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Using telematics to reduce operating costs


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Our presentation discusses how telematics will make youf business more efficient and productive, thereby lowering you operating costs.r

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Using telematics to reduce operating costs

  1. 1. DSi Industry Brief:How Integrated Telematics reduces Operating Costs Presented by Dispatching Solutions
  2. 2. Industry Challenges Today Current Market Conditions Volatile Fuel Prices Competitive Pressures Compliance with Government Regulations
  3. 3. What is Integrated Telematics?• Vehicle Telematics is the combined use of GPS technology and telecommunications, such as cellular technology, to obtain data from automotive vehicles.• Integrated Telematics is the use of vehicle telematics data with software, such as dispatching software to help make better business decisions and automate workflow.
  4. 4. Four ways to Cut CostsIntegrated Telematics will help you: Plan loads more efficiently Get the most accurate information Encourage safe driving habits Improve regulation compliance
  5. 5. Plan loads efficiently with telematics Poorly planned load Well planned load• Driver not qualified • Right person for the job• Equipment incorrect for load • Right equipment for the job• Too many idle vehicles • Continuous flow, no idling• Empty back hauls • Driver knows what he’s doing• Multiple trips due to at all times miscommunication• Missed delivery/pick up times • Maximize load capacity• Excessive calls to dispatch • Loaded back hauls• Driver harassment • Driver overtime as needed• Overtime as standard practice • Accurate and timely• Clueless about driving information about driving operations operations All leads to increased costs!
  6. 6. Plan loads efficiently with telematicsUsing telematics data leads to: Always choosing the right driver for the job Maximizing loaded miles Minimizing empty backhauls Reducing driver overtime Benefits Reduced Fuel Spending Reduced Driver Payroll Costs Increase Capacity
  7. 7. Get accurate information with telematicsTelematics data helps you:  Plot the most efficient route using navigation  Automate dispatching workflow  Improve customer service quality  Provide proof of delivery and accurate billing information Benefits Improved Customer Satisfaction Fewer invoicing errors Faster Delivery-to-Cash cycle
  8. 8. Encourage safe driving with telematicsEquip drivers with technology tools to:  Reduce driver distractions with voice instructed turn-by-turn truck navigation  Get real-time safety data and alerts of driving operations  Streamline driver workflow with in-cab mobile data terminals  Enforce safety rules through performance monitoring and driver training Benefits Better CSA scores Reduced Insurance Premiums Higher Driver Retention
  9. 9. Improve compliance with telematicsTypes of data captured to improve compliance:  Driver Performance data - routes taken, stop duration  Vehicle data – fuel consumption, maintenance, speeds  Hours of service via electronic logs Benefits Reduced Fine Risk Better CSA scores Reduced Vehicle Maintenance Costs
  10. 10. Driver Performance Monitoring• Understand driver behavior to reduce unnecessary costs through reports: – Stop – Identify excessive idle times which can lead to overtime. – Speed Violation – Identify excessive speeding which results in higher fuel consumption and increased risk of accidents. – Breadcrumb – Identify where a driver has been to ensure he is driving the most optimal route.• Search over any period of time and for any of your drivers.
  11. 11. Why use integrated telematics?Industry Standard Results  Reduced Fuel Consumption by up to 30%  Reduced Driver Overtime by up to 15%  Reduced Unauthorized Vehicle Usage by up to 12%Benefits OverviewReduced Fuel Spending Better CSA scoresReduced Driver Payroll Costs Reduced Insurance PremiumsIncrease Capacity Higher Driver RetentionImproved Customer Satisfaction Reduced Fine RiskFewer invoicing errors Better CSA ScoresFaster Delivery-to-Cash cycle Reduced Vehicle Maintenance Costs
  12. 12. About Dispatching Solutions Our Integrated Telematics Solution includes DSi Mobile, DSi Transport Manager, GPS Devices (Software products available standalone also) Small Business Package available No dedicated server hardware required• We have 20+ years of expertise in the industry• 100+ customers: specialized transport, service and rental customers• Dispatching & Field Service Solutions with full 2-way integration with enterprise dealer systems (CAT, John Deere & Quickbooks)• Six-Sigma proven savings• Endorsed by CAT for Rental Transport needs• Commercial logistics system developed for use by specialized transport operations
  13. 13. Dispatching Solutions, Inc. Call us today! US West US East (909) 460 – 6404 (757) 708 - 8347 sales@dispatchingsolutions.comVisit us at these events: AED/CONDEX 2013 - January 15-17, Las Vegas, NV NADITA 2013 - April 22-25, Las Vegas, NV 440 N. Mountain Ave. Suite 208, Upland, CA 91786