What can i see. final


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What can i see. final

  1. 1. LooseConnectiveTissueTissue betweenorgans or tissuesand is elastic.
  2. 2. (35 ©)AdiposeTissue thatsurrounds organsand protects aspadding (coversstructures likekidneys).
  3. 3. (36 ©)ReticularHelps fight againstmicroorganisms,and is “theframework of thespleen, lymphnodes, and bonemarrow” (10).
  4. 4. Dense Regular (37 ©)FibrousThe collagenousfibers that make upthe tissue are set inparallel rows.Structures madefrom this fibrousare strong yetflexible (10).
  5. 5. Dense irregular (35 ©)FibrousNot arranged inparallel rows,“form the stronginner skin layercalled the dermis”(10).
  6. 6. BoneOne of the structures composing theskeleton of a vertebrate. The hardconnective tissue forming thesubstance of the skeleton of mostvertebrates, composed of a collagen-rich organic matrix impregnated withcalcium, phosphate, and otherminerals
  7. 7. Hyaline Cartilage Hyaline cartilage is a type of body tissue,also called gristle. It is shiny, slippery, firm,translucent, and bluish-gray in color. Hyalinecartilage is simple in structure, with no nerves orblood vessels. It has high elasticity and helpscushion and protect bones. The word hyalinecomes from the Greek for glassy, and refers to thetranslucence of the tissue.
  8. 8. FibrocartilageFibrocartilage is a type of cartilage which is veryrich in type I collagen, and found in areas such asthe meniscus of the knee, the pubic symphysis,and the vertebral discs. This type of cartilage isespecially strong and durable, so it appears inareas where these traits are needed.
  9. 9. Elastic CartilageElastic cartilage is histologically similar to hyalinecartilage but contains many yellow elastic fiberslying in a solid matrix. These fibers form bundlesthat appear dark under a microscope. These fibersgive elastic cartilage great flexibility so that it isable to withstand repeated bending
  10. 10. BloodBlood is a specialized bodily fluid in animals thatdelivers necessary substances such as nutrientsand oxygen to the cells and transports metabolicwaste products away from those same cells.