WDNT Agreement 1.0


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WDNTL Player Agreement for attending the 2013 Women's World Cup Lacrosse

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WDNT Agreement 1.0

  1. 1. WDNT  Agreement  This   agreement   lays   out   and   clarifies   mutual   expectations   between   the   SNT,   coaching   staff   and   the  player.  Coaching  Staff  consists  of     • Kate  Okrasinski,  Head  Coach   • Rick  van  Kruchten,  Ass.  Head  Coach  /  Strength     and  conditioning  Coach   • Rick  van  Niekerk,  Ass.  Head  Coach  /  Goalie  Coach      Congratulations  you  have  received  an  agreement  By  receiving  this  agreement  you  are  being  offered  an  opportunity  to  be  a  player  on  the  WDNT  Roster.  By  signing   this   contract   you   will   be   representing   the   Stichting   Nederlands   Team   (SNT),   Women’s   Dutch  National  Team  (WDNT)  and  Dutch  lacrosse  in  general.  As  a  player  of  the  WDNT  Roster  you  agree  to  the  obligations  and  rights  as  stated  in  this  agreement.      Why  do  I  have  to  sign  an  agreement  to  be  a  part  of  the  WDNT?  Being   part   of   the   WDNT   brings   a   set   of   mutual   expectations,   rights   and   obligations.   Signing   the  agreement   is   the   process   whereby   both   parties   ensure   that   these   mutual   expectations,   rights   and  obligations  are  understood  and  agreed  to.  I  have  been  offered  an  agreement,  am  I  on  the  team?  By  being  offered  and  signing  this  agreement  you  are  on  the  WDNT  Roster.  The  WDNT  roster  is  a  group  of   maximal   22   players   of   which   18   players   will   be   selected   for   the   team.   The   team   is   a   group   of   18  players   who   will   participate   in   WDNT   events   and   tournaments   such   as   the   2013   Women’s   Lacrosse  World  Cup  in  Oshawa,  Canada.  The  remaining  4  players  are  called  the  Roster  Reserve.  They  are  not  on  the   team   but   are  next   in   line   for   the   team   should   a   player   previously   selected   for   the   team   no   longer   be  available.    By  being  offered  this  agreement  the  coaching  staff  believes  that  you  have  what  it  takes  to  be  a  part  of  the   selected   WDNT   team.   Your   status   will   be   either   Team   Status   or   Roster   Reserve   and   is   not   yet  determined.    Once  a  status  has  been  assigned,  the  coaching  staff  has  the  right  to  change  the  status  of  a  player  from  Roster  Reserve  to  Team  Status  and  but  also  vice  versa.  A  player  with  Team  Status  can  be  reassigned  to  Roster  Reserve  if,  in  the  view  of  the  coaching  staff,  any  of  the  following  criteria  apply:     1. If   an   injury,   in   the   opinion   of   the   coaching   staff   and/or   the   team’s   medical   staff/advisor,   prevents  a  player  from  playing  (safely)  in  the  upcoming  tournament,    
  2. 2. 2. If  insufficient  commitment/interest/availability  of/from  the  player  is  noted  by  the  coaching  staff.   The  player  will  first  be  given  an  opportunity  to  explain  her  situation  and  redress  the  issue.    If  in   the   opinion   of   the   coaching   staff   there   continues   to   be   insufficient/interest/availability   the   staff   has  the  right  to  change  the  status  to  Reserve  Roster  without  further  notice.   3. If   a   player   fails   to   meet   and   continues   to   fail   to   meet   the   expected   standards   of   progress   and/or   performance  required  by  the  coaching  staff  then  the  coaching  staff  has  the  right  to  change  the   status  of  the  player.  Every  player  will  be  given  specific  points  to  work  on  (progress)  and  will  be   given  a  training  plan  with  stated  standards  for  physical  performance.       4. If   a   player   displays,   in   the   judgment   of   the   coaching   staff,   and   continues   to   display   behavior   not   in  line  with  a  professional  sports  attitude  or  behavior  having  a  negative  impact  on  the  team,  the   coaching  staff  has  the  right  to  alter  the  status  of  the  player  in  question.  The  player  will  first  be   given   an   opportunity   to   explain   her   situation   and   redress   the   issue.     If,   in   the   opinion   of   the   coaching   staff,   there   continues   to   be   insufficient/interest/availability   the   staff   has   the   right   to   change  the  status  to  Reserve  Roster  without  further  notice.    When  will  I  know  if  I  am  on  the  team?    By   being   offered   and   signing   this   agreement   you   are   a   part   of   the   WDNT   Roster.   The   final   WDNT   Roster  of  22  players  will  be  announced  after  the  second  try  out  in  April  as  well  as  the  status  of  each  team  player  (18)  or  reserve  roster  (4).  At  this  point  the  coaching  staff  will  provide  each  roster  member  with  personal  feedback.      When  will  the  final  team  be  announced?              Current  planning  is  on  the  299h  April.  I  am  on  the  reserve  roster,  what  does  this  mean?  As   a   player   with   a   reserve   roster   status   you   can   be   asked   to   replace   a   player   who   has   had   the   status  changed   to   reserve   roster.   A   reserve   roster   has   a   valuable   status   within   the   final   WDNT   Roster.   The  reserve   roster   player   is   in   the   group   of   4   players   who   are   candidates   for   joining   the   team.   The   choice   of  candidate   is   dependent   on   the   playing   qualities/position   of   the   team   player   being   replaced.   A   reserve  roster  player  is  a  full  member  of  the  WDNT  Roster,  but  must  take  into  account  that  as  long  as  she  has  the  reserve  roster  status  she  will  not  be  a  part  of  the  team  going  to  the  2013  Women’s  Lacrosse  World  Cup  in  Oshawa,  Canada.    A  reserve  roster  player  has  the  right  to  refuse  if  offered  team  status.    In  this  case  another  reserve  roster  player  will  be  chosen.    A  reserve  roster  player  who  refuses  loses  her  reserve  roster  status  for  the  2013  Women’s   Lacrosse   World   Cup   is   Oshawa,   Canada.   She   can   try   out   for   the   WDNT   Roster   in   any   future  event.    
  3. 3.  How  long  do  I  have  to  sign  this  agreement?  You  have  48  hours  to  sign  the  agreement  which  guarantees  that  you  will  be  taken  up  into  the  roster.  If  you  sign  later  than  48  hours  then  you  will  be  taken  up  into  the  roster  provided  there  are  positions  still  available.  Potential  Players  may  be  offered  a  position  on  the  roster  at  any  time.  In  general,  the  coaching  staff  will  communicate   who   has   been   offered   a   roster   position   and   who   has   accepted   unless   there   are   specific  reasons  to  withhold  this  information.          What  if  we  do  not  have  a  final  WDNT  Roster  count  of  22?  The   coaching   staff   of   the   WDNT   and   the   SNT   has   the   right   to   add   any   players   in   possession   of   the   Dutch  nationality.  Any  such  player  being  invited  to  be  on  the  roster  will  sign  this  agreement  and  will  therefor  have  the  same  rights  and  obligations.  Attendance   of   the   tournament   is   in   general   geared   to   improving   Dutch   lacrosse.   The   extent   to   which  such  a  player  can  help  improve  Dutch  lacrosse  may  be  a  selection  factor.    I  have  been  offered  an  agreement;  do  I  have  to  participate  in  funding  activities?  Yes.  As  a  part  of  the  final  WDNT  Roster  you  are  expected  to  participate  and  initiate  funding  activities  for  the  WDNT.  Your  funding  efforts  will  be  an  essential  part  of  participating  in  this  program  and  will  enable  us  to  participate  in  the  2013  Women’s  Lacrosse  World  Cup  in  Oshawa,  Canada.  The  funding  efforts  will  be  led  by  the  SNT.    I  am  a  part  of  the  final  WDNT  Roster  but  I  am  not  selected  for  the  team,  what  will  happen  to  the  funds  I  helped  raise?  The  funds  you  helped  raise  for  the  team  will  go  to  the  WDNT  Development  Program  (which  in  turn  helps  fund  participation  in  the  World  Cup).  I  have  been  offered  an  agreement;  do  I  have  to  participate  in  organizing  activities?  Yes.  As  someone  on  the  Roster  you  may  be  asked  to  participate  in  the  organization  according  to  your  specific  skills.  You  will  also  be  expected  to  act  as  an  ambassador  for  the  team  when  needed.    Players  Fees  Players  will  be  asked  to  contribute  a  players  fee.  The  players’  fee  will  not  exceed  1500  euros.    
