Self Branding of Project Manager.. What & How?


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Self Branding is the necessary trait required for a Project Manager to brand project, team and self

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Self Branding of Project Manager.. What & How?

  1. 1. Branding techniques in Project Management Self Branding of Project Manager – the Key for success -- VSR March 2009 The views mentioned in this document are solely by the author and1 does not reflect the views of any organization or entity - VSR
  2. 2. Presentation Outline What is Self Branding? Self Branding Techniques Self Branding Material Company Branding Vs. Self Branding Summary: Self Branding2 - VSR
  3. 3. What is Self Branding?3
  4. 4. What is Self Branding? • “Self-branding is nothing but taking advantage of right opportunities at right time, outperforming the tasks, and communicating about the success and failure stories to different stakeholders at appropriate time”.4 - VSR
  5. 5. What is not Self Branding? • Self centric boost up rather demonstrating expected results and performance.5 - VSR
  6. 6. Benefits from Self Branding of a Project Manager 1. Visibility and image in the organization 2. Natural choice for the challenging engagements & career growth 3. Acceptance by management, peers, experts as value adding agent 4. Opportunities to influence some of the organizational decisions 5. Interest from team members and peers to work with project manager 6. Excellent networking with external professional bodies and learning6 - VSR
  7. 7. Self Branding Techniques7
  8. 8. 5 Powerful Self Branding Techniques 1. Delivery Excellence 2. Volunteer Leadership 3. Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) 4. Trust & Confidence 5. Communication8 - VSR
  9. 9. Self Branding Techniques: Delivery Excellence • Continuously improving • Self performance • Team performance • Project performance • Organization performance9 - VSR
  10. 10. Self Branding Techniques: Volunteer Leadership • Project managers who demonstrate volunteer leadership by participating in various unit and organization level activities will automatically get good image. • For example, Project Managers could contribute for Knowledge Management activities, training activities, consultancy for other internal projects and corporate social responsibility activities etc10 - VSR
  11. 11. Self Branding Techniques: Individual Social Responsibility • Actively participate in Project Management community development activities (Project Management, Program Management, Project Portfolio Management, Leadership etc) in association with professional bodies like PMI and internal organization entities11 - VSR
  12. 12. Self Branding Techniques: Trust and Confidence • Trust and confidence building are very essential elements for self- branding of Project Managers • Organizations always look for trusted and dependable Project Managers. Any element of mistrust might cause serious implications on future opportunities of project managers.12 - VSR
  13. 13. Self Branding Techniques: Communication • Timely and Right communication at appropriate platforms and forums about success and failure stories is a very powerful self-branding tool. • Project Managers need to excel to the extent that various stakeholders speak about them at different occasions.13 - VSR
  14. 14. Self Branding: Impact of Overselling • Over-selling is not good for the project manager. Project managers should be very cautious about over selling to avoid creating an insecure feeling to other stakeholders. • Aggressive self branding without listening to the stakeholders will back fire the project managers. Communication skills of a project manager would play a very vital role in self-branding. The branding should be stakeholder driven.14 - VSR
  15. 15. Self Branding Material15
  16. 16. Self Branding Material • Project Manager’s Web site • Project Manager’s Blog • Success stories/accolades within internal news letters • Open house meetings with team • Timely communication with stakeholders using Status Card/ Health Card • Guest lectures in different professional forums • Leadership roles in various non project related activities16 - VSR
  17. 17. Company Branding Vs. Self Branding17
  18. 18. Difference between Company Branding and Self BrandingBranding Tool Company Focus Area Project Manager Focus AreaService Quality Differentiation from Competition Differentiation from PeersAlliances & Create Business Pipeline Create Opportunity PipelinePartnerships (alliances with different vendors, (partnership with individuals, academic institutes and other professional bodies and other organizations) organizations)Strategic Relationships Relationship with senior leaders Relationship with Peers, Team like CXO, BU Heads etc to Members, Customers and Project increase Market share Management Community to increase Self brand/ imageStrategic Investments Strategic investments for Strategic investments for honing skills Business Expansion (E.g. Knowledge Contribution, (e.g. Money, Infrastructure, Effort Volunteer activities etc.) etc)Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility Individual Social ResponsibilityEvents Sponsorships, Guest Lectures, Guest Speeches / Key Note Exhibition Stalls to market the Speeches at different forums/events company services and products to self-brand project manager18 - VSR
  19. 19. Self Branding : Summary19
  20. 20. Self Branding Tips: Tip 1 • Differentiate from other project managers in the areas of delivery acceleration, team delight, and customer delight20 - VSR
  21. 21. Self Branding Tips : Tip 2 • Be creative and innovative and continuously suggest ideas for improving project performance, team performance and organization performance21 - VSR
  22. 22. Self Branding Tips : Tip 3 • Take advantage of opportunities and demonstrate volunteer leadership. This would differentiate from other project managers. • Just limiting to day-to-day project work is not enough and Project Managers need to go extra mile to add continuous value to different stakeholders22 - VSR
  23. 23. Self Branding Tips : Tip 4 • Demonstrate Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) by contributing Knowledge to the different community groups like Project Management, Program Management, Leadership etc23 - VSR
  24. 24. Self Branding Tips : Tip 5 • Communication is the power. Continuous communication with various stakeholders about various happenings irrespective of success and failures is essential to create positive branding. • Communicating the unpleasant news with stakeholders very proactively and managing the same will create tremendous branding24 - VSR
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