Universal dash programmer tacho pro 2008


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Tacho Pro Description: Tacho Pro system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation. You can serve almost any vehicle with the Tacho Universal.Tacho Universal is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide.

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Universal dash programmer tacho pro 2008

  1. 1. Universal Dash Programmer 2008 Tacho Pro • View Larger Image • •Buy Now:o US$229.99Start from: 1Unit(s)Stock of Products:In StockThis tool: http://www.vtoolshop.com/mileage-programmer-universal-dash-programmer-2008-tacho- pro-v200807_p87.htmlEstimite Shipping Fee:Weight: Waiting for input.
  2. 2. Min Qty:1 Shipping From China. Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printShare on redditShare on stumbleuponShare on favoritesShare on tumblrShare on pinterest_shareShare on linkedinMore Sharing Services0 Related Download Files• tacho-pro-u2008.pdf (2.35MB)• tacho-pro-u2008-jan-version-cable-list.xls (23KB) • • • • • US$229.99 • US$2,560.00 • US$2,711.10
  3. 3. • US$1,039.99 • US$196.00 • US$138.99 • US$39.99 • US$789.00• Product Details• Products Reviews• Write a Reviews Description: Tacho Pro Description:
  4. 4. Tacho Pro system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and workingcomfort despite simplest operation. You can serve almost any vehicle with the TachoUniversal.Tacho Universal is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometersworldwide.Version: Jan,2008.Tacho pro U2008.07 Universal Dash ProgramOutstanding characteristics of our tacho Pro system are:- The current odometer reading is decoded and shown in the LCD display- Easy self explanitory operation by clear menu guidance- Backlit display makes working possible in overcast conditions- All datasets can be edited, saved and loaded- The stored data can be transferred to a PC for archiving- Up to 200 files can be stored in the Tacho Universal- Broken speedometers can be repaired comfortablyTacho Pro package Including:- cable P607 for Tacho Universal 0676 OK- cable 11DU for Tacho Universal 0677 OK- Dongle CAN Hardware for Tacho Universal 0709 OK- Cable BMW OBD2+MB Service Reset for Tacho Universal 0742 OK- Cable ALFA156 for Tacho Universal 0678 OK- Cable ALFA145_146 for Tacho Universal 0679 OK- Cable P206 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0684 OK- Cable ALFA166 for Tacho Universal 0681 OK- Cable P908 for Tacho Universal 0682 OK- Cable ACCORD for Tacho Universal 0683 OK- Cable P406 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0680 OK- Cable MB-DiaMox for Tacho Universal 0685 OK- Cable GTV SPIDER for Tacho Universal 0686 OK- Cable MB SPRINTER Kienzle for Tacho Universal 0687 OK- Cable MB-OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0688 OK- Cable MB-CAN for Tacho Universal 0689 OK- Cable CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0743 OK- Cable Multi CAN for Tacho Universal 0690 OK- Cable P-106 for Tacho Universal 0691 OK- Cable SCOPRIO for Tacho Universal 0692 OK- Cable VW GOLF3+MB C-CLASS OLD for Tacho Universal 0744 OK- Cable SPRINT VDO for Tacho Universal 0693 OK- Cable VW CAN for Tacho Universal 0694 OK- Cable BMW HW 4,5,6 for Tacho Universal 0695 OK- Cable SHARAN 2000 for Tacho Universal 0696 OK- Cable AUDI 2000 for Tacho Universal 0697 OK
  5. 5. - Cable OBD2 VW-OPEL for Tacho Universal 0698 OK- Cable BMW DIAG for Tacho Universal 0700 OK- Cable BMW E36 for Tacho Universal 0701 OK- Cable BMW Z3/compact for Tacho Universal 0702 OK- Cable AUDI+VW OBD2+2 for Tacho Universal 0783 OK- DONGLE CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0703 OK- Dongle 912 for Tacho Universal 0704 OK- Cable 912 for Tacho Universal 0712 OK- NEC Dongle for Tacho Universal (9S12 DONGLE) 0732 OK- Adapter 93cx6 for Tacho Universal 0705 OK- Adapter 24COX for Tacho Universal 0706 OK- Adapter 35/95XXX for Tacho Universal 0707 OK- CLIP EEPROM DIP-8CON for Tacho Universal 0715 OK- CLIP EEPROM SOIC-14CON for Tacho Universal (5251) 0714 OK- CLIP EEPROM SOIC-8CON for Tacho Universal (5250) 0713 OK- Cable power supply for Tacho Universal 0711 OK- Tacho Universal hand-held device 0684 OK- Serial Communication Cable OK- USER MANUAL PDF DVD OK- BMW key Reader PRO 0675 OK- BMW CAS CABLE OK- GE Cherokee 4199 OKContact information :Company: VTOOL AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC CO.MSN: vtoolshop@hotmail.comE-mail:vtoolshop@gmail.comSkype:vtoolshopNotice:If you have some problems on finding a product or have some questions about the priceyou can contact us here.Product Reviews: , April 19, 2012 ( FEATURED REVIEW )RafaelThis Tacho Pro packing is good, everything inside is complete, and the general feel good, next time cancontinue to visit
  6. 6. , May 4, 2012RomanHelped with customs. Molnenosno. Keep it up! EXCELLENT!!! Very fast and :))))))) And SNKS , May 8, 2012franklinTacho pro U2008.07 fonctionnent très bien. pouvez modifier KM en bon état. recommande fortement. , May 18, 2012BoyceYour Tacho Pro 2008 is the best mileage programmer i ever use it before!! I will introduce my friends toyour store! It will be perfect if you can give me a discount next time. thx. , June 1, 2012PaulShipped quickly, I got my item. , June 1, 2012VladimirCommunication was great. Product was as described! Very helpful. The goods just arrives in time tohelp me. , June 1, 2012MohamedTacho pro U2008.07 est vraiment fantastique. Jaime votre service. Très agréable. Au plaisir de fairedes affaires avec à nouveau. , June 7, 2012Z.My 3-rd transaction with this seller. Everything excellent. As usual. , June 11, 2012Charles
  7. 7. The processing, communication & delivery of this product was great. This was my first purchase andhope to find additional items. I could not believe how fast the item arrived. I would buy from this selleragain. , July 2, 2012gerryNot the best but good. Vtoolshop has better scan tools if you take the time and look. •