Step-By-Step Home Care Marketing for 2014 - The BIG Lead Generators


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Step-By-Step Home Care Marketing for 2014 - The BIG Lead Generators

  1. 1. Home Care and Assisted Living Marketing: Step-By-Step Home Care Marketing for 2014 - The BIG Lead Generators Valerie VanBooven RN BSN LTC Expert Publications Copyright 2014 LTCEP
  2. 2. Agenda • The best home care marketing strategies for 2014. • The best way to generate leads for home care in 2014 (more than one!!) • Step-by-Step tasks that will generate more visibility, buzz and leads for your home care agency. • Both online and offline home care marketing strategies. • The most important online accounts YOU should be
  3. 3. The best home care marketing strategies for 2014. 1. Online Marketing Strategies. 2. Offline Marketing Strategies. 3. Blending the two together.
  4. 4. Online Marketing Strategies 1. Website 2. Content- Organic Results 3. Call-to-Action 4. PPC? 5. Authority Sites (content and links) 6. Social Media 7. Reviews 8. Newsletters
  5. 5. Your Website!
  6. 6. Your Website!
  7. 7. Your Website Content!
  8. 8. What is GREAT Content? • 500 words plus photos. • Unique - not copied from others. • About your niche. • About your community.
  9. 9. This is what content / blog posting does for your website.
  11. 11. Do You Need Google Adwords? That depends…. • Challenges • Benefits • Cost • Secrets
  12. 12. Be the Local Authority • What is an authority site? • How do you become the authority on elder care issues in your area? • What is a backlink? • Why are backlinks important?
  13. 13. What About Franchise Owners? • Solutions for business owners who cannot change their websites (much) • Content • Authority Sites • Social Media
  14. 14. Important Social Media Accounts 1. 2. 3. THATs IT!
  15. 15. Reviews- YES It’s Important • What you should NOT Do. • What you should DO. • Sites that make sense for senior services.
  16. 16. Is it all worth it? Track it, Track it, Track it. Every form, every phone call should be tracked and recorded. Leads vs. Employment vs. Wrong Number vs Solicitations
  17. 17. Monthly Newsletter • Avoiding follow-up failure. • Automated • Everyone on your list • Analytics traffic goes WAY up.
  18. 18. Offline Marketing • In-Person Networking • Print Ads • Sponsorships • Radio Ads
  19. 19. Combining Online and Offline • Every offline event is an online announcement! • Every connection with an email address should be added to your newsletter list. • Every contact should be sent follow up emails. • Every radio ad can be used as an MP3. • Every TV ad can be used as a video on your blog/Youtube.
  20. 20. Step-By-Step 1. Plan your offline activities for 60 days. (events, networking, offline ads) 2. Plan your content for 60 days. (Editorial calendar) 3. Post weekly at a minimum. 4. Use keywords. 5. Use photos. 6. Get help.
  21. 21. Get Help? Q. I’m friends with a guy/gal in my local chamber group who does seo and websites. Should I use him/her?
  22. 22. Get Help? 1. Have they ever worked with a home care agency? 2. Do they understand the needs of the adult child of the aging parent? 3. Have they personally experienced elder care issues? 4. Are they going to provide weekly content? 5. Do they know what Google Authorship is, and will they implement that for you? 6. Do they have access to elder care authority sites where they can post articles for you? 7. Do they REALLY know what keywords are correct for home care? (hint, not necessarily “home care”.)
  23. 23. Get Real Help 888-404-1513 Instant pricing and information. (and a smart conversation about your real needs vs your budget vs doing nothing at all)