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  1. 1. Key question: How can we open and manage a bank account? http: //moneysense . natwest .com/schools/students/managing-your-money/what-is-banking/what-do-you-think http://moneysense.natwest.com/schools/students/managing-your-money/what-is-banking/case-study-pros-and-cons http://rbsmoneysense.co.uk/rbs/11to14/bankonit/using_an_atm.asp?page=MONEYSENSE/11_TO_14/BANK_ON_IT/ITS_YOUR_TURN_TO_GET_BANKING/USING_AN_ATM
  2. 2. What do banks have inside them? What do banks have outside them? What is a bank?
  3. 3. Key words A. Bank account B. Interest C. Statement D. Standing order Definitions 1. A letter that tells you what money has gone in and come out of your bank account 2. Money paid to you for having money in the bank 3. A place to put your money 4. A way that money can come out of your account every month
  4. 5. What do banks do?
  5. 6. Banks have money to give away False
  6. 7. Banks will help you manage your money True
  7. 8. Banks will lend money to people under 18 False
  8. 9. Banks tell their customers how much money they have in the bank True
  9. 10. Banks give all their customers cheque books and bank cards False
  10. 11. Banks print all their own money False
  11. 12. Banks look after your money True
  12. 13. Banks are businesses and employ people True
  13. 14. Banks will lend you money for free False
  14. 15. Banks charge you interest if you borrow money from them True
  15. 16. Banks help you to save up True
  16. 17. Banks will lend money to anyone False
  17. 18. Banks will organise your holidays for you False
  18. 19. You can post letters at the bank False
  19. 20. You have to be 18 to use a bank False
  20. 21. Using a bank account means you don’t have to carry cash all the time True