Convergence of Cloud Computing & Project Management


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Convergence of Cloud Computing & Project Management

  1. 1. Convergence of Cloud Computing & ProjectManagementV. Srinivasa Rao (VSR)Past Chairman, PMI Team IndiaSenior Vice President, Mahindra Satyam13th April 2012 1
  2. 2. INFORMATION is the KING andINFORMATION is the ASSET to take timely decisions, corrective/preventive actions for growth and transformation of businesses 2
  3. 3. Technology has been playing a role in providing real time & accurate information Agile, Lean & integrated Business processes Business REPEAT THE SUCCESS Processes Technology generates COMPUTING POWER that Technology over automates Business internet for ‘All’ at an Cloud Information processes, captures and ‘affordable’ price Computing Technology mine the data, and provides information & intelligence for successful business MINIMIZE TECHNOLOGY IMPROVE BUSINESS DIVIDE AMONG MSML PERFORMANCE businesses(Micro, Small, Medium & Large INFORMATION, INSIGHT Businesses) & FORESIGHT 3
  4. 4. Computing Power from Technology Engine• Compliance Management • Contract Management • Logistics & Transportation• Risk Assessment & Monitoring • Designs/ Virtual Construction • Legal Management • Finance Management • Document Management Business• Project Portfolio Management• Program Management • Insurance Management • Communication Management Processes• Project Management • Workforce Management • Decision Management• Procurement Management • Assets Management • Knowledge Management Desktop , Enterprise or Mobile Applications PLATFORM PLATFORM PLATFORM Middleware Machines Middleware Machines Middleware Machines Development & Integration Platform Database Machines Database Machines Database Machines to build/implement Applications INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURE Operating System Operating System Operating System Infrastructure Platform Network Network Network for Storage Storage Storage Computing Hardware (Servers) Hardware (Servers) Hardware (Servers) Power 4
  5. 5. Availability of Computing Power at anaffordable price would change the worldComputing Power is the asset andis changing the world at rapid speed 5
  6. 6. It took 150 years to provide affordable electric power • In 1831, Michael Faraday devised a machine that generated electricity from rotary motion, but it took almost 50 years for the technology to reach a commercially viable stage • In 1878, in the US, Thomas Edison developed and sold a commercially viable replacement for gas lighting and heating using locally generated and distributed direct current electricity.It took almost 150+ years for India to take serious steps for electrificationof urban and Rural India. 6
  7. 7. Speed is the Essence! We can not wait for another 150 years to have commercially viable Computing power in India 7
  8. 8. PLATFORMMiddleware Machines In the Real Time Scenario, we requireDatabase Machines many Technology Engines INFRASTRUCTURE Operating System Network Storage Hardware (Servers) (DATA CENTER) to generate HUGE COMPUTING POWER to support thousands of IT applications The challenge is to get reliable COMPUTING POWER at an affordable PRICE 8
  9. 9. Interesting facts on Data Centers1. Government & Industry have established large data centers (many Technology Engines)2. Micro & Small enterprises do not have the required money to build their own data centers3. World wide carbon emissions from Data Centers would quadruple by 20204. World wide 44 million servers consume 0.5% of electricity5. Data Centers consume near 25% of total corporate IT Budgets6. Electricity consumption by data centers was equivalent to 14 power plants (The total electric bill to $7.2 billion worldwide)7. Average utilization of hardware (technology engines) is only 5%-15% of the total capacity8. 25-30% of overall IT Budget is spent on managing Data Centers (this is serious concern) 9
  10. 10. Interesting facts on Data Centers (Contd..)9. Micro & Small enterprises: No money for establishing Data center, still WANT Technology support to drive business10. Occasional usage of IT applications not in regular use – example: Virtual construction and simulation of capital assets 6 times during project duration.. Why to invest on permanent hardware & software?11. Urgency in setting up the project operations due to business demand: In weeks not in months? (e.g.: financials, procurement to comply with regulatory etc.,)12. Technology experimentation zones for developers/team: Set up in days not in months13. Most importantly how to use the hardware (Technology engines) at a capacity of 50%- 60% as against 5%- 15% today 10
  11. 11. SMART DATA CENTERS HAVE TO BE ESTABLISHED• Low energy consumption Technology Innovation is available today to build smart Data Centers:• Low carbon emissions • Virtualization• Effective (near full capacity) utilization of hardware through Elasticity • Multi Tenant Applications• Low cost of maintenance of applications • Access through Internet 11
