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4th Industrial Revolution is Beyond Cyber Physical Systems


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4th Industrial Revolution is mainly covering Cyber Physical Systems, which in my view is not correct. The digital age Cyber system with hyper computing power, communication infrastructure, algorithms and information processing change many other systems like social systems, enterprise systems, biological systems etc.

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4th Industrial Revolution is Beyond Cyber Physical Systems

  1. 1. Cyber System • Computing • Storage • Algorithms • Logic & Flow • Communication system • Collaboration system • Information Processing Physical System Enterprise System Biological System • Mechanical System • Optical Systems • Electrical System • Business Model • Services • Processes • Operating Model • Talent • Circulatory • Respiratory • Nervous • Muscular • Digestive • Reproductive • Sensory • Urinary • Others • Micro organisms Social Systems • Government • Healthcare Community • Education Community • Others 4th Industrial Revolution Beyond Cyber Physical Systems