  4. 4. Players   will   also   be   asked   to   participate   in/carry   out   funding   activities   in   order   to   raise   an   amount  equivalent  to  1500  euros  per  player.  If  a  player  can  raise  more  than  1500  euros  in  funding    (separate  to  1500  players  fees)  then  any  amount  raised   above   1500   euros   will   be   brought   reduction   on   her   players   fees.   Hence,   a   player   who   raises   3000  euros   (for   example)   will   no   longer   have   to   contribute   any   players   fees.   Where   multiple   players   are  engaged  in  a  particular  fund  raising  effort  it  will  be  agreed  upfront  how  the  funds  will  be  attributed  to  players.  If  a  player  wishes  to  directly  contribute  3000  euros  then  she  is  freed  from  any  fundraising  activities  if  she  so   desires.   1500   euros   will   be   considered   as   players’   fees   and   1500   euros   will   be   considered   as   funds  raised.  Cancellation  Due  to  Insufficient  Funding  If   insufficient   funds   are   raised   to   fund   the   trip   then   players   will   be   returned   (at   least)   90%   of   their  players’   fees   within   14   days   of   the   decision   not   to   participate.   The   decision   as   to   whether   funds   are  sufficient   or   not   lies   with   the   SNT.   At   the   SNT’s   discretion   players   may   be   offered   the   opportunity   to  make  up  the  funding  difference  however  no  player  is  obligated  to  do  so  and  her  position  in  the  team  will  not  be  jeopardized  if  she  decides  not  to  do  so.  Any  funds  raised  by  players  will  not  be  returned  but  will  go  towards  the  WDNT  Development  Program.  I   am   a   part   of   the   final   WDNT   Roster   but   I   am   not   selected   for   the   team,   what   will   happen   to   any  player  fees  I  might  have  paid  in  the  process?    Only   team   players   are   required   to   pay   player’s   fees.   If   a   player’s   status   is   changed   from   team   to   reserve  roster  status  or  if  she  is  no  longer  on  the  WDNT  roster  then  any  fees  she  has  paid  will  be  returned  within  14   days.   A   player   with   reserve   roster   status   who   is   changed   to   team   status   must   pay   the   players   fee  within  14  days.    I  am  no  longer  on  the  WDNT  Roster  what  will  happen  to  any  player  fees  I  might  have  paid  or  funds  I  may  have  raised  in  the  process?    Any   players’   fees   you   may   have   paid   will   be   refunded   to   you   within   14   days.   Any   funds   that   you   may  have  raised  will  go  to  the  WDNT  Development  Program.  If  you  are  in  the  possession  of  any  monies  from  fundraising  activities  you  agree  to  pay  them  to  the  SNT  within  14  days.  I  was  a  part  of  the  final  WDNT  roster  but  I  am  not  selected  for  the  team,  what  does  this  mean?      Once  the  team  has  set  out  to  Canada  there  are  no  longer  any  rights  associated  with  that  of  being  on  the  reserve  roster.    For  any  other  questions  specific  to  your  situation  please  contact  the  coaching  staff.