AD900 Key Programmer Use Guidance


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It is well known that both SBB Key Programmer and AD900 Key Programmer are the best universalkey maker.the ad900 key pro use guidance

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AD900 Key Programmer Use Guidance

  1. 1. AD900 Pro TRANSPONDER DUPLICATING SYSTEM .c om h op o ls UNLOCKING .v to wTECHNOLOGY w w .c om sh op to ol w .v ww VTOOLSHOP 1 Tel:+86-0755-27823977 Web:
  2. 2. AD900 Pro The professional duplicating machine, AD900 Pro, hasAD900 Pro TRANSPONDER DUPLICATING SYSTEM been designed and built to keep pace with the constant evolution of transponder car keys. The AD900 Pro key duplicator features the most innova- tive electronic components in the field of radio frequen- cies thus allowing easy detection, reading and cloning (duplication) of fixed code transponders and the identification of cryptographic transponder codes. om Major features such include the ability for copying of .c Crypto 42 type transponders and the Texas 4C and 4D transponders. h op The AD900 Pro has been developed to cater for future ls developments and to keep up to date with the ever o to expanding technology of transponders within the .v Automotive vehicle systems. w w The AD900 Pro offers complete flexibility as once the main unit is purchased the functionality can be ex- w panded by adding additional software. The machine of the future for transponder developments, om is the AD900 Pro....for professional locksmiths. .c sh op to ol w .v ww VTOOLSHOP Tel:+86-0755-27823977 Web:
  3. 3. FEATURES • Transponder identification with all details • Copy most transponders - Fixed code transponders - Philips Crypto 40,41,42,44 & 45 - Texas 4C copy (TPX1) - Texas 4D copy (TPX2 & EH2) • Random code generation - Fix Code Generator - Philips Crypto 40,41,42,44 & 45 - Hitag2 Generator ID46 (Chrysler, Renault, Mitsubishi) om - Mercedes CEG Glass ID33 .c Locking T5 transponders op • • ls h Unlock Megamos Crypto 48 o • Transponder pin code reading .v to • Only purchase software w functionality required w w • PC software • USB Download .c om sh op o ol locksmith industry.We especially like your openvt“You have revolutionised the automotive w . concept style, No old fashionedhierarchy format, found in almost every other brand name... ww”Majulah” (Move Forward’) Advanced Diagnostic! VTOOLSHOP Tel:+86-0755-27823977 Web:
  4. 4. .c om op DIMENSIONS MAIN FEATURES…WIDTH 200 mm ls h oHEIGHT 90 mm • Read transpondersDEPTH (LENGTH) 250 mm .v to • Write transpondersWEIGHT w w 928 g • Copy transponders wPOWER SUPPLY 9 to 12 V dc • Expert modeEXTERNAL POWER 100/250 V ac • Software update via web omCURRENT 0.5 Amps PC software .c • TECHNOLOGY FEATURES opFIELD FREQUENCY 125 kHz • Only purchase software sh functionality required olPC INTERFACE USB • Adaptable to future projects toOPERATING TEMPERA- -5°C to 40 °CTURE .v • Various language optionsAdvanced Diagnostics LtdDiagnostics House w w wEastboro FieldsHemdaleNuneatonCV11 6GLUK VTOOLSHOP Tel:+86-0755-27823977 Web: 1 4