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Tedxkyiv communication guidelines


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Tedxkyiv communication guidelines

  1. 1. TED ( x Kyiv ) principles of information presentation
  2. 2. Why it's named TED(xKyiv)? Because it's not from TED , but from our independent initiative TEDxKyiv, yet it's derived from TED's principles (as I see it) PS. Can be relevant to any edutainment initiative
  3. 3. What's your core content? — it should «live» on your site ( for TEDxKyiv: events, videos & translations)
  4. 4. What about social? Don't believe, that your web-site will become a social hub — there are so many of them already... Outsorce!
  5. 5. What's the most social? mailing lists and forums still remain the most effective (for retention) «social» communication media
  6. 6. What can be outsorced? Hot news — twitter (not blog) Community — FB, LJ etc Media — YouTube, Flickr, Picasa etc Project management — Google Groups Event registration — Forms
  7. 7. Information presentation Format of communications: brief (20%) + more (80%) and at least 1 image 20% content (message) — rest 80% content (details) 80% audience (awareness) — 20% audience (engagement)
  8. 8. "TED" speaker presentation Name Short bio Topic (optional) Why you should listen to him?
  9. 9. Basic communication principles * consistency * regularity w/ variations * details (they differentiate profies) * contrast often kitsch * context, but sparse
  10. 10. And remember: «You don't need everyone. <...> A thousand people who care enough that they will get you the next round and the next round and the next round.» — Seth Godin on Tribes
  11. 11. Further reading Vsevolod Dyomkin @vseloved