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Science in social media


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Science in social media, a literature update in the Sijbren Otto's group in Groningen (The Netherlands).
11 June 2013
Vittorio Saggiomo

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Science in social media

  1. 1. Science in Social Media@V_Saggiomo
  2. 2. pre-internetera
  3. 3. discussoutreachfundingjob marketdisseminatenow
  4. 4. What are we talking about?
  5. 5. 500000 views in 1 month
  6. 6. Debate is good for science
  7. 7. debate
  8. 8.   Last year I was at a dinner symposium where EJ Corey gave a brilliant impromptu talkbefore a toast. It was a captivating speech all about how things have rapidly changedover the span of his 80+ years.The take home message was that change is natural and you can either embrace itand adapt or be left behind.Im no fortune teller but it is clear to me that blogging is here to stay and is gatheringmomentum.  The purpose of this blog is to give you a no holds barred, behind thescenes look into our science.        This blog will, hopefully, be like an open flask.
  9. 9. Outreach(the existence of the word “chemophobia” is our fault)
  10. 10. outreachdisseminate
  11. 11. Crowdfunding
  12. 12. funding
  13. 13. (old)new jobs?
  14. 14. job market
  15. 15. Problems?time consuming
  16. 16. passion, not work
  17. 17. Fun of course
  18. 18. A dilution was made somewhere between1:2000 and 1:500 because our 1ul pipettor is crap Crystals were obtained by the“I forgot the flask in the fume hood” technique. This work was made possible by EPSRC Grant #1234& eBay from where we scrounged parts to repair our ancient apparatus 
  19. 19. start a blog - news, group meeting discussion,explaining papers, lit update, sharing slidesgroup twitter account - “rotating account”embrace discussion on internetSuggestions1 time in a month - lit(internet) update
  20. 20. Links:Why scientists should use social media: (The role of twitter in the life cycle of a scientific publication) and outreach:http://altmetric.com in science:http://retractionwatch.wordpress.comhttp://copy-shake-paste.blogspot.nlDiscussion, debate:http://blog-syn.blogspot.nlhttp://raphazlab.wordpress.com - overlyhonestmethods: Market: