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Modern Medicine PPT | Modern Medicine Slideshare - VVFIT


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In the United States, the last new drug that the Food and Drug Administration - USFDA approved is only 20% of the total number of new drugs originally applied for clinical trials.

Occasionally, during clinical trials, a drug found to be effective in treating malignant diseases and will have to discontinue in clinical trials and becomes usable directly to treat patients. For example, the first clinical trial of ATZ, a new drug for treatment of AIDS, was found to significantly increase the patients' survival after only 106 days. Then US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) suspended the clinical trial and approved it immediately. It was allowed for its use to treat more than 4,000 AIDS patients before it went to the markets.

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Modern Medicine PPT | Modern Medicine Slideshare - VVFIT

  1. 1. Modern Medicine PPT | Modern Medicine Slideshare – Modern Medicine Definition | Modern Medicine Meaning Modern Medicine these days is recognized by the name VVFIT. It is a Telemedicien Network and Health & Medical IoT.
  2. 2. Modern Medicine Clinical Trials Modern Medicine makes use of latest technologies and id dependent on clinical trials. Only trial based results are acceptable in Modern medicine.
  3. 3. Advantages of Modern Medicine • US FDA or USFDA is the authority in the US which approves drugs or modern medicine for use. The standards set by it are followed by all other countries of the world. Thus, people find it reliable. • Its easily available everywhere
  4. 4. Modern Medicine vs Traditional Medicine Both have their own utility at their places. Besides it also depends upon suitability. To some individuals Modern suit while to others its traditional.
  5. 5. Disadvantages of Modern medicine • It works on symptoms and not known to work to cure fully by many alternative medicine professionals • It has to be prescribed by Doctors. Majority of it are not over the counter drugs.
  6. 6. Modern medicine vs Ayurveda • Modern Medicine has many side effects which are adverse while ayurveda is natural therapy. • Ayurveda is slow to show its impact while modern medicine provides fast relief. • Some people fear modern medicine but feel safer with ayurveda as its natural. • Modern medicine has treatment of many advanced symptoms while ayurveda has limited scope of treatment.
  7. 7. Modern Medicine Price Its prices are from moderate to exorbitant. It may get out of approach of some patients or beneficiaries.
  8. 8. Modern Medicine Innovation There have been maximum of innovation in these as compared to other types of drugs and therapies and is fully regulated by the US FDA.
  9. 9. Modern Medicine vs Natural Treatment Modern Medicine can give immediate results but may have adverse side effects on the higher side, as the notion has established. Higher profitability can be achieved by practitioners from this segment of medicine.
  10. 10. Modern Medicine in Dentistry Modern medicine is most popular in dentistry and it has fewest of alternatives in dentistry.
  11. 11. Modern Medicine and Telemedicine As most modern medicinal drugs and other forms are on prescription a verified telemedicine practitioner is always handy to get medicines prescribed anytime after online consultation.
  12. 12. Father of Modern medicine Hippocrates, who lived about during 400 BC, is known as the father of modern medicine. He described many ailments and their treatment in a scientific or systematic way in his more than 70 books, after making meticulous or close observations.
  13. 13. Modern Medicine Research More often than not, researchers need to screen thousands of compounds to find the few that are really effective. Now, researchers can use computer based simulation targets to design a chemical structure for that, telling the chemists as to what compounds and structures should be synthesized in order to narrow the scope of screening.
  14. 14. Modern Medicine and Pharmaceuticals After completing the Phase-III clinical trial, the pharmaceutical company submits a listing application to the drug regulatory department. Then the drug regulatory department organizes an expert appraisal.