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Vuuch introduction & demo brainshark


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Vuuch introduction & demo brainshark

  1. 1. Vuuch Introduction & DemoThe power of social @ work Chris Williams
  2. 2. Improving Team Performance To deliver on time and budget a project team must be efficient in how they create, manage and interact Create Manage InteractVUUCH The power of social @ work
  3. 3. Project Teams Need A Better Way Manual methods are killing performance Create Manage InteractVUUCH The power of social @ work
  4. 4. The Manual Project List Design teams create project lists that track items for each part of the product Email, team meetings and heroic effort are used to keep everything on trackVUUCH The power of social @ work
  5. 5. Vuuch Enterprise Social Software A Solution that connects people based on what they are working on Create Content, people and activity Manage Capable of being embedded in any application Interact Vuuch Enterprise Social System  Improve awareness & synchronization  Coordinate action  Capture knowledge (lessons learned)  Report status  Protect intellectual property  Across a distributed teamVUUCH The power of social @ work
  6. 6. Vuuch Embraces Lists People Whos Activities responsible and Are the things who’s involved the team needs to track and complete Pages Represent the items that are being deliveredVUUCH The power of social @ work
  7. 7. GPS Redesign Team Using Vuuch Manager Designer Purchasing Vendor Track design issues for a specific part (CAD file)  Design engineering working directly from their design application Roll up a detailed project status  Use a product structure to evaluate a real-time understanding of the GPS redesign  High-level understanding of everything I’m involved with Track issues for a specification  Manage design issues related to a specification Connect the details to the project plan  Roll everything up to the Microsoft Project planVUUCH The power of social @ work
  8. 8. Thank YouVUUCH The power of social @ work