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NEOSCC Arts and Culture Roundtable


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The Community Partnership for Arts and Culture hosts its Arts and Culture Roundtable to share issues of common cause. The event connects arts and culture with each other and with sectors throughout greater Cleveland. Hunter Morrison, Director of The Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium, presented this information to the group, and stressed the importance of arts and culture participation in a sustainable region.

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NEOSCC Arts and Culture Roundtable

  1. 1. Creating a more Vibrant, Resilient and Sustainable Northeast Ohio
  2. 2. VIBRANT Energetic, Dynamic, Vivid, Spirited, Alive, Colorful, Vigorous, Animated, Responsive, Electrifying. RESILIENTIrrepressible, Tough, Strong, Hardy, Buoyant, Tenacious, Resourceful, Robust. SUSTAINABLE Maintainable, Supportable, Self-Sufficient, Viable, Rational, Reliable, Sound, Manageable, Credible
  3. 3. Our region is moreconnected than you think!
  4. 4. Northeast Ohio SustainableCommunities ConsortiumAkron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study Lorain County Community College (AMATS) Lorain County Growth PartnershipAkron Metropolitan Housing Authority Mahoning CountyAkron Urban League Northeast Ohio Community DevelopmentAshtabula County AllianceCatholic Charities, Diocese of Youngstown Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating AgencyCenter for Community Solutions (NOACA)City of Akron Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning &City of Cleveland Development Organization (NEFCO)City of Elyria Policy BridgeCity of Youngstown Regional Prosperity InitiativeCleveland Museum of Natural History Stark County Regional Planning Commission/Cleveland State University Stark County Area Transportation Study (SCATS)Cleveland Metroparks Stark Metropolitan Housing AuthorityCuyahoga County Summit CountyCuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Summit County Health DistrictEastgate Regional Council of Governments Trumbull CountyFund for Our Economic Future Youngstown State UniversityGreater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
  5. 5. Realities• Taxpayers are burdened by costly fragmentation across our local/regional governments.• Cultural & natural resources are under stress.• Rising infrastructure costs exceed our means to pay.• Land use patterns affect local & regional budgets.• Our overall economy needs to be stronger.
  6. 6. Conditions & Trends in Those Counties…Existing Land Use: Current Zoning (Our Future?):
  7. 7. NEO Conditions and Trends Platform 31 Findings organized under 5 Themes. Developed by NEOSCC’s 5 “Work Streams”: • Housing and Communities • Environments • Economic Development • Connections (Transportation) • Quality Connected Places
  8. 8. Where do we want to go as a region?Who: Engage stakeholders throughout the region throughdifferent ways and methods.How: Regional engagement using a scenario planning processthat creates a shared vision.What: A framework to create a more vibrant, resilient andsustainable Northeast Ohio.
  9. 9. Scenario PlanningHelps the public and decisionmakers understand the long-term consequences of thechoices they make now
  10. 10. Scenario Planning Visioning Starts with Common Values • Personal Growth and Well-being • Education • Community • Nature • Family • Security
  11. 11. Scenario Planning Visioning Starts with Common Values • Personal Growth and Well-being • Education • Community • Nature • Family • Security
  12. 12. Current Conditions Regional Scenario Planning: Spatial
  13. 13. Current Conditions
  14. 14. Business as Usual
  15. 15. Business as Usual:Small Lots
  16. 16. Local Land Use Plans
  17. 17. Regional Systems
  18. 18. Impervious Surfaces
  19. 19. How do we implement Action Productsand sustain the vision? Dashboard Measures & Inspires Took Kit & Practices Vibrant NEO 2040 Implements & Sustains Vision & Framework Policy Recommendations Advances & Supports Pilots Proves & Highlights
  20. 20. Tools:
  21. 21. Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium Quality Connected Places Work StreamQCP Products – Community Assets-During the summer of 2012, theNEOSCC compiled a comprehensive listof assets in our region-These assets include medicalfacilities, cultural institutions, sportingvenues, festivals, breweries, publicparks, mixed-use districts, and hist.districts-A database of information wasgathered for each asset (claim tofame, location in community, etc.)-A hierarchy of assets was established(regional asset vs. local asset)
  22. 22. Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium Quality Connected Places Work StreamQCP Products – Asset Cluster Analysis-Asset clusters in the region wereidentified (communities that have 3 ormore assets)-28 communities within our regionpossess asset clusters-Asset cluster maps were developedfor each of the 28 communities tocommunicate adjacencies betweenassets-Draft findings of opportunities forfuture development were identifiedbased on these adjacencies
  23. 23. How are arts & culture integral to creating qualityconnected places? • Helps to define and articulate the soul of our communities • Connects the present with our shared past and future • Draws people to central places, creating a critical mass of activity • Helps drive community economic development by creating jobs and new business opportunities • Celebrates diversity and advances equity and encourages community engagement in our communities
  24. 24. How are arts & culture integral to creating qualityconnected places?
  25. 25. How can I get Involved? Northeast Ohio has a story. Help us tell it. You are an expert on your piece of Northeast Ohio. No one else knows your experiences better than you. As part of the Vibrant NEO Sign-Up to Participate as a volunteer, or 2040 initiative, we want to tell stories about to attend a workshop what makes Northeast Ohio such an extraordinary place to call home. involved/add-your-voice/ For more information… Host a speaker at an upcoming event: vibrant-neo/ Help us identify arts and cultural assets and identify culture clusters: 2040/tools-and-resources/neo- regional-assets/
  26. 26. Follow us: Twitter: @VibrantNEOHelp us promote our on-line scenario planning gaming Like us:tool launching in April, via your Facebook:website, newsletters, social media, facebook/vibrantNEO Join our mailing list at: vibrantneo.orgDive into our Conditions and Trends platform, tell us whatyou think! What are your thoughts on our findings?