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DiSSCo institutional benefits


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The benefits for institutional members of DiSSCO, as presented at the DiSSCo Connect event in Leiden on 15th May 2017.

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DiSSCo institutional benefits

  1. 1. Institutional benefits of DiSSCo: Building on our experience DiSSCo Connect, Scheltema, Leiden, NL 15th May 2017 Vince Smith, Head of Informatics, NHM London @vsmithuk and @NHM_Digitise
  2. 2. Natural History collections are our best record of human impact on the natural world
  3. 3. Collections with purpose
  4. 4. Collections that change how we think
  5. 5. Collections to inspire the next generation
  6. 6. Collections at scale
  7. 7. Institutional Challenges
  8. 8. Digitisation Digitisation
  9. 9. Big data 300M pages 100’s of PB 3D data Trillions of interactions>700M occurrences
  10. 10. Innovation
  11. 11. Innovation 1. Label identification & perspective warp 2. Label crop 3. Label merge 4. Finished for OCR or crowdsourcing
  12. 12. Data management & access
  13. 13. Public engagement A partnership with Notes from Nature Part of a wider community of over 1 million users interested in citizen science projects Data on transcriptions Data on transcribersCrowdsourcing transcriptions
  14. 14. Creating an integrated European infrastructure for researchers in the natural sciences SYNTHESYS – FP6 – 2004-2009 13M€, 20 Partners (66 months) SYNTHESYS2 – FP7 – 2009-2013 7.2M€, 20 Partners (48 months) SYNTHESYS3 – FP7 – 2013-2017 8M€, 21 Partners (48 months) >4.5k pubs, 4k projects, >50k research days Transitioning NH institutions to molecular & digital
  15. 15. Transnational Access improves accessibility of natural history collections through funded physical access to collections/expertise and facilities. Joint Research Activities improve access to data stored digitally within NH collections by extracting and enhancing data from digitised collections. Network Activities deliver collection management policies, best practice models, unified standards and protocols for new and emerging collections. Objectives Draft INFRAIA-01– 2018/19–H2020: Call for NH community, aligned to DiSSCo
  16. 16. 1. Better return on investment, minimising overlapping tasks between institutions and countries and creating a common knowledge base; 2. Ability to influence the agenda of DiSSCo at central level (participating in the decision making processes); 3. Improve coordination of cross institutional funding applications, with better alignment to institutional priorities; 4. Strengthen their case at national level on the value of collections, and thus be in a better position to attract more funding. Added value for institutional partners Key benefits