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Four ROIs of Social Networks for Content Marketing: A SmallBiz Insight


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Every small business marketer understands that demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) in content marketing is critical. Marketers must see that an increase in social networking activity includes conversion to buying behavior. Marketers, however, can realize additional value from activity in social networks, even when conversions are not immediately forthcoming

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Four ROIs of Social Networks for Content Marketing: A SmallBiz Insight

  1. 1. A Small Business Digital Media Presentation of Vermont Small Business Marketing Associates @VSBmarketing |
  2. 2. Every click-through to your hub increases visitor awareness of the brand and the likelihood that visitors will engage in a buying behavior. While at the hub, visitors should be exposed to a call-to-action, such as signing up for an e-newsletter, joining a webinar, contacting a specialist for more information, using a coupon, entering a contest, or purchasing a product.
  3. 3. Visit VSBMA’s Small Business Digital Marketing How-To Center at for more social media and content marketing Tips ’n Tricks.