A summary of Scratchpad functionality


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Invited. Presented to remotely from NHM London to senior members representing CBOL, EOL, GBIF, and Genbank in Washington D.C. and the University of Guelph.

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A summary of Scratchpad functionality

  1. 1. Vincent S. Smith http://Scratchpads.eu A summary of Scratchpad functionality
  2. 2. Taxonomy Taxonomy import, management and navigation
  3. 3. Bibliographic data Reference manager / Endnote support for bibliographies
  4. 4. Images Image galleries, image upload & annotation
  5. 5. Phylogeny Nexus / Newick import for visualizing phylogenies
  6. 6. Character Matricies Molecular & morphological character matricies (discrete, morphometric and text characters)
  7. 7. Distribution Maps Presence absence country maps
  8. 8. Specimens & locations Specimen & location records (DwC)
  9. 9. Pages, Forums, Blogs, Newsletters Web fora with e-mail integration User blogs Static web pages Newsletters with e-mail integration
  10. 10. Mass Import Import from CSV text file to any content type
  11. 11. Administration Simple & advanced admin. AutoTag content (automatically adds structure) Private Groups Customized user profiles
  12. 12. Create & switch between content in any language Multilingual Support
  13. 13. Simple navigation menus and tools for in each site Taskguide & Content menu
  14. 14. Dynamically built species pages Integrating data & “publishing” in a Scratchpad Taxon Pages
  15. 15. Browsed through a taxonomy Integrating data & “publishing” in a Scratchpad Taxon Pages
  16. 16. Including 3 rd party content Integrating data & “publishing” in a Scratchpad Taxon Pages
  17. 17. With data curation tools Integrating data & “publishing” in a Scratchpad Taxon Pages
  18. 18. Listing all “authors” Integrating data & “publishing” in a Scratchpad Taxon Pages
  19. 19. Dated, permanent & citable Integrating data & “publishing” in a Scratchpad Taxon Pages
  20. 20. Control what to display Adjusting the layout Taxon Pages n.b. Taxon page tools have since been updated
  21. 21. Infinitely customizable Ants Bees Beetles Big-headed flies Birds Blackflies Ciliates Cockroaches Dragon Trees Dung Beetles False Buttonweed Flat worms Flies Foraminifera Fossil Insects Fungus Gnats Holometabola Leaf-miner Flies Lice Lichens of Bermuda Malvaceae Megalastrum ferns Milichiid flies Mosquitoes Mosses Nannotax fossils Nepticuloid moths Palms Pearl oysters Polychaete worms Scaleworms Sulawesi Ferns Stick insects … and many, many more Termites Triticid grasses Weevils Wood Ferns
  22. 22. Usage Statistics Users: 1,346 (Total activated) Users: 941 (Active and have logged in) Users: 54 (Active and logged in NHM Users) Users: 58 (Logged in, in last 7 days) Users: 135 (Logged in, in last 30 days) Sites: 124 Sites: 127 (With users logged in, in last 7 days) Sites: 142 (With users logged in, in last 30 days) Nodes / Pages: 174,128 As of Wednesday 25th August, 2009 Latest figures at http://scratchpads.eu/stats
  23. 23. Scratchpad impact Scratchpads address these challenges 1. Bringing data together Biodiversity studies are data rich, poorly archived & ever changing 2. Bringing people together Biodiversity researchers are few in number, fragmented & highly distributed 3. Bringing science together Biodiversity science demands a different approach to addressing BIG questions
  24. 24. Thanks… Ben Scott Vladimir Blagoderov Irina Brake Edward Baker Simon Rycroft Dave Roberts Kehan Harman
  25. 25. Questions?