How i quit smoking for good


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I finally quit smoking for good in 2010 and haven't smoked a cigarette since. How? Through the electronic cigarette, a revolutionary new device that turns raw nicotine into a harmless water vapor that contains no carcinogenic chemicals.

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How i quit smoking for good

  1. 1. How I Quit Smoking For GoodGuess what. I dont smoke anymore. I havent had a cigarette in 6 months and I feel great.Unfortunately, theres a catch. I dont smoke tobacco cigarettes, but I do some e-cigarettes.So I started smoking back when I was 16. As embarrassing as it is to admit this, I was one ofthose idiots who started smoking to look/be cool. Unfortunately, it quickly turned from a"cool" activity to a full-time habit that, over the years, has cost me a lot of money and a lot ofmy health.Ive tried quitting smoking before. In fact, I got off it back in 2002, but then I met my ex and,well, she stressed me out so much that I was back to smoking in no time. Theres nothinglike a sour relationship to help bring out the chain in any smoker, if you get my drift.Regardless, over the years, I tried other methods. Patches itched too much! And Id end upgetting chest pains because Id smoke cigarettes while on the patch <-- bad idea. I also triedthe gum, but it just tasted nasty, pint blank. Nothing worked. NOTHING.Then I discovered Green Smoke. Its an electronic cigarette. So like its this device thattakes raw nicotine -- no tobacco -- and turns it into this "water vapor" that tastes however youwant it to taste. I like mind to taste like chocolate, but its whatever.Regardless, it didnt work at first. I just wasnt serious about quitting smoking. This was in2010. I got it, tried it and threw it away. I just wasnt feeling it.But then my health started to get worse. I was getting sicker more often. I was feelingfatigued all the time. And the coughs just got on my nerves. So I tried again.This time, it worked!The difference came because of my attitude. The electronic cigarette is a great quit smokingoption, but you have to be serious about it. If youre not serious, youre not going to make it.The good news is that there are so many reasons to be serious about it.It tastes good.It wont make you cough.It wont harm your lungs.It wont make you smell bad.It wont create second hand smoke.It wont leave ashes all over the place.I could go on and on. The best part is that I can run now! I started running in 2011 and Ibelieve thats what contributed to my health problems. Running 12 miles a week as a smokeris incredibly harm and leaves you absolutely exhausted.As the weeks passed by on the electronic cigarette, my stamina started returning. Its still notfully back -- Ive been smoking for decades -- but Ill tell you this: running is so much easiernow than it was in the past. Im absolutely serious.Heres how it works. You buy something called a starter kit. It has an electronic cigarettebattery, an electronic cigarette cartridge and a charger. The cartridge is like your cigarettepack. It contains the nicotine. And you have to buy them every few weeks.
  2. 2. Heres the difference. A pack costs what... $5 or $6? Cartridges cost anywhere from $1.50 to$2.50, depending on if you buy them in bulk or not. Do you realize how much of a savingsthat amounts to?Plus, when you smoke an e-cig, you dont have to KEEP smoking it. It doesnt burn like acigarette. You just puff it, get your fix and then chill out. I take one puff every 15 minutes. Mycarts last 3 days. Think about that.Anyway. Its just a thought, but maybe you should consider trying electronic cigarettes to. Ifyoud like more information, check out my website If you signup for my newsletter, Ill regularly send you promotional codes. E-cigarette manufacturerslove to do promos, especially around the holidays. So why pay full price when you can payonly 80%?Good luck and I hope I got you thinking about making a serious effort at quitting smoking!!!