  12. 12. You have a choice… Own vs. Rent Smart Data Centers Owning Smart Data Centers is called Private Cloud Computing Renting Smart Data Centers is called Public Cloud Computing When to go for what?Public clouds are playing the key role in providingCommercially viable Computing Power 12
  13. 13. In Public Cloud…Smart Data Centers are available asService Applications are provided as a Service – Software as a Service (SaaS) – pay per usage (utilities based) PLATFORM Middleware Machines Platform as a service (PaaS) – Pay per usage (utility based) Database Machines INFRASTRUCTURE Operating System Infrastructure as a service (Iaas)– Pay per usage Network (utility based) Storage Hardware (Servers) Metering for charge back is the key feature of renting… like we do for other utility services (power, water etc) 13
  14. 14. Emergence of New Projects due to CloudComputing & impact on Project Management 14
  15. 15. Emerging Technologies like CLOUD COMPUTING have beenincreasing uncertainty and complexity in delivering differenttype of projects. Many unknowns are causing the failure ofProject Managers to deliver faster, better, cheaper & steadierservices 15
  16. 16. Cloud Computing: the Project Matrix Public Cloud Private Hybrid Cloud Community Cloud Cloud Business Projects Projects Projects ProjectsProcess as a Service (BPaaS)Software as a Projects Projects Projects Projects Service (SaaS)Platform as a Projects Projects Projects Projects Service (PaaS)Infrastructure Projects Projects Projects Projects as a Service (IaaS) 21st Century Project 16
  17. 17. Cloud Computing: Project Categories (Illustrative) 21st Century Project 17
  18. 18. Cloud Computing: IT Strategy & ArchitectureProjects S. No Project Type Develop Cloud Computing Strategy 1 Develop Cloud Computing Architecture 2 Build Cloud Path Finder 3 21st Century Project 18
  19. 19. Cloud Computing: Organization CapabilityImprovement Projects S. No Project Type Build Cloud Computing Learning Assets 1 Develop Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan for Cloud Computing Environment 2 Develop Cloud Computing Procurement & Contract Management Processes & Governance 3 Develop Cloud Computing Governance, Processes, Practices and Policies 4 Develop Cloud Services Standards & Guidelines Development 5 Develop Cloud Computing Credibility, Reliability and Vendor Locking Analyzer 6 Develop Cloud Computing Pricing Models 7 Develop Business Case for Cloud Computing 8 Develop Cloud Computing Security & Risk Management Processes/Practices 9 Develop Cloud Computing Legal Issues Management framework 10 Introduce Change Management due to Cloud Computing 11 Develop Cloud Computing Data Governance Management 12 Credibility and Reliability analysis of Cloud Platform Provider (in multiple dimensions) 13 Develop Estimation/Pricing Models for different cloud computing projects 14 15 Develop Contract Management/ Revenue Models – Annual Contracts to Pay per use models? 21st Century Project 19
  20. 20. Cloud Computing: Development, Integration &Migration Projects S. No Project Type Cloud Aggregation Brokerage - Aggregation of services from multiple service providers (Fixed) 1 Cloud Arbitrage Brokerage - Aggregation of services from multiple service providers (Not fixed) 2 Integrate Public Cloud & Private clouds 3 Integrate On-Premise and Cloud applications 4 SaaS Applications Development (PaaS) 5 Migrate Applications to Private Clouds 6 9 Virtualize Applications 21st Century Project 20
  21. 21. Cloud Computing: Testing & Validation Projects S. No Project Type Dry Run for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for Cloud Computing Environment 1 Testing and Validation of Cloud Integrations/Migrations 2 Testing and Validation of SaaS Applications (Development) 3 Testing and Validation of Virtualized Infrastructure 4 Performance Testing of Integrated Apps in Cloud (multi Clouds) 5 21st Century Project 21
  22. 22. Cloud Computing: Infrastructure Projects S. No Build Private Clouds 1 Migrate from Traditional Data Center to Private Cloud Data Centers 2 Virtualize Infrastructure/Hardware 3 Virtualize Database 4 Virtualize Storage Networks 5 21st Century Project 22
  23. 23. Cloud Computing: Product Development Projects S. No Project Type Build Infrastructure Platform for Cloud Computing 1 Develop Cloud Computing Application Development Platform 2 Develop Virtualization Technology 3 Develop Enterprise Applications 4 Develop Desktop Applications 5 Develop Mobile Applications 6 21st Century Project 23
  24. 24. I have shown nearly 43 differenttypes of cloud focused projects(Illustrative only) Presentation Title 24
  25. 25. How Cloud Computing would impact the ProjectManagement System (PMS) ?S. No Impacted Areas in Project Management (PM) due to Cloud Computing 1 Project life cycles / Work Breakdown Structure 2 Global Delivery Model (GDM) 3 Contract & Procurement Management 4 Project Governance Structure 5 Best Practices/ case studies 6 Lessons Learnt/case studies 7 Checklists/standards/guidelines/ templates 8 Estimation techniques 9 Competency Building Engine (skills/learning) 10 Multi country and multi industry rules/regulations on data security 11 The 9 Knowledge areas of PM Body of Knowledge 25 25
  26. 26. How Cloud Computing would impact the Project Management System (PMS) (Contd..)S. No Impacted Areas in Project Description Management (PM) due to Cloud Computing 1 Project life cycles (Work New (or) Breakdown Structure - phases, Customizing existing project life tasks etc) cycles 2 Global Delivery Model (GDM) Intelligent Work Breakdown Structure among multiple providers (customer, cloud provider (s), India Inc) 3 Contract & Procurement Security, Privacy, DR/BC, SLAs, Management multi-party agreements 4 Project Governance Structure Multi-Party governance (Customer, India Inc, Cloud provider 1, Cloud provider n…) 5 Best Practices/ case studies New 26 26
  27. 27. How Cloud Computing would impact the Project Management System (PMS) (Contd..)S. No Impacted Areas in Project Description Management (PM) due to Cloud Computing 6 Lessons Learnt/case studies New 7 Checklists/standards/guidelines/ New (Or) templates Customizing existing templates 8 Estimation techniques New (Or) Customizing existing templates / tools 9 Competency Building Engine New (Or) (skills/learning) Customizing existing engine 10 Multi country and multi industry Extraordinary knowledge is rules/regulations on data security required 11 Nine Knowledge of PM Body of New or Tailoring of existing Knowledge knowledge areas 27 27
  28. 28. Can Cloud computing impact Global Delivery Model (GDM) ? Intelligent WorkCompete & Collaborate BreakdownCloud Platforms Structure Continuous Optimal Cost LearningPrivate CloudsFaster IT InfrastructureprovisionExtended PartnersCloud Providers Knowledge Management GDM Abundant TalentGDM AnalyticsMobility & Cloud Quality Follow theGreen Management SunOptimized IT Infrastructure Presentation Title 28
  29. 29. Few skills what Project Managers have torefine to work in Cloud environment• New/tailored project life cycles and methodologies• Country law/regulatory compliance practices• Security standards• Cloud provider agreements, SLAs, Penalties• Multi Cultural Team management• Prediction of Risks in cloud environment Presentation Title 29
  30. 30. Few challenges what Project Manager mustaware of while managing Cloud projects• Lack of standards and multiple clouds integration• Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks• Network Incompatibility between Cloud Providers & IT Service providers• Legal issues & heavy penalties• Network bandwidth issues, SLAs failure and heavy penalties• Talent preparation on Cloud Computing technology/environment skills Presentation Title 30
  31. 31. Let us prepare ourselves• Project Management is the key for India to become Global Leader in delivering variety of Cloud Computing Projects … Let us prepare ourselves! Presentation Title 31
  32. 32. Convergence of Cloud Computing & ProjectManagement impact the Economy 32
  33. 33. Economy : Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 2007 2008 2009 2010India 1,242,426,253,335 1,215,992,812,024 1,377,264,718,251 1,727,111,096,363China 3,494,055,944,791 4,521,827,288,304 4,991,256,406,735 5,926,612,009,750USA 13,995,000,000,000 14,296,900,000,000 14,048,056,670,216 14,586,736,313,339 GDP = (C + I + G + NX) where C is private consumption or consumer expenditure, I is business investments, G is government expenditure, NX is gross exports - gross imports. Presentation Title 33
  34. 34. Computing Power enables economy growth at rapid velocityMinimize IT Divide Providing Leapfrog Creating newbetween Emerging opportunities to businesses and and Developed emerging jobs economies economies ECONOMY ECONOMY ECONOMY Source: World Economic Forum 34
  35. 35. Computing Power enables Industry growth at rapid velocityMinimize IT Divide See the future of Collaborative designbetween Small and your business with supplier and Large enterprises through simulation customers BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS Source: World Economic Forum 35
  36. 36. Computing Power enables providing better healthcare services Massive and Real Time health Shared Platform forflexible computing monitoring and alert Health and power for drug distribution Insurances Services discovery HEALTHCARE HEALTHCARE HEALTHCARE Source: World Economic Forum 36
  37. 37. Computing Power enables education growth Interactive / Access to teaching Low costcollaborative resources from all simulation learning over the worldEDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION Source: World Economic Forum 37
  38. 38. Thank YouVSRBlog : Facebook : : Talks : : ttp:// Channel : : Presentation Title 38