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Three steps to improve your transportation operations


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Three steps to improve your transportation operations

  1. 1. Three Steps to Improve Your Transportation Operations Presented by Dispatching Solutions
  2. 2. Industry Challenges• Current Market Conditions• Volatile Fuel Prices• Competitive Pressures• Compliance with Gov’t Regulations
  3. 3. Transportation Challenges• Handling Scheduling Conflicts• Locating Drivers/Trucks• Managing Sub-Haulers• Collecting Data for Invoicing & Payroll
  4. 4. Step #1: Take Control of Scheduling• Computerized Dispatching:  Match the right driver/equipment to the delivery  Sequence loads to optimize deliveries  Determine use of sub-haulers BenefitsReduced Schedule ConflictsIncreased Driver ProductivityOvertime Reductions
  5. 5. Step #2: Track Your Assets• Integrated Telemetrics:  Locate your closest available truck for a delivery  Notify customers of deliveries, or schedule problems  Track driver route versus selected route BenefitsIncrease Asset UtilizationImproved Payroll SettlementProcessingIncrease Invoice accuracy
  6. 6. Step #3: Manage By Exception• Focus on What Matters Most:  Automate routine business processes  Use alerts to notify you of potential problems  Use information to become proactive in managing problems BenefitsIncrease Customer ServiceImproved Payroll SettlementProcessingIncrease Invoice accuracy
  7. 7. Dispatching Solutions Background• 20+ years of expertise in the industry• 100+ customers: specialized transport, service and rental customers• Full 2-way integration with enterprise dealer systems (CAT DBS, QuickBooks)• Six-Sigma proven savings• Endorsed by Caterpillar for Rental Transport needs• The only commercial logistics system written exclusively for use by specialized transport operations
  8. 8. Dispatching Solutions, Inc.How to contact us:On the Phone: 909-460-6404On the web: DispatchingSolutions.comBy Email: sales@DispatchingSolutions.comVisit us at these events: AED/CONDEX 2013 January 15-17, Las Vegas, NV NADITA 2013 April 22-25, Las Vegas, NV 440 N. Mountain Ave. Suite 208, Upland, CA 91786