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Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services


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Business Profile

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Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services

  1. 1. Business Profile Growing SMEs & building next generation businesses Social conscience – Environmental sustainability – technologically adeptMzilakatha Strategic Management Services (Pty Ltd) is a professional firm specializing inadvising companies on areas of strategic importance and ancillary services.
  2. 2. 1. The Company Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services (Pty) Ltd is a wholly Black-owned and managed South African management consultancy. It is a new breed of small and niche focused strategic management consulting firm. The business was founded by Vusi Ndala, a revenue specialist, marketer, entrepreneur and strategist, following 15 years of corporate experience spanning media (radio, television, newspapers and magazines), State-Owned-Enterprises, consumer electronics, events management, Non-Government Sector and design and production industries. He is a strategist, sales and revenue specialist by profession. The business was born out of an entrepreneurial vision, passion and drive for excellence to develop sustainable businesses and growth of SMEs in South Africa by providing strategic management and ancillary services. South Africa’s economic growth, let alone that of Africa as a continent hinges upon the development of small- medium size businesses. Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services is at the centreMzilakatha Strategic Management Services (Pty) Ltd of assisting SMEs and mature businesses to achieve their growth potential and improve operations and financial performance in order to achieve competitive advantage in their respective industries and sectors. We are a multi-disciplinary professional management firm specializing in advising companies on areas of strategic importance and ancillary services. The former entails business growth and expansion, organisation development, development of business plans, business operations support and corporate governance. Ancillary services comprise sales, marketing & promotions, facilitation services, fundraising for NGOs and sourcing of sponsorships for events. We understand the many challenges facing businesses in today’s fast-paced and competitive climate. We understand because our associates have owned or currently head-up their own successful businesses. Our team of well-trained professional staff, associates and partners are firmly committed to their profession, dedicated to providing service of good quality and high standard to our clients with integrity, honesty, professionalism and dignity at costs that are effective and competitive in the market. We place business growth, improvement, efficiency and sustainability at the forefront of our professional service. We strive to meet our clients’ needs and to improve businesses through sustainable utilization of resources and excellent services. We can help your business to:  Transform into an innovative market leader ahead of its competitors  Generate revenue from existing and new sources  Grow and expand into new markets  Cut operational costs, improve operations and achieve efficiencies  Develop, align and streamline processes and systems 2
  3. 3. 2. Value Statements Vision To become Africa’s professional services and management consulting firm recognized for building competitive and sustainable businessesBusiness Growth & Expansion, Organisation Development, Corporate Governance Mission To provide quintessential strategic management services aimed at growing SMEs and develop sustainable businesses in South Africa and beyond by employing the following drivers; - Efficient utilization of our resources for the benefit of our clients - Innovative thought processes, creativity and innovation - Inclusive and participative consulting process - Effective management and leadership - Cost effective professional services - Excellent stakeholder management Values We espouse the principles rooted in our Africanness and centred on Afro-centric values; - Ubuntu (humility) - Respect for human dignity - Creativity and innovation - Passion and drive for excellence - Pledge for professionalism 3
  4. 4. 3. Principal Services The firm offers a suit of professional services through two streams of service clusters, namely, strategic management services and ancillary services. The following is a summary of services that we provide: 1. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SERVICES (i) Business growth and expansion Growing a company takes a lot more than good intentions. A well though-out plan is needed. For any business to grow and to be at the cutting edge of its markets and against competition, a long-term viewFacilitation Services, Sales, Marketing & Promotions of business sustainability is required with integrated facets of business solutions and innovation. With dozens of strategies to choose from, SME owners and managers are required to espouse growth strategies that will put their company on the fast track to growth, and that can be confusing and daunting. Not every growth strategy is appropriate for every small business. The key to finding the right growth strategy is properly matching it to your company and its specific marketplace. Since the wrong strategy can devastate your business, its important to determine whether you are selling new or emerging products in a new or existing market for example. Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services is at the forefront of providing sifted business growth strategies and developing integrated business growth solutions through intelligent, innovative, creative and insightful techniques that empower our clients to successfully grow their businesses. (ii) Organisation Development (OD) Organizational Development has emerged as a key element in the strategic management of change, providing a focus for the cultural and organizational change needed for continuous improvement, aligning systems, culture and activities to the achievement of organizational goals. It enables better use of financial, human and technological resources, fosters a greater sense of organizational purpose and it is therefore more likely to deliver the required performance improvement. At its heart organisational development is about strengthening organisations so that they can better achieve their mission. It’s about organisations being both effective (the extent to which objectives are achieved) and efficient (a measure of how economically resources are converted to results). 4
  5. 5. Our avant-garde approach to OD and change management put us at the cutting-edge of our game through the employment of tailor-made, proven and trusted OD interventions, activities, methods, tools and programmes aimed at sustaining a new desired state that benefits, improve and enhance your business performance. We help you streamline your business functions to ensure that your company works cohesively and moves strategically towards its end goal. (iii) Business Plan Development and Feasibility StudiesBusiness Operations Support, NGO Advisory Services, Events Sponsorship A Business plan is vital for the business both as a strategic tool and operations guide for the enterprise as well as an instrument for sourcing finance. Developing a business plan can be a daunting task if right brainpower is not put into the process. With extensive experience and expertise in developing business plans, Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services provides a turnkey service on assisting business owners and managers to develop sound business plans be it for financing, entering new markets, introducing new products or restructuring. Our service range from developing business plans and conducting feasibility studies for start-ups to helping mature businesses prepare for the next phase of growth. It is our belief that for the business plan to be successfully implemented, owners and managers need to own the process and be involved throughout the development cycle. It is through this principle that our development process involves the participation of the business plan owners from the onset. (iv) Business Operations Support We provide business operations support service to start-ups and existing businesses with temporary day-to-day operations. For start- ups, this service ensures that costs during the project and commercialization phases are minimized. We take the role of project and operations managers while the business/ project is at development stage and/ or ready for launch. This service is offered to provide cushion to management and owners while permanent staffing and other processes are under way, ensuring that systems and processes are in place prior to the launch without incurring exorbitant costs. For existing business, this service may be offered when the business expands by opening new branches, offices, division, new markets and product launches. This approach provides businesses with generous time to focus on key areas of launching the business/ project without spending ridiculous budgets on additional staff or diverting the existing staff to new projects which may compromise productivity on existing business and projects. 5
  6. 6. (v) Corporate Governance Wikipedia defines corporate governance as the set of processes, customs, policies, laws, and institutions affecting the way a corporation (or company) is directed, administered or controlled. Corporate governance also includes the relationships among the many stakeholders involved and the goals for which the corporation is governed. Good corporate governance is the glue that holds together responsible business practices, which ensures positive workplace management,Business Growth & Expansion, Organisation Development, Corporate Governance marketplace responsibility, environmental stewardship, community engagement, and sustained financial performance. Corporations and NGOs are expected to observe and follow corporate governance principles in order to practice corporate citizenship. In South Africa, King (III) Code of governance has become the constitution of commerce. At Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services, we provide advisory services to businesses by demystifying corporate governance and its implication to business sustainability and how this is integrated into the daily business operations. Good corporate governance practices instill in companies the essential vision, processes, and structures to make decisions that ensure longer-term sustainability. 2. ANCILLARY SERVICES (i) Sales Are your sales systems and processes receptive to the response and demands of your existing and potential customer base as well as sales pipeline? Are they effective to deliver the desired sales results? Are they integrated to provide a seamless sales operation? The basis of a thriving sales force hinges upon the design of unyielding systems and processes aligned to the sales strategy as well as pertinent to the enhancement of customer value and communication. The 21st century is for the consumer. It is therefore fitting for businesses to be resilient to customer demands and needs for business growth and sustainability. The evolvement and proliferations of technology and telecommunications is the centre of life for the 21st century consumer and businesses are required to think laterally about their go-to-market and sales strategies, processes and systems. We provide advisory services on the development of sales strategies that entail training, optimization of sales processes and systems for gaining operational efficiencies in order to be resilience to the market by recommending solutions tailor-made to your organization’s requirements. Where required, we undertake the implementation of 6
  7. 7. the sales plan by providing you with sales negotiations support, sales pitches and development of proposals. (ii) Marketing & promotions Marketing and promotion of a company’s product(s) and/ or service(s) plays a critical role in positioning a business and its products to the targeted market segments both existing and new. Strengthening a company’s brand through innovative and creative campaigns enables the business to communicate its offerings in a manner that builds the brand, thus gaining brand awareness and equity. In the long-term this boosts sales efforts and accompanied by good service, generates customer loyalty with the consequent result of growth and sustainable business. As a professional firm stimulated by building sustainable businesses, we offer innovative marketing and promotions services ensuring thatFacilitation Services, Sales, Marketing & Promotions your business gain traction and attract relevant customers for your products and services. (iii) Facilitation of Strategic Conversations Strategic planning, analysis and review are central to organization’s success and sustainability as water is to burgeoning plants and human beings. Strategic plan is the quintessence and DNA of the organisation and fundamental to its shape. It keeps the organization in check and reflects on its reason for existence. It is therefore imperative that owners and managers engage on a strategic conversation that is insightful and valuable to the accomplishment of organization’s strategic goals and objectives. At Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services we espouse the principle that strategic planning shouldn’t be owned by the facilitator, but by the owners and managers of the enterprise. Managers and owners are the custodians of the strategy and the ones see to its implementation. It is through this principle that we believe to a total dedication of owners and managers to the strategic conversation and not be distracted by playing a dual role of facilitator and engager which is counter productive. Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services provides a model with thoughtful, insightful and pioneering strategic conversation facilitation techniques aimed at realization of productive session and conversations. (iv) Advisory Services to Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) Given their non-profit motive, many Non-Government Organisations face difficulty in modeling their structures to be financially self- sustainable. Many NGOs provide community services that nobly contribute to socio-economic development with reliance on third party 7
  8. 8. funding. As a result of this focus, most of them are being run by individuals with commitment and determination, but relatively lack business skills and entrepreneurial flair. At Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services, we provide advisory services to the NGO sector with special focus on fundraising and structural development including but not limited to organisation development, board functioning, corporate governance, financial management, stakeholder management and strategic partnershipBusiness Growth & Expansion, Organisation Development, Corporate Governance development. (v) Sourcing of Events Sponsorships Events provide experiential marketing and branding opportunities for corporates and organizations and therefore are a key marketing platform for organizations. Association with a particular event be it sport and/ or entertainment, through sponsorship, provides branding opportunities and interactivity with existing and potential customers, thus building brand equity and loyalty. Our extensive and solid track record in the events management sector places us in a competitive position to provide cutting-edge sponsorship services to events companies and their stakeholders by raising sponsorships to cover the costs of the events while providing value for money to the sponsors and funders alike. 4. Our Value Proposition Mzilakatha’s value proposition is centred on growing SMEs and developing sustainable and competitive businesses. Our avant-garde consulting approach and ten (10) suit of business offering that involves functional areas that are interconnected bolsters our cutting edge in the provision of professional services. We embrace the business fact that we cannot be everything to every business. Strategic management insight Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services’ partners and associates have over the years occupied senior management positions in the corporate sector both locally and internationally. Some have been in the management consulting business for over 20 years. This is testament to the competency of providing strategic advice to businesses. Over time, we have developed strong relationships with socio-economic policy makers, regulators and other various groups influencing South Africa’s economic direction. The team continuously strives to acquire insight into the macro economic issues affecting the South African economy. We are therefore able to participate pro-actively in developing strategy and giving direction to our clients. 8
  9. 9. Service We are not a traditional consulting business that assemble reports and develop tons of documents for submission to management to implement. But we work with you and your team to implement strategies. We are results driven! We are action orientated! We study a problem and take action. We derive motivation from achieving conspicuous results as anticipated at the beginning of the project. We get delighted when our client derives satisfaction from realizing the desired state of the business. We help our clients to achieve high-performance operations, recognize the difference and a marked improvement in the business. Business Acumen We boast a team of skilled professionals and associates with extensive business management and consulting experience spanning various industries and sectors. We possess a strong sense of business curiosity and payFacilitation Services, Sales, Marketing & Promotions attention to business detail. With such skills composite, the team has well- balanced business management and strategic skills to add value and contribute to the growth and development of SMEs in South Africa and beyond. The team has the high regards of business ethics and embraces the principles of corporate governance. Commitment to socio-economic transformation Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services is a wholly black-owned, controlled and managed professional consulting management firm. By virtue of this ownership and company’s commitment principles to transformation and BBB EE, we take transformation in a serious manner and commit ourselves to contribute to the transformation of South Africa’s economy in our business dealings and offerings. 5. Shareholding and Ownership Shareholding in the company is represented in the table below: Date No % of position franchise business Name ID Number occupied in prior to enterprise Enterprise elections owned VS Ndala Nov-2010 7601175303088 Yes 100% 9
  10. 10. 6. Key Personnel Led by Vusi Ndala as the founder and Managing Director, Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services (Pty) Ltd boasts a team of associates and skilled professionals with a combined corporate and business management experience of over 40 years across various economic sectors and industries. With such skills composite and business expertise, the team is at disposal to offer an avant-garde of professional service for the sustainable growth and development of your business. The strength of Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services lies in pulling together complementary skills of its professional staff. The following are the key senior personnel and associates who have a range of relevant and valuable experience. Vusi Ndala (Founder, Principal Consultant and Managing Director) (B.Admin, UP), (B.Admin (Hons, UP), (M.Admin, UP), (Marketing, Unisa), (Finance, GIBS)Facilitation Services, Sales, Marketing & Promotions He is a revenue specialist, marketer, entrepreneur and strategist with over 14 years of solid corporate experience in marketing, sales, business development, human resources, project management, finance, risk management, market intelligence, trade marketing and promotions and general management in the media (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, State-Owned Enterprises, communications, events management, production, non-government sector and electronics industries. He holds a number of leadership roles and board memberships at various key Non-Government Organizations and professional organizations. He is currently the Deputy Chairperson of the Black Management Forum (BMF) in Gauteng, serves on the Board of Directors of IsiNdebele Lexicography Unit under Pan South African Language Board, serves on the Editorial Board of African Leader (BMF Publication) and served on the Board of Trustees of Siyabuswa Education Improvement & Development Trust between 2002 and 2007. He obtained his Masters degree in Labour Relations Management from the University of Pretoria. He has a B.Admin degree in Public Administration and an Honours degree in Public management under his belt also from the University of Pretoria. He obtained his Finance for Non-Financial Managers with Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in 2007. He also holds numerous certificate programmes including Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from the University of South Africa, Marketing Management and Research, Basic Principles of advertising, Basic Radio Marketing and the creative use of media. 10
  11. 11. Khathu Netshisaulu (Partner & Associate) (BSc, UCT), (MSc, Wits), (MBA, Wits) Khathu Netshisaulu holds a BSc degree from University of Cape Town, and MSc Degree from WITS University, in 1986 and 1989 respectively. He also obtained an MBA degree from WITS University in 1997. He has a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry, having worked in the USA and UK for almost 2 years. He travelled extensively on business including the following countries: USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Thailand. He was also involved in a number of bidding projects in the TelecommunicationBusiness Operations Support, NGO Advisory Services, Events Sponsorship industry, both internationally and locally. He has acquired valuable knowledge of various technologies in the Telecommunication industry, such as GSM, CDMA, DECT, GPRS, EDGE and 3G technologies. Some of the major projects he was involved with are the following: CDMA Wireless Local Loop tender in Sri Lanka (in USA), CDMA vs. GSM Technical analysis (in USA), CDMA Mobile tender in Malaysia (in USA), Involved in the team giving into UMTS standard (in USA), CDMA Wireless Local Loop tender in Pakistan (in USA), and GSM Mobile tender in South Africa. Khathu has more than eight years of consulting experience across various sectors. He is a director of Z-Comms Khathu worked in various other industries such as Energy supplier industry, Banking and process control. His experience includes Key Account Manager, and Head of Account Management, Semi-Conductor Divisional management, Project manager, Demand-side management, and Sales Manager. He also held various Engineering position such as Senior System Analyst, Senior System engineer, Senior Research and Development Engineer, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Support Engineer and Project Engineer. Brian Mbele (Partner & Associate) LLB, LLM, PG Diploma in Cyber Law, Dip. Brian is a corporate and commercial law specialist and founder of Brian Mbele Attorneys. He is the Managing Advisor at Medupe Corporate Law Advisory, a corporate law advisory boutique specializing mainly in corporate and commercial law. He also holds chairmanship positions in Medupe Investment Holdings and Nceda Business Technologies. Brian’s work experience includes holding a position as General Legal Counsel at ArionBomema Technologies (“ABT”), responsible for all legal, company secretarial, and corporate affairs matters. His main duties included the management of the company’s intellectual property portfolio, negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements with the company’s different stakeholders, providing corporate governance guidance to the company’s board, and the provision of general corporate and commercial advice. Brian spent three years with Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc (“CDH”), one of South Africa’s preeminent corporate law firms. At CDH Brian was part of the firm’s mergers and acquisitions team, specialising in energy, mining and 11
  12. 12. telecommunications sectors. He advised companies on general corporate and black economic empowerment transactions. Brian also has experience in compliance and risk management in the financial services sector having advised companies like Transnet, Citigroup, and the Bond Exchange of South Africa. 7. TransformationBusiness Growth & Expansion, Organisation Development, Corporate Governance Realizing the socio economic imperative of South Africa’s Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBB EE), we commit ourselves to adhering to the Employment Equity Act, BBB EE Act and any other social legislation that aims to address South Africa’s economic imbalances. Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services is wholly black-owned and embraces the principles of economic development among the previously disadvantaged individual as contained in the Employment Equity Act. Transformation is at the centre of our professional and business services. We aim to be the catalyst in the transformation of industries we operate in. We embrace the principle of gender equality and are committed to balance our staff complement to represent the population demographics and the community we serve. Women, people with disabilities and youth empowerment and development are at the top of our business agenda. 12
  13. 13. 8. Contact Details Business Name: Mzilakatha Strategic Management Services (Pty) Ltd Business Address: 34 Acacia Street West Noordwyk 1687Business Operations Support, NGO Advisory Services, Events Sponsorship Postal address: PO Box 2601 The Reeds 0158 Telephone and Fax: Tel/Mobile: 072 254 1622 Fax: 086 566 4796 Email Address: Website: (under construction) 13