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How robots will change 9 key sectors by 2021. Invento presentation-World Bank


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This is a presentation I delivered to World Bank employees on Jun 6 2018. I will talk about 9 key sectors - including healthcare and banking that will be disrupted by the upcoming robotics revolution.

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How robots will change 9 key sectors by 2021. Invento presentation-World Bank

  2. 2. On Mitra
  4. 4. Will robots become a reality?
  5. 5. Key applications will depend on real world knowledge and understanding how it can be ported to robots.
  6. 6. 1. Banks becomes a financial mall.
  7. 7. Hi there. Welcome! Face detection Demographic identification Mitra. Need a new business loan. Conversation engine Speech recognition Sure. Let me take your id. After scanning the docs with Mitra… I got all your docs scanned. Thanks! Let me walk you to my manager… Autonomous navigation….
  8. 8. 2. Offices get automation.
  9. 9. Problem Statement Office Reception areas are highly inefficient in space and time. It takes a lot of time to check a guest in, the desk takes up a lot of space and there is very little analytics done with the treasure trove of people information collected. Provides a poor user experience and inconsistent with the huge expense made in ambience. Key tools Facial recognition Guest database on-prem Natural Language Processing Security patrolling Multilingual guest welcoming Key industries IT campuses Corporate offices Banks Government offices Workflow Face recognition Host alert Host approval Conversation Print pass Guest engagement system SMS Host sends their guest a unique link MGES records face from cam and learns. On guest arrival host gets alert. If host approves pass is printed.
  10. 10. Conferencing and communication Food delivery to your desk Consult on key HR related issues Guest Management Waste collection and management Security patrolling
  11. 11. 3. Theaters and Malls
  12. 12. Problem Statement Shoppers often need guidance to purchase complex products. Retailers lack critical data about the customers. Interactions with sales folks are non-contextual and dumb. Customer engagement is often poor and leaves out sales on the table. Key tools Facial recognition Recommendation engine Natural Language Processing Security patrolling Multilingual guest welcoming Key industries General purpose retailers. Appliance retailers. Speciality retailers. Malls. Workflow Face recognition Product info Recommendations Conversations Analytics Smart Malls ERP Shopper face is recognised and if the shopper is new given the loyalty form. Conversations on product happens Mitra take the shopper to the desired aisle.
  13. 13. MITRA, WHAT MOVIES DO YOU RECOMMEND? We have a new Akshay hit that you might like
  14. 14. Vijay bhai. Welcome to Japan. We have a new caramel flavoured popcorn. You might like to try it.
  15. 15. Ms Rachel, you might like our new vegetarian delight! Sure! Sounds amazing! RECOMMENDATIONS BASED ON MACHINE LEARNING
  16. 16. Miss, this brown coat might fit your better. Do you want to see how this would look with that black pants?
  17. 17. 4. Events go immersive.
  18. 18. 5. Hospitals.
  19. 19. Problem Statement Hospitals are crowded and lack human touch - staff tend to be rude. No one has time to explain things. Routine data collection from patients is done by doctors or trained professionals - expensive. Top hospitals receive patients speaking a variety of languages. Real time disease analytics doesn’t happen. Key tools Facial recognition Guest database on-prem Natural Language Processing Security patrolling Multilingual guest welcoming Key industries Multi-speciality hospitals. Clinics. Corporate health centers. Health camps. Workflow Face recognition Patient registration Symptoms Questions about the visit Analytics Smart Hospitals ERP Patient face is recognised and if the patient is new given the registration form. Patient is offered water. Questions on their visit is asked and recorded.
  20. 20. 6. Smart cities and governance.
  21. 21. Problem Statement Security in a high trafficked areas are slow to react to trouble - from terrorism to sexual abuse to thefts. CCTV cameras are passive. Citizens in smart cities need to access multiple government services easily in malls and other public areas. Need to provide information assistance to tourists, elderly visitors. Key tools Security patrolling Facial recognition Criminal/offender database Natural Language Processing Citizen data services/assistance in multiple languages. Key industries Smart cities Workflow Smart Cities Project 1. Mitra moves around autonomously patrolling. 2. Face recognition to identify serial offenders and suspicious persons. 3. Citizens can ask for questions - answers in voice, video and images.
  22. 22. Automated patrolling
  23. 23. Hello Mr. Hanks. Good to see you at KIA Mitra! Thank you. Here is my Aadhar card. Thank you. CUSTOMER CHECKIN WITH FACE AND QR CODE
  24. 24. Security guard at night Conversational customer assistant in the day
  25. 25. 7. Smart Schools.
  26. 26. 8. Disaster rescue.
  27. 27. 9. Elderly care.
  28. 28. Getting medical care Cooking food Entertainment Communication Security Lifting and bringing items
  29. 29. We cannot look at future from the prism of today. We cannot look at technology merely from the prism of jobs.
  30. 30. Internet of Robotic Things Cloud solutions - data collection and management with AI tools delivered through robots.