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Global warming games


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Published in: Education
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Global warming games

  1. 1. Global warming games by Chris Psonis, George Sargianidis, Sventzouri Stauroula, Stavrakaki AthanasiaThe following work was based on the workthat Chris Psonis did in 2008-2009 for theetwinning project: A Typical School Day andOther Thoughts which was awarded a NationalQuality Label and a European Quality Label.
  2. 2. Global Warming Games, what they are?Global warming games, also sometimes referred toas climate games or climate change games,belong to a genre of games that are usuallyclassified as serious games. As serious games, theyattempt to simulate and explore real life issues toeducate players through an interactive experience.The issues particular to global warming games areusually energy efficiency and the implementation ofgreen technology as ways to reduce greenhouse gasemissions and thus counteract global warming. Examples of Global Warming Games 1. LogiCityLogiCity is an interactive Flash-based virtual-realitybased computer game, produced by Logicom and
  3. 3. The National Energy Foundation, an English charity.The game is set in a 3D virtual city with five mainactivities where players are set the task of reducingthe carbon footprint of an average resident. Theactivities comprise:- a race against time around avirtual reality office switching off equipment left onby careless users; finding and selecting energyefficiency and renewable energy options in a home,but with a strictly limited budget;- answering a quizabout features they have to find in a low energybuilding;- taking part in a role playing game toselect the best travel options for three generationsof a family As players work their way through thegame they attempt to cut their carbon footprintfrom a typical English figure of 5.5 tones to a levelof 2.0 tones. At the end of the game they are takenforward to 2066 to see if they have done enough tosave England from the worst problems associatedwith global climate change. The games conclusionand focus on 2066 is designed to bring home toplayers the reality of the changes they may face intheir lifetime. 2.Climate Challenge
  4. 4. Climate Challenge is a game produced by the BBCand developed by Red Redemption. Players managethe economy and resources of the EuropeanNations as its president, while reducing emissionsof CO2 to combat climate change and managingcrises. Climate change is not an issue that anycountry or even regional bloc can solve on its own.It requires international co-operation on a vastscale. That co-operation is not always straight-forward to agree.That is where the global negotiations come in. Hereyou have to use your influence to get the otherdelegates of regional blocs to back targets for theentire world. Climate Challenge is an environmentalserious game, designed to give players anunderstanding of the science behind climatechange, as well as the options available to policymakers and the difficulties in their implementation. peace-resources/