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Workplace Management


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Published in: Business, Career
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Workplace Management

  1. 1. Workplace Management Implementations of 5S. Prepared by: Vijay Tiwari- MBA Class of 5/9/2009 2009
  2. 2. 5S Methodology •5S is a philosophy and a method of organizing a workspace, especially a shared workplace.
  3. 3. Objectives of 5S •Workplace morale and efficiency •Create positive impressions on customer •Quality, safety and protect investment
  4. 4. Five 5’s are •Sorting •Simplifying •Shine •Standardize •Sustain
  5. 5. Sorting •Eliminating unnecessary items from the workplace. •A red tag is placed on all items not required. •These items are then discarded or moved to a central holding area Conclusion: Free up valuable floor space
  6. 6. Simplifying •Set In Order •Strategies for Set In Order is “A place for everything and everything in its place”. Conclusion: To promote work flow
  7. 7. Shine •Systematic cleaning •Keep the work place clean as well as neat •Regular, usually daily cleaning is needed or • Everything will return to the way it was •Makes it easy to spot missing tools and low level supplies •Its easy to inspect the machines, tools, equipments and supplies you work with Conclusion: Easy to see problems before quality defects occur
  8. 8. Standardize •Regulate Best Practices in work area •Operating in a consistent and standardize fashion •Order of our place should reflect the process of work, •these imply standardize work practices and workstations layout Conclusion: Avoid old work Practices.
  9. 9. Sustain • Sustain focuses on defining a new status quo and standard of work place organization • Maintaining and reviewing the standards • Remind employees of the proper procedures and the benefits that comes from following 5S plans • Maintain what has been achieved • Mark area where things belongs and make sure things stay tidy, orderly and clear Conclusion: Maintain what has been achieved.
  10. 10. Benefits of 5S •Improved efficiency by eliminating waste •Improving flow •Reducing process unreasonable •Improve productivity and performance •Improve morale •Improve Safety •Make office space available •Reduce a stored parts inventory •Reduce call back •Improve level of quality communications and information sharing •Improve efficient and effective storage
  11. 11. Challenge Avoid old work habits Prepared by: Vijay Tiwari- MBA Class of 5/9/2009 2009