek Skype Recorder can help you to record voice in High- Quality audio Files. Video Game Recording: Athtek Skype Recorder enables you to record any screen on your desktop including Video games. Simply Drag and Drop the video Recorder button to any window you want to Record, then the Video will be Record in a AVI Files.
  6. 6.  Athtek Skype Recorder only charge a little money but it works a lot. The highly designed interface is very friendly to use, and you can handle this Powerful Skype Recorder in a Second.
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