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Introduction to Ambassadors eTwinning challenges workshop


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Includes the framework of Improvs and challenges

Published in: Education
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Introduction to Ambassadors eTwinning challenges workshop

  1. 1. WorkshopPersonas i eTwinning
  2. 2. Who am I?! Riina from Finland!   First training: teacher in Finland, studying abroad (exchange and postgraduate studies) e.g. hypermedia, web, research, Doctoral ( 09)!   2000-2011 in European Schoolnet as Senior Research Analyst and Project Manager!   2012 -> Free agent: part time in-house expert in European Schoolnet/CSS!   TODAY: YOUR WORKSHOP FACILITATOR
  3. 3. Outline (12.45 – 16.00) Goal: Ambassadors creating strategies and a “tool kit” for •  activating existing eTwinners (persona work) and •  recruiting new ones (invisible eTwinners + new) Introduction •  Improv activitiesDesign challenge 1: •  What are eTwinning personas ?What are the most efficient Design challenge 2:strategies to engage each What are the most efficient strategies forpersona in eTwinning? invisible eTwinners and the ones who do not know about eTwinning yet?
  4. 4. About today’s method Use design-thinking framework to innovate new ideas in groups. Engage in inprov activities to accelerate meaningful collaboration that results in tangible action plans.Improv activities = Improvisational method of achieving cooperation Design thinking is a creative process based around the "building up" of ideas. Source:
  5. 5. Improv goalsTo give participants tools to collaborateduring the workshop—new ways of beingtogether !  To help see that they individually don’t have to have!  To have them experience “Yes, “The Amazing Idea”, it can be And…” as a technique to discovered together achieve this. To build trust within their groups source:
  6. 6. Tenets of improv Suspend judgment. Stay present—evaluate later. !   Make your partner look Be flexible, be open. brilliant. Build on what they say (“Yes, ..”) !  Build on what you receive. Connect Look for connection/ and move forward WITH your partner. (“and…”) what you can accept• •  source: Improv
  7. 7. Improv 1: Name gestures
  8. 8. What are eTwinning personas?
  9. 9. What are personas ?Different meanings (!   a "character" of a theatrical performance, stage name!   in psychology: a mask or appearance one presents to the world!   in marketing: represents a group of customers so that the company can focus its efforts!   in design: an artifact that consists of a narrative relating to a desired users daily behavior patterns, using specific details, not generalities.
  10. 10. Personas in product design!   Represents the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behavior set that might use a site, brand or product in a similar way (!   A real human with a name, face, motivations, and goals - yet fictitious!   In companies like Ford Motor Company, Microsoft and Reuters, personas are used to help better understanding of customers
  11. 11. How could you use personas as an Ambassador?!   Understanding the existing eTwinning personas in your country can help you manage your work more efficiently!   Help you focus your efforts where you can get the most gain!
  12. 12. 2. eTwinning personas     
  13. 13. eTwinning personas
  14. 14. Instructions for the 1st groupwork!  A good post-it vs. a bad one!  How to share post-its?!  About brainstorming
  15. 15. Brainstorming – diverge! Ideas inspired by what you already know –  Data, experiences, observations,..Build on each other’s ideas You cannot! Make your partner look brilliant! be wrong! “Yes, Ideas without limitations of resources, and…” time, money and people to make them work !  Explore ideas, possibilities, go to fantasy land! I source:
  16. 16. Improv 2: “Yes, and…”
  17. 17. Design challenge 1: What are the most efficient strategies to engageeach persona in eTwinning? Time until 14.00 Think of “follow-through” rather than “follow-up”!
  18. 18. Design challenge 1: "  Sharing the ideas " Voting for the “keepers” (converging) " Developing and documenting the best ones in the “tool kit” in the TwinSpace Think of “follow-through”rather than “follow-up”!
  19. 19. Improv 3: Static pose - and then coffee!
  20. 20. Design challenge 2: What are the most efficient strategies forinvisible eTwinners and the ones who do not know about eTwinning yet? c Time until How can the strategies 15.30 from personas be reused here?
  21. 21. Design challenge 2:"  Sharing the ideas" Voting for the “keepers” (converging)" Documenting the best ones in the “tool kit” Time until 16.00
  22. 22. Improv 4: Yellow ball, thank you!
  23. 23. Thank you!!   TODAY: YOUR WORKSHOP FACILITATOR!!!!!   Check out also: