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Manual and faq

  1. 1. no right brain left behindmanual and | facebook | twitter | linkedin | SlideShare
  2. 2. m a n ua l a n d faQS Greetings Teams, This document will cover the main points of the process for the challenge. You will find tips on how to get set up before the challenge, details on what will be happening during the challenge, and what will be happening after. You will also find FAQs that will answer some of your questions. There will be a total of 4 documents available to you during this challenge: 1. Process Instructions and FAQs 2. WordPress Posting Instructions 3. Assignment Brief 4. Intelligence Brief All documents will be available to download from the Brief Section of our site. We have done our best to cover all relevant questions and answers here. If we missed something, give us a shout on Twitter with #NRBLB and we’ll do our best to answer. Good Luck - NRBLB Team
  3. 3. before the challenge A point person Plan for it We suggest that you have a person on your team who will Plan on how, when, and with whom you will be working. be responsible for managing your team page through the You will be moving fast so make sure you set up a project WordPress site. plan for the challenge week. A tip is to assign duties and responsibilities from day one, and end each meeting with task assignments so no one Get familiar with WordPress comes empty handed to the next one. The site is built on WordPress, which is Feel free to use collaborative tools like Google Docs, Skype, one of the largest publishing platforms online. and Basecamp, especially if you will work remotely. It will allow you to easily upload your ideas and thoughts without interfering with other teams during the challenge. Please have at least one of your members familiarize them- Get prepared with the Intelligence Brief selves with the process for WordPress. It’s quite easy - take Our planning team has worked hard to make you smart a look at the WordPress instructions document if you are fast. We have compiled leading theories, thoughts, and not familiar with it already. examples in the area of creative education. Take advantage of the Intelligence Brief and make sure you and your team understand the background and the initiatives in it. Your Team Page on The Intelligence Brief and Assignment Brief will be avail- You will be getting a user name and a login to the Word- able to download from the Brief section on our site. Press site. As you login for the first time, make sure you change your password in the User’s section. The User’s Section will also allow you to update your profile with your team members’ names, your background, and more. If you are from an agency or company, please keep the name under which you signed up. If you are friends or come from different companies, please make up a new name. NOTE: In order for your team to show up in the Teams sections on the site, you need to post something first. We encourage this first post to be a greeting to the rest of us in the form of text or a picture.
  4. 4. during the challenge The Assignment Brief Media - Help us understand your idea better by upload- ing visuals or comps with your idea. It’s up to you how Our planning team will condense the assignment and polished you would like your visuals to be. direction for you in a one page brief. Use this brief to guide your work towards your final ideas. This brief also will also include the main criteria for the Share your progress selection of shortlist ideas and winning ideas. During the challenge, we encourage you to upload pictures, post quotes, text, and other media for everyone else to follow your progress, and see how you’re working. As all Live Briefing posts, they will need to be moderated first to make sure it’s Please attend the live briefing at JWT NYC on Monday, the right format and looks nice, but don’t worry, we’ll get it February 7th if you can. It will be streaming live on our site up there. as well. If you want to upload a Progress post, you need to check Should you miss it, it will be available for you to view at a the Progress box in the categories before uploading it. later time on the site. Questions to us during the challenge Your communication with us via email will be limited to timing in detail 7 important operational issues only. If you have a question about the challenge or the assignment brief, tweet it with February #NRBLB and our team will do their best to respond. Intelligence Brief and Assignment Brief pub- lished 7 Submission Format February, 5 p.m. est Please follow the requested submission format. If your submissions are longer, we can not guarantee them being Live Briefing 14 shortlisted or read by the judging panel due to the sheer volume of submissions we are expecting. February, 12 a.m. est Title - Name your idea. This should be 140 characters max Submission of final ideas Excerpt - This is your elevator pitch. Explain your idea in 50 21 words max, without over-selling it. February Description - This is a more detailed description of your idea Shortlist unveiled. People’s Choice voting starts if needed. Please keep it to 500 words max to get your point 7 across. Be brief and intentional in your description and cover off only the most important points. March Winning ideas and runners-up presented
  5. 5. after the challenge Idea Selection process Piloting We are currently working with various partners to see how Shortlisting / Feb. 14 - Feb. 21 we can best bring the winning ideas to life. We will make After you submit your ideas at the end of the challenge, we sure to keep you in the loop of our progress via email as we will start our shortlisting process. We will shortlist ideas go along. that are most on brief and fulfill the assignment criteria. Of course, we are always interested in hearing your good There will be one WildCard idea that will move to the next thoughts and suggestions for the piloting stage and how round. The WildCard will be determined by the amount of we can make the ideas happen. If you have any, do let us votes it receives. know. Final judging round / Feb 21 - Feb 25 You will be notified via email when the shortlist is up on the site. At this time, judges will start their selection process. People’s Choice / Feb. 21 to Feb. 25 In addition to the 3 winning ideas picked by the judges, we will award a People’s Choice award to the most voted on idea on the shortlist. We encourage you to come back to the site and vote for the People’s Choice award during the final judging round.
  6. 6. freQuently aSked QueStionS Can I participate by myself or do When will you be taking the I need a team? idea into pilot? Yes, you can participate by yourself. However, we highly We will fine-tune the winning ideas in March and move into advise that you gather a well-rounded team around you. pilot prep in April. We are currently working with various partners on how to best approach the pilot stage. How do you want the ideas presented? You can submit your ideas in all text, with images, a video, How many ideas can my team submit? or as a presentation. Visuals are always helpful in convey- As many as you would like. However, please focus on qual- ing an idea. ity over quantity. How will the ideas be evaluated? If my idea is ready before Saturday, At the end of the challenge, all ideas will be vetted for how can I post it? interesting, realistic, and on brief they are. Bottom line: are Yes you can. All ideas that are posted will be collected for they what we asked for and what is needed? the first round selection. The earlier you post your idea, The brief will have criteria of what we will look for. the more chance it has of getting most votes from users, and hence more chance to move into the next round as a WildCard. By when do you need to see my final idea? Deadline for submissions is February 14th, 12 A.M EST What do we mean by “submitting an idea?” When you upload your idea to the site, along with any visu- When will we see the shortlist? als, and tag it with Idea in the category, we will consider February 21st. You will be notified that the shortlist is up on this your submission. You are welcome to edit it until the the site via email and Twitter. submission deadline on February 14th midnight EST.
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