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Start flying with a free flight simulator download.

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Free Flight Simulator Games

  1. 1. Start Flying with a Flight Simulator Free DownloadYou can find many flight simulator free download packages and manyof them are available on the internet. But you should analyze eachone and then decide which one is the best for your download.The level of truth of each flight simulator free download is flyingwithin the clouds on your imagination for fun and improvement ofyour mental alertness. The free downloads give you an insight of 3Dgraphics exhibiting the realness of flying inside a cockpit. The realnessis felt when you see the nature, stars and other things inside thecabin. The astounding effect of these flight simulator free downloadare that you can choose your variety of plane, customize them and flyon their existing technology.You can choose different game designs and models of your choice andbecome a pilot or a co-pilot to assist the plane flying. The games aresuch designed where a novice can also fly and a competent pilot canalso improve his standards of flying in hazardous conditions.
  2. 2. There is another aspect of Flight simulator free download where, ifyou have a GPL License you can freely download the flight gears withtotally free simulators and having over 20,000 airport scenarios alongwith runways and city citing. This software’s also giving a vision ofsloping runways, airport lighting and directional changes.Flight simulators free download can take you from your home town toanywhere in the world including the places you never have imaginedin your lifetime. You have the pleasure of flying solo or can play thegame along with one or many other partners communicate with themover the usual radio communication and interact with the ATC.The other flight simulator free download give you the excitement offlying beyond the confines of the hemisphere. You can launch thespace shuttle to the orbit and enjoy the exciting booster reactions ofthe flight and can land your shuttle at a station in the space of aplanet or dock yourself to the space laboratory. Click the Banner Below for some Real Life Flying
  3. 3. FlightProSim is for YouHave you ever wanted to fly a plane or helicopter, but lacked the money or ability to do so? Are youa real pilot looking to improve your skills without having to take off? Do you want to try somedangerous maneuvers without risking your life? Or do you just want to have fun with a more seriousgame without any violence? If any of these questions apply then FlightProSim™ is perfect for you. • Test Your Skills by Flying Different Planes Currently you can fly the 1903 Wright Flyer, strange flapping wing "Ornithopters", a 747, A320, various military jets and several light singles. • Fly Different Helicopters Fly a medical helicopter and land on a remote snow covered mountain, or how about taking charge with the latest military Westland Lynx. The choice is yours... • Real Life Helicopter Handling In principle everything that applies to real helicopters,applies in this simulator. • Land at Your Local Airport 20,000 + real world airports in the full scenery set. • Why Not Fly over Your House? With coverage of the whole world you can fly over your house, your local school or even visit your long lost aunt. The destinations are endless... • World Wide Scenery Accurate Worldwide scenery coverage of the entire world (available separately) • Realistic Night Lighting Fly at night with the help of ground lighting from urban areas and headlights of oncoming cars on major highways. This is all based on real life maps. • Test You Skill: You will never get bored with 20,000+ real world airports, 100+ life like planes and scenery coverage of the entire world. • Realistic Controls All the controls model actual real world instrument behavior. The instruments that lag in real life, lag correctly, gyro drift is modeled correctly, the magnetic compass is subject to aircraft body forces - all those things that make real world flying a challenge are present in FlightProSim™ • Correct Airport Runway Lighting Correct runway markings, placement and approach lighting. Directional airport lighting that smoothly changes intensity as your relative view direction changes. • Taxiway Lighting Taxiways available for many larger airports (including green center line lights when appropriate) • Real Life Runway Elevation Sloping runways (runways change elevation like they usually do in real life) • Scenery based on Actual Military Data Scenery includes all vmap0 lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, cities, towns, land cover... • Multiplayer
  4. 4. Work with other flight fans to fly in formation, do acrobatics or for air - air refueling• Real time Integration with Google Maps A Google Maps based service shows you exactly where your are in respect to the rest of the live players.• Realistic 3D Cockpit views Each plane has a realistic 3D cockpit where you can control everything from releasing the brakes to raising the wheels.• Have you ever wanted to land on a Aircraft Carrier? There is currently support for Aircraft Carrier operations on the Nimitz, (located near San Francisco) and on The Eisenhower. The carriers are equipped with a working catapult, arrestor wires, elevators, TACAN and FLOL.• Show off your flying skills Keep improving with the ability to record your flight for later analysis or playback.• Want to try Air-Air Refueling? At present, there are two tanker aircraft (KC135-E and KA6-D) and three receiving aircraft (A4F, Lightning and T38) capable of in-air refueling.• Fly with the help of Autopilot An autopilot is not an “intelligent” pilot. It just takes over simple tasks for the pilot.• Scenery Sets Included to get you started You receive the San Francisco Bay and Pacific area maps. Other world areas available to be purchased separately.• All from the thriving Open Source Community, this software is forever changing.• Shared and Open Source code. As a FlightProSim™ member you receive a copy of the full source code. This lets you really enhance your flying experience and to receive the full benifits of an Open Source project. Full source files are also available in our developers area.• Moderate Computer Requirements Designed to run on any modern computer running Win 95/Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions now supported) Free Open Graphics Drivers also required.• Over 20 planes to get you started + Another 100+ More FREE This software includes over 20 planes to get you started. The 100+ other planes can be downloaded for FREE in the members area.• Ongoing Support We want you to have an enjoyable flying experience, yet we also know their may be times that you get stuck. We offer ongoing support to ensure you stay in the air.• 100% Free Updates / Upgrades Never pay again, you always receive the latest releases for FREE. Click the Banner Below for some Real Life Flying