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Karl observation record


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Karl observation record

  1. 1. OBSERVATION RECORD FOR PRACTICAL ASSESSMENTLearner Karl parkerAward NCFE Equality and DiversityUnit(s) Unit 1Assessment criteria and / or outcomes (to which the activity provides evidence)Unit 1 – 5.5 what is multiple discriminationDetail of how the learner performed and the quality of their performance (referto the assessment criteria and / or outcomes)The student was able to tale part in a discussion about the different type ofdiscrimination. They were then set the task of matching the definition to thekeywords and giving an example about that particular type of discrimination.Multiple discrimination as a concept was explored through the use of the starterand main activity. It was embedded in the lesson but has not been explicatedcited in the work that they have completed. I observe that they have covered thematerial surrounding this concept. Learning about this involved coveringprejudice and discrimination in a broader and more specific way.Assessor VShackleySignature Date Feb/March 2012Internal verifier L.ClarkeSignature L.Clarke IV signs sheet if present with assessor