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Globus Eventi Presentation


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Published in: Business
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Globus Eventi Presentation

  1. 1. GLOBUS EVENTI Aspire for excellence
  2. 2. Mission Globus Eventi does not have a mission, we have a labor of love. We help companies to broaden networking in their business segment, establish contacts with foreign colleagues, organise promotion among the professionals in the specific branch We create environment for efficient business communication, exchange of information, experience and contacts
  3. 3. В2В Meetings В2В meetings and negotiations is an ideal way for SMEs: to get an access to new markets for their products, services and technologies to find strategic partners to create joint enterprises and manufacturings to expand clients base to search of the customers and suppliers
  4. 4. В2В Meetings Services Focus Group Meeting – a closed business event in a format of presentation of a specific topic or company with a following discussion and negotiations One-on-One Meetings – negotiations with potential business partners in accordance with the personal schedule Video Conference Communication – negotiations with business partners in real-time mode in any country of the world
  5. 5. Presentation of Companies Doors Open Day organization Development of presentation materials of the company Presentation of the company at exhibitions & conferences Small presentation event of a company or its project Address mailing of the company’s advertising materials
  6. 6. Promotion of Goods & Services Qualitative goods and services must find their customer! We are ready to help you with this: Market analysis Development of goods and services promotion plan Creative design of your product & promo-materials, creation of product’ image Partner search Organization and following of the negotiations up to the contract signing
  7. 7. Conferences Essential part of business communication and exchange of new information Being a conference host, you can highlight your leading status in the business branch, which lets you trace the latest trends, propose brand new decisions and move forward along with your partners
  8. 8. Conference Services Development of conference program Budget planning Invitation of speakers Creating a database of participants and address mailing of invitations Search and booking of a conference hall and equipment Preparation of the conference hall to event conduction Preparation of information hand-outs, banners, badges Registration and overall maintenance of the conference during its run Post-conference follow-up: mailing to speakers and participants about the results of the event, financial report preparation
  9. 9. Globus Eventi You are ready to tackle a new market, find new clients, customers and partners? - We know how to do this. We are always open for cooperation and ready to help you in realization of your ambitious business goals!
  10. 10. Contacts Mr. Vladimir Antchak Ms. Valentina Gorchakova Director General Development Director Tel.: +7 812 313 92 89 // +7 812 975 07 23 Fax: +7 812 313 91 00 - Russia 194044 St.Petersburg Pirogovskaya emb. 9, Regus - Austrian Business Center