Worksheet k


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Worksheet k

  1. 1. What does equal opportunities mean? There is no standard definition of equal opportunity. In a social setting, it implies a social environment in which people are not excluded from the activities of society such as education, employment, or healthcare on the basis of immutable traitsEqual opportunities isa situation in which people have the same opportunities in life as other people, without being treated in an unfair way because of their race, sex, sexuality, religion, or ageResearch on the internet and find out how equal opportunities applies to:Equal opportunities applies to The first example has beenhousing by making sure that the completed for you:poor people have a house to live in. Public housing – Greenwich Housing AssociationIt is important to have equalopportunities in housing because itis your basic human right to haveaccess to home. Private housing – Berkeley Homes in Woolwich ArsenalSometime people don’t get equalopportunities to housing becausethere are lots of people who live onthe street.Equal opportunities applies toeducation byhaving public (paid bygovernment) and private schools(paid by parents).It is important to have equalopportunities in education becauseso everyone gets good grades,GCSEs, also it is a human right tohave an education.
  2. 2. Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to education becausethey might have a learning need,they can’t pay for a privateeducation, some children havedisadvantaged because they have abehavioural need and don’t go tolessons.Equal opportunities applies tohealthcare through the NHS. It isa free service. In America, theyhave to pay,It is important to have equalopportunities in healthcare becausepeople if they don’t have a homeand are sick have somewhere to go.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to healthcare becausesome people have to go on a waitinglist. If they have cancer, it willspread and they might die.Equal opportunities applies toemployment because young peopleget money to help them find jobs.It is important to have equalopportunities in employmentbecause everyone can be treatedthe same no matter what theirbackground.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to employmentbecause it is now harder to findjobs even if you have goodqualifications. For people with less
  3. 3. good GCSEs they have less chanceof being successful.Pick two groups from the list below. Explain the problems that peoplehave giving equal opportunities to people in these groups: Disabled Gender LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Ethnic groups AgeEqual opportunities applies to age in News article or supporting evidencethat they get housing for the - newspaper or websiteelderly, employment they are addressprotected by law. - a quote to support your pointIt is important to have equalopportunities for this groupbecause the elderly are unable towork sometimes, or look afterthemselves.The problems happen when thegovernment makes cuts on themoney that they get. The elderlystart to struggle to pay for food,water and electricity.Equal opportunities applies to News article or supporting evidencedisabled people by help being given, - newspaper or websitemoney or funding to help them, addressthey are protected by law. - a quote to support your pointIt is important to have equalopportunities for this groupbecause they cannot do the same
  4. 4. stuff as other people can becausethey mighty be ill and they can’t geta job.The problems happen whengovernment make cuts and themoney doesn’t go to the helpers sothey struggle.