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2008.Voyages Of Discovery


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Smith, VS.* (2008)
Cybertaxonomy: applying computers & the Web the study of biodiversity.

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2008.Voyages Of Discovery

  1. Cybertaxonomy Applying computers the Web to the study of biodiversity Vincent S. Smith
  2. Proportion of all 1.8 million described species Insects 56.3% Arachnids 4.5% Crustaceans 2.4% Other Arthropods 1.2% Molluscs 4.2% Nematodes 0.9% Other Invertebrates 4.0% Vertebrates 2.7% Plants 14.3% Fungi 4.2% Algae 2.4% Protozoans 2.4% Bacteria and Viruses 0.